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This is an introductory tutorial, which covers the basics of Virtualization and Since Virtualization is all about operating systems and hardware, you will. Next-Gen Virtualization For Dummies is your guide to taking the virtualized data content from the earlier VMware-sponsored Virtualization Oct 31, Virtualization For Dummies provides tips, insights and advice for understanding and managing a virtualized data center, including history.

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Virtualization is a key enabler of HP Converged Infrastructure and the Instant-On Trademarks: Wiley, the Wiley Publishing logo, For Dummies, the Dummies. VIrtualization for Dummies - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Learn the basics of virtualization. Feb 29, VMware's Virtualization for Dummies eBook provides the tips, insights and advice you will need to gain the upper hand on your virtualized.

Article explains how to install any major pfSense version on VMware vSphere versions 5. Article does not cover how to install vSphere or how to configure pfSense to do any of the many amazing things it can. A basic, working, pfSense virtual machine will exist by the end of this document. Now back to the topic. If other VMs are already running on ESXi, then it is not likely necessary to follow the networking steps too closely. However, we recommend skimming through it to see what is suggested before building the pfSense virtual machine part.

VM is free to download, use, and distribute, support. Download these helpful whitepapers from HP's client vir-. Feel free to flip back there now and take a look at Figure These materials are Service Virtualization for Dummies. No service console. Free download. Many features require vCenter license. Free NSX Books: pages of awesomeness - cloudmaniac.

You have some spare time? Each chapter is indi- vidually Go to www. Published by. John Wiley The plethora of Virtualization For Dummies Get your free copy of Medicare for Dummies. Liberteks IT What is Microsoft Hyper-V virtualization technology? Learn about Microsoft Hyper-V technology from the virtualization history. This is published by the same folks who create all the "Dummies" series books — this special edition version showcases Sun and AMD virtualization offerings, how they work together, and how they can benefit businesses.

On a daily basis. Virtualized Networking Server and storage virtualization solutions have transformed the data center. Network virtualization is doing the same. Different storage policies can be identified for each VM — a key consideration for virtual environments. This allows IT administrators to do things like: Good thing. Workloads can be placed or moved freely through the physical data center environment while remaining connected to any virtual network.

For example. They can now programmatically create. This ability allows any available compute capacity to be utilized at any time. Network engineers dramatically reduce or even eliminate manual network and security configuration changes. Add over-subscription. The mission: Make life easier Virtualized networks are designed to address these issues by aligning with the underlying design philosophy of a virtualized data center.

Traditional networks are rigid. IT administrators are often forced to over-provision the network due to VM sprawl. Network virtualization transforms the underlying physical network into a pool of network capacity that can be provisioned and repurposed on demand. Since workloads are restricted by physical topologies. Rather than being tied to IP addresses. Network visibility and control spans both physical and virtual infrastructure.

Network provisioning and configuration are automated. The entire virtual network is created in software. VMware NSX is a software container that presents logical network services — logical switching. Combining the automated operational model and distributed services capabilities of the VMware NSX platform provides IT organizations with never before possible agility and service delivery speed.

To VMs. This new approach is allowing IT organizations to deliver: Enterprises around the world are transforming data center operations and economics by implementing a software-defined data center approach. Distributing network and security services. IT has a hand in all of it. Is it in compliance? Can it recover from a disaster? How fast? How well? Does every department. IT teams focus not just on the firedrill du jour but also on big-picture. Here are the top-five IT outcomes that most data centers strive for.

Data center consolidation and standardization can be addressed in three stages of maturity with Virtualization 2. This is the starting point for most businesses that are looking to reduce costs.

Big Data app support. These software-defined data centers improve efficiency through hardware consolidation — a bottom-line priority for most companies. The end result is unplanned downtime — the ultimate complication for any competitive business. IT can help the business run leaner and more profitably. Dramatic CapEx and OpEx reduction result in a data center with better-than-public-cloud unit costs.

The entire environment — compute. Overly complex data centers bleed time and energy from IT teams. Stage 1: Compute virtualization Get more mileage from your existing assets and the savings add up. With fewer machines to download. Data Center Virtualization and Standardization Complexity is a productivity killer. Compute virtualization. Business-critical application virtualization. Run-book automation to support data center migrations.

Open Virtualization Format

Network virtualization and software-defined storage Once the hardware environment is simplified. Expand capacity and service when you need them most without having to invest in new infrastructure. Ability to extend compute. Streamline here for additional savings. IT Outcome: Extend CapEx and OpEx reductions across the entire data center infrastructure to maximize the return on your investments Stage 3: Hybrid cloud Big efficiencies can be gained by selectively deploying multiple aspects of a business in the cloud.

To get there. Reduce IT costs and sprawl by increasing capacity utilization and consolidation. Start by focusing on performance and capacity. Reduce IT time spent on troubleshooting. Maintain universal view of virtual environment. Monitor performance.

Stage 2: Reduce costs to download. Capacity optimization and performance monitoring can be addressed in three stages of maturity with Virtualization 2. It correlates data from application to storage in a unified management environment that provides control over performance. Optimize resource utilization.

Manage business-critical applications from any vendor Microsoft. Fewer alerts. SAP and more. Enforce regulatory compliance standards.

Faster diagnosis and troubleshooting. Support third-party management packs for Microsoft. Stage 3: App health monitoring. Security Controls Native to Infrastructure Few things keep an IT administrator up at night like security and compliance concerns.

Improved uptime on tier 1 applications. Provide single-console visibility across applications. Provide rolebased access to customizable dashboards. Managing this part of your business can bring serious gains.

Shorter mean-time-to-identification. With workloads. Fewer manual errors in configuration. Dramatic improvements in service quality. Security and compliance can be addressed in three stages of maturity with Virtualization 2. Hardware-independent network and security services. Increased hardware efficiency through multi-tenancy. Layer 2 to layer 7 network virtualization and security. Ability to introduce network services on the host VM level. Faster deployment of network and security resources.

Every virtualized data center needs to address this baseline functionality. Security and network services follow workloads. Automated network infrastructure. Increased VM security. Next-generation network security. These control measures remain in place regardless of where workloads are deployed in a private or hybrid cloud. Integration with 3rd party security service providers.

2.0 dummies pdf for virtualization

The threats never stop. Power grids go down. Nor does the need for network access. Streamline and secure the extension of network to hybrid clouds. Easier workload migration across the virtualized environment.

Better multi-layer security with low administration overhead. Data centers are expected to operate 24x7. Move infrastructure to any cloud platform without having to change network and security configuration. High Availability and Resilient Infrastructure Stuff happens. Conduct data deduplication with each backup. Zero service disruption when disaster strikes.

With higher levels of automation. The net effect is less risk of business downtime and continuous. Business continuity can be addressed in three stages of maturity with Virtualization 2.

Even if you had a crystal ball and could see the future. High availability. Guaranteed resource availability across the business. Back up hundreds of VMs per virtual appliance. Full data protection for all workloads for fast recovery from data disasters. Operations management tools. Provide agentless. Use across sites and to hybrid cloud. Non-disruptive DR testing for virtualized environments. One-click failover initiation. Support for all applications.

Dummies for virtualization pdf 2.0

Recovery setup in minutes. Define and provision DR protection tiers to virtual machines. Quicker time to market for DR-protected workloads.

Reduced admin time to provision DR-protected workloads. App and Infrastructure Delivery Automation Businesses move fast. Infrastructure costing. That means apps — and the people who rely on them — have access to the right tools at the right time. Data centers need to do the same. Accelerated time-to-value and more IT control.

Data center infrastructure needs to be up to the challenge of helping businesses acquire new customers. Infrastructure-as-a-Service Setting up automated. Infrastructure and app automation can be addressed in three stages of maturity with Virtualization 2. Faster ramp times for workgroups. Greater IT efficiency.

Much faster provisioning weeks to minutes. Automated provisioning of VMs and related services through self-service portal. Easy to increase capacity on demand — extend workloads to the hybrid cloud as needed. Application release automation. Application and middleware delivery automation Automating how middleware and apps are provisioned can further accelerate virtualized operations. Lower CapEx thanks to optimized.

Dummies pdf 2.0 for virtualization

Automated middleware and apps provisioning. Policy-based network and storage services. Less IT time and cost to provision fully loaded VMs.

Service costing. Less time to provision and deploy complex applications. Improved agility. Heterogeneous and hybrid cloud Fully optimized environments transparently support any workloads across a combination of hypervisors and hardware in private and hybrid clouds. Know what to expect and you can plan accordingly. This is a case where a little planning goes a long way. Chapter 6 Virtualization 2. Here are some things to consider before you begin your migration. Preparing to Move from Physical to Virtual Before you move your physical server workloads into virtual machines.

As you move forward. Work with your finance team members to determine total cost of ownership TCO and your projected return on investment ROI.

2.0 for pdf virtualization dummies

This helps justify the project for management download-in. If you need new hardware such as servers.

Cloud Computing Tutorial for Beginners

Build redundancy into the physical plant especially power and cooling. Before you roll out the new virtual environment. The business is betting on IT to get this done right. For organizations with available capital and larger IT environments. Using Traditional vs. Virtual Storage Shared storage improves availability and allows hypervisors to leverage capabilities.

Compared to virtual storage. Fibre Channel. When sizing and managing your shared storage. Sizing and Managing Shared Storage Virtualization allows you to pool your storage infrastructure. This information can help you choose the right type and size of disks for your new environment. Do you need the array-based replication or extreme amounts of capacity that a traditional storage array can provide?

Or could your needs be met by a more cost-effective Virtual SAN solution that allows you to scale storage capacity and performance as you add physical host servers? At the same time. If you have a dedicated storage solution from a third party. Thick provisioning allocates all the space for a virtual disk the moment you create it. Virtual disks. This ensures that no particular workload will dominate the resources of any physical array.

Isolated management networks provide higher security while preventing VM traffic from interfering with management traffic. VMs need to have appropriate security and compliance policies in place.

Must the data itself be on separate physical storage? Do the rules allow that data to reside with the data from other applications at the compute. Adding Operations Management As the saying goes. You can also define anti-affinity rules.

Things to consider: By monitoring performance issues. This combination creates the operations management platform for Virtualization 2. These tips will help you get the most from vSphere with Operations Management. The tools of Virtualization 2. Before you deploy. How many hosts. So before you install. Help Desk staff should have the permissions they need to fix day-to-day problems without inadvertently changing policies or settings.

Group objects based on specific business needs. Consider the best way to set up multiple user permission levels in order to maintain the security of the environment while giving all staff members the ability to fix day-to-day problems as they arise. Tailoring groups to your specific business needs helps simplify IT tasks. Take advantage of the out-of-the-box policies included with vSphere with Operations Management that will meet most of your business needs e.

A production team working on a product launch might need to be over-provisioned for a few months with extra CPU and storage.

Badges are assigned a numerical value ranging from 0 to and are color-coded depending on the thresholds defined. A development and test environment might be fine with high-density. With accurate capacity analysis. Choose How You Want to be Alerted Smart alerts let you choose how you want to be notified by your management platform when a problem is developing.

Similar to capacity settings. Detailed reporting is one of the most. You can set email notifications for all types of alerts. For administrators. Alerts also provide actionable recommendations so you can find and fix problems fast. You can also pull reports on demand for a real-time snapshot of the IT environment. The consolidated dashboard helps you ensure that resources are being used efficiently and that all systems are performing and available.

Unify Your View of the Virtual Environment Use the dashboard super metrics to quickly recognize areas that need attention and look deeper into individual components of the environment when necessary. With this dashboard. Chapter 7 Ten Best Practices for Virtualization 2. Configure the physical servers for virtualization before you install the hypervisor. Prepare your Physical Servers Implementing server virtualization begins with the physical servers that become your hypervisor hosts.

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Enable turbo boost. Here are a few things to pay attention to during the install. NTP server configuration. IP addresses. USB or network ports. Install Your Hypervisor Now that your physical servers are configured. Maintain consistency as you install the hypervisor across all your servers. This improves scalability and performance by offloading some operations to the storage hardware.

Consult your hypervisor and storage documentation for details. Configure your hosts to access the storage so that all hosts in a cluster access the same pool of shared storage.

RAID level. The right configuration for your environment will depend on workloads. Note that with newer high-speed connections 16 Gb Fibre Channel. Make sure the rest of the network infrastructure between the source and destination NICs is compatible.

Prepare your physical network to complement your virtual networking. Verify that you have a secure management network for your hypervisors and other infrastructure management traffic. In addition to securing the OS and apps running in your virtual servers. This provides passive failover in the event of a hardware failure.

The vSphere Hardening Guide provides suggested configurations to enhance the security posture of your environment. Performance-tune for Latencysensitive Workloads Virtualized environments can be configured to improve performance of applications that are highly sensitive to latency. Grant permissions to users and groups using the principle of least-privilege.

To accommodate those workloads: Distributed Resource Scheduler. SLAs and performance expectations. A good Virtualization 2. With your virtualization platform deployed. Build dashboards to show your. These software-defined availability features can greatly simplify administration. Here are some tips to help you get started with building efficient. Use resource settings reservations. While many servers can be directly converted.

By using a template to deploy new VMs. Adapt your virtual infrastructure and management tools to meet these requirements by enabling advanced highavailability. Also adjust monitoring thresholds so you receive smart alerts for any abnormalities that might jeopardize your ability to meet SLAs. Windows Time Service.

Here are some ideas to get you started: RPOs and SLAs that your business needs instead of just offering whatever your old backup solution was able to provide. Implement a backup schedule using your new-found backup powers to deliver the RTOs. You never know. This will help you to determine your risk of running out of physical resources or proactively identify the right amount of physical resources to add to your environment for planned expansions. An efficient data center has less risk.

Less risk means better health and performance. IT is providing a valuable. By leveraging the management capabilities of Virtualization 2. Here are our picks for the top resources to review as you expand virtualization beyond your servers. Server Virtualization Forrester Research. Chapter 8 Ten Useful Resources for Virtualization 2.

March — Access Requires Subscription. Federico De Silva. September December — Access Requires Subscription http: Senior Director. Taruna Gandhi. Josh Townsend is a Sr.

Product Marketing Manager. He is currently responsible for go-to-market strategy and channel enablement for vSphere with Operations Management at VMware. Rafael Kabesa. He has over 10 years of experience with VMware solutions.

Pooja Virkud. Technical Marketing Manager at VMware.

VMware’s Virtualization 2.0 for Dummies eBook…

Jay Combs. Rod Stuhlmuller. He holds several technical certifications. Product Marketing. But why? How did we reach a point where nearly every organization has at least some reliance on virtual machines? Open the book and find: This book spells out the what.

Make data center virtualization work for you If you work in IT. Hanish Rathod has over 10 years of tech industry experience in functions that include engineering. IT teams are expected to address competitive business priorities while meeting the needs of every stakeholder. Josh lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and two sons. VIrtualization 2. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Making Everything Easier! Custom dashboards, reports and views help operations teams visualize key performance indicators KPIs , provide 31 role-based access and enable better collaboration across infrastructure, operations and applications teams.

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