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ronaldweinland.info - download Timepass: The Memoirs of Protima Bedi book online at best prices in India on ronaldweinland.info Read Timepass: The Memoirs of Protima Bedi book . Timepass: Youth, Class, and the Politics of Waiting in India [Craig Jeffrey] on " In this gracefully written book, Craig Jeffrey draws on fine ethnography to explore . 'It is a book for every woman who endeavours to live life to the full ' -- Afternoon Despatch & Courier 'No one will be able to put down Timepass once he or she.

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Few lives have been more eventful and controversial than Protima Bedi's, and this book, derived from her unfinished autobiography, journals and her letters to. Start by marking “Timepass: The Memoirs Of Protima Bedi” as Want to Read: Few lives have been more eventful and controversial than Protima Bedi's, and this book, derived from her unfinished autobiography, journals and her letters to family, friends and lovers, is a startlingly. Books shelved as timepass: Five Point Someone by Chetan Bhagat, 2 States: The Story of My Marriage by Chetan Bhagat, The 3 Mistakes of My Life by Chetan .

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Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Apr 16, Khush rated it really liked it. A candid memoir by someone who dared. In a society where women had to struggle for everything, Protima did it all.

She did not spend her time fighting men. Instead, she did her own things.

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She created her own tiny world rather than asking some one to accommodate her in his. One word that comes immediately to mind when I think of her is 'Bold. For instance, very late in life she started learning Indian classical dance.

In order A candid memoir by someone who dared.

Book time pass

In order to excel in such an evolved Odissi dance form, one must start learning it as soon as one begins to walk. Protima started late and yet she mastered the dance form and became its exponent.

Later in her life, she established a successful school called 'Nrityagram'— one of its kind in India. I could not think of any other dancer male or female who just on the strength of will-power and dedication mastered the craft. She defied the popular the popular stereotypes about how, when, and where one should learn Odissi. She had lived her life in full public glare. She was the true child of s. She dabbled in modeling, ran naked on the beach, gained a notorious reputation in the country for doing everything that a woman should not do.

That was the time when few women would wear anything but full-length saris, including actresses and models. Now her running naked at the beach might seem like a publicity stunt— which it was— but it needed enormous courage to do so then.

Being an intelligent woman, she knew what that might mean — or could lead to— in a conservative and religious country like India. She pulled the whole thing off rather well. Again that recklessness, honesty, the burning desire to break free were seen in almost everything she did in her life.

Timepass: The Memoirs Of Protima Bedi

There was nothing shoddy or secretive about her. She married the gorgeous model Kabir Bedi. While she was still wedded to him, she felt drawn to her German neighbor Kabir was always away; he was having a fling with another actress, Parveen Babi, at that time. When Protima got pregnant, she told Kabir that she did not know who the father of the child was.

They divorced the child was Kabir's, though. I do not know how many women— and men as well— go about their lives with such blatant honesty. Another word that describes her is intelligence.

One lives on this planet for such a ridiculous duration of time, so why not live life fully. Life is too short to indulge pettiness, lies and to use missiles for peaceful purposes. I guess it was Protima's intelligence and self-belief that made her live the life she lived. Of course, that comes with risks which she never feared. In popular Indian imagination, she was not a 'good woman.

But if one looks at her life and sees the sort of things she did — both publicly and personally— one sees that she has all those virtues truthful, honest, innovative, artistic that any sane society wants its people to imbibe. Unfortunately, when the brave few truly embraces such virtues, the same society fails them. View all 4 comments. Jun 22, Saburi Pandit rated it it was amazing. I refuse to judge her. I said to myself when I started reading her journals.

These are journal entries and letters to her loved one's complied. So, one can not really go looking for literary content in this. But, life.

Yes, life is what I found in her. A certain sense of relief too that she had not gone on to say she was so amazing or scarred. How often do we see people talk about their insecurities, their defeats in being what they wanted to be? She bared her soul naked in these writings.

They I refuse to judge her. They were filled with her. It seemed as if she had singled me out and wanted to pour her heart out and say what all she had fought just to be. And nothing else. She didn't want anything else other than just to be. I got a lot from her though. An inexplicable, synchronised feeling. A kind of courage I did not know that I needed. But she gave me never the less. An unapologetic feeling about life itself.

Just so for everyone's benefit she did not streak at all. Those pictures were leaked and photoshopped to look like streaking. Yes she had been naked on a beach with people around naked on the beach.

Who has the courage to be infamous for something they never did? To be slut shamed for something they never wanted to be. Who has the courage to simply be? And do what they want. It's easy saying this, but what about the mounting peer pressure of society, respect, love and what not.

Everyone I have seen has digressed from their calling. From what was they needed to simply be. Everyone competes silently , subtly with each other for what? Who knows. Nobody is loving or living at all to their heart's content. No one is doing what they exactly feel like doing. Comfort and acceptance is too important to live in a make believe world of happiness.

She was a warrior filled with agony and hope. There was hope even in the last journal entry that we read of this book. After which she had died. What a woman! Not a fine woman. Not at all. She was extraordinary always. Never mediocre, flimsy yes.

But never small minded. Never believing in her finality. Five stars to this book not for what she wrote or how. But how she lived. And how she implores us all to live. She is a powerful example of the androgynous mind and individualism. Of a time where love and lust both were not choices of woman. She had the power and courage to choose. She was not limited by anyone's judgement and that is what makes all the difference in the world.

Don't take her fickle mindedness for granted. Takes only a woman of real intelligence and courage to understand their own flaws. And even more generosity to be writing critical opinions on oneself. She will remain for me Protima Gauri, a woman who patiently let everything be.

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And very importantly let her own self be. Sep 30, Rashmi rated it really liked it. Timepass was lent to me by a friend. I answered in the affirmative.

After having read the book, my answer would be unchanged. But at the same time, I also realise that 'successful' alone would not do justice to her, because 'successful' is too narrow a term to describe a life.

Timepass is a good read - it is enjoyable, takes off in a fun way, is written in good style and to a large extent it is an honest accou Timepass was lent to me by a friend. Timepass is a good read - it is enjoyable, takes off in a fun way, is written in good style and to a large extent it is an honest account of ones own life.

The friend did point out that the book seemed to suffer from 'unreliable narrator's syndrome' and it may be true. The book starts off well and gives an apt introduction to Protima. She came from a family where girls were supposed to be, well, be like girls - if you know what I mean. A typical north Indian family where the girls did what they were expected to and nothing more. It must have been suffocating.

No wonder she rebelled and walked out at the first chance. The book drags a bit when you see her just hopping from one relationship to another and all the time complaining about the unfairness of it all. The relationships, they must have been fulfilling at one level, but there seems to be an undercurrent of unhappiness everywhere. She maintains that she always dreamt of a perfect family - a man who came home to her, many happy children and spending happy times with the family.

But she never chose the men in her life who would fit what she was looking for, that is, if she was really looking for a happy married life.

It almost always looked like she got into relationships and then tried to fit the men into her own image of them. She also complains of always being the other woman in most of her relationships, which is almost like crying over spilled milk. It is understandable at one level - doing your own stuff without giving a damn to the society or the world couldn't have been easy.

It must have played on her mind and made her insecure more often than is admitted. While at one level she comes out as someone who could keep little control over herself, her desires or her actions, she comes out as an entirely different person when she commits to learning Odissi.

Her dedication to the art form, her smartness and her ability to make things work for her leave you no choice, but to start rooting for her. Her struggles while setting up Nrityagram do serve as an eye opener. You realise how difficult it is to setup anything in a country like ours. And the fact that she made it happen against all odds, makes you want to applaud her whole heartedly.

Her anguish at not being able to connect with her son and at his loss is moving. Her frustration at getting distanced from her daughter is relatable.

Pass book time

Perhaps every woman goes through the cycle of getting distanced from her mother, seeing the story repeat in role reversal and then truly understanding her own mother: Nov 14, Archana Sivassubramanian rated it really liked it.

This book is about a woman who showed middle finger to life and its stakeholders, and did all that she wanted to do, in her style. In a world full of hypocrites, just like you and I, Protima Gauri is a true 'human'- raw, aboriginal, and passionate. Timepass is a wonderful tribute to a woman who gave in to all her desires, followed her heart, did not look back ever and lived her present with so much panache and fashion.

Timepass This book is about a woman who showed middle finger to life and its stakeholders, and did all that she wanted to do, in her style. Timepass, what else. You are here , you have to pass time. Up to you how you want to do it". Jul 28, Deval rated it really liked it. I picked up the book Timepass just for the heck of it.

After reading the book completed in 1 day of marathon reading I was bowled over Protima Bedi was a free spirit Sep 26, Neha Tiwari rated it did not like it. The book seems to be a bouncing board for Protima Bedi. I have always been a big fan of Protima Bedi. Her passion for dance, her rebellious nature, and her following-her-heart attitude always made me look at this beautiful woman in wonder and awe.

However, while reading the book, I couldn't understand certain aspects of her personality and the reason of mentiong certain things in the book. Inception of the book is with her saying that she doesn't have any complains with anyone but actually through The book seems to be a bouncing board for Protima Bedi.

Inception of the book is with her saying that she doesn't have any complains with anyone but actually throughout the book she is complaining about anything and everything around her. Her whole idea of being in relation with so many men is again ununderstandble by me. And, it seems that she is trying to convince the readers that she was right.

I feel that she should have given this choice to the reader. But it totally merits its own mention, trust. You know the one: Click here to download. Solitude is written all over this book… literally. Aside from being in the title, the book is very much about the true nature of man being one of solitude.

Man is the only being who knows he is alone. Did you sign up for a woodsy cabin retreat with your friends only for them to all cancel on you at the last minute, leaving you debating whether or not to risk being eaten by a bear to pee in the woods at midnight or test the limits of your bladder and hold it until morning?

Well, never fear er I mean, fear a little bit. Speaking of alone in the wilderness, Cheryl Strayed managed to get film rights out of her sojourn. But more than that, she also got all sorts of soul searching done, and probably some really strong calves. He moves throughout different cities meeting people, encountering history and interrogating himself.