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Galneryus: ' - Young Guitar Syu: % Book / Media-Club, multimedia club ( MP3, Photo, Lyrics, Album Cover). GALNERYUS GUITAR BOOK feat. Syu on 5 stars 1 customer review; site Best Sellers Rank: #6,, in Books (See Top in Books). Syu (シュウ, Shū) is a Japanese musician, best known as leader and guitarist of the metal band . Diezel Hagen & D-Moll amps; Orange Rockerverb MK II amp . Create a book · Download as PDF · Download as PDF · Printable version .

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Album Name: YOUNG GUITAR Syu : % BOOK Release Date: 27 November Track List: STRUGGLE FOR THE FREEDOM FLAG. QR code for Syu%book. Title, Syu%book. Publisher, シンコーミュージック・ エンタテイメント, ISBN, X, Export Citation. Galneryus ' Young Guitar Syu: % Book. 1, Guitar Demo #1, 2, Guitar Demo #2, 3, Whisper In The Red Sky, 4, Struggle For The.

Syu is well-known as the guitarist of Galneryus. While in the 4th grade of elementary school, he listened to X-Japan and got interested in playing the drums. Once he was a drummer of the band, Cross-Large. But soon he realised the guitar would be a better instrument for him and he became a guitarist. Syu played the violin for 6 years.

Valkyr[ edit ] Syu joined visual kei band Valkyr in August , nearly a year later they released their first demo tape, titled "Love of Insanity".

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In August , they released a "making of" VHS. In they finally released their first single, "Batta". After releasing 5 demos, a single and a VHS, the band broke up on April 24, Main article: Galneryus During his time with Valkyr he also formed the band Galneryus , which was a power metal band that he started with famous singer Yama-B. He started this band whilst he was living in Kujo, Osaka and heard him singing on the radio.

Then they began working together as they were from the same area and made Galneryus. They went on to release a 2-track demo titled "United Flag".

讀書 (duk6 syu1 | du2 shu1) : to read a book; to study; to attend school or college - CantoDict

After playing live for a long time, they went back to record their second EP Rebel Flag with the independent label Iron Shock, with Yoshinori Kataoka on keyboards replacing A. They released their next album, Advance to the Fall, in They then released their third album Beyond the End of Despair In they released their fifth album, Reincarnation, this would be the last album with Yama-B on vocals, as he decided to leave.

He was replaced by Masatoshi "Sho" Ono and in they released their sixth full-length album, aptly titled Resurrection.

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Spinalcord[ edit ] While he was still in the early days with Galneryus, Syu started another side project, with former fellow Valkyr member Kyoichi, called Aushvitz in , in which he plays guitar and also does the main vocals. The former is concerned with the environment of houses of living people and the latter focuses on the environment of burial sites.

Yet the philosophical principles behind them are basically the same, for they have similar ideas of temporal-spatial concepts of traditional Chinese culture.

The content of this course is divided into three parts. The first part will explain the relationship between Feng Shui and traditional Chinese culture. In the second part, the guiding principles and the philosophy of residential Feng Shui and burial Feng Shui will be introduced.

Book syu 100

Lastly, the temporal-spatial concepts of Feng Shui in traditional Chinese culture will be analysed. Specific health issues and topics of interest, such as insomnia, psychological stress, acne and overweight, will be chosen for class discussion. Modernisation and imperialism made these cities modern in style and composition, differing from traditional Chinese cities. City planning and management and the importation of socio-political systems and foreign culture from the West created a brand-new look for these traditional Chinese cities.

Architectural styles, food culture, media, sports, arts, etc. Exploring the cities from a historical and cultural perspective will certainly help us understand their historical, social and cultural development. The proposed course will take a historical approach to analysis of the three most rep- resentative coastal cities of modern China: Hong Kong, Shanghai and Taipei.

Starting in the 19th century, the modernisation and Westernisation of these cities will be explored and compared. GEA The Wisdom of Ancient Chinese Architecture 1 Term; 3 Credits An ancient Chinese building tells us various stories, including its culture, history, phi- losophy, feng-shui, art, structure and style. There are a variety of ancient Chinese buildings which can be classified into five major categories: gorgeous imperial palace, intimate traditional Chinese residence, natural landscape Chinese garden, religious altar and temple, p.

By introducing different types of buildings, students can understand the geographical features and historical evolution of Chinese architecture, as well as the similarities and differences between social life and ethnic customs in different regions. Throughout its history, this genre, unique in Hong Kong style, has been punctuated by its different stages of development in terms of the aesthetics of human action, and its success in attuning to the taste of readers and viewers for entertainment purposes.

This notwithstanding, many of the texts in this genre encompass an active encounter with the Chinese yin-yang starting from I-Ching and Daoism itself. Area 2: Communication and Literacy GEB Digitalization of Communication and Technology in Daily Life 1 Term; 3 Credits Digitalization of communication and technological development has provoked so great impacts in society and everyday life.

By discussing on the issues arising from the digitalization and technological development at economic, social, cultural and political dimensions, students are expected to realize, and be critical to the impacts and implications of both trends to every walk of life.

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GEB Media and Society 1 Term; 3 Credits This course selects several important topics relevant to the development of mass media to investigate their social, economic and political effects on the individual and society, together with the emergence of communication technologies.

Emphasis is put on interactions between media, technology and society. It will introduce students to basic concepts related to media language and communication, and develop their abilities and competencies in reading, analysing and critiquing everyday media texts.

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Drawing on the examination of different spoken, written and visual texts from the mass media, Internet and social networking sites, the course aims to equip students to be critical thinkers who are sensitive to the social, cultural and ethical roles of the media in everyday communication.

GEB Reasoning in the Cyber Age 1 Term; 3 Credits Sound information and communication depends on valid demonstration, logical reason- ing and cogent argument from systematic thinking. In view of the cyber era, this course attempts to equip students with the philosophical wisdom for applying logical reasoning to assess the credibility of the digital information and communication surrounding their daily life.

The specific subjects and areas for discussion cover daily dialogues, news discourses, commercial advertisements, online fora, and the popular discussions in such social media as Facebook and WhatsApp. GEB Communication and Storytelling 1 Term; 3 Credits This course aims at providing students with the verbal and non-verbal abilities to com- municate effectively in different situations, at different levels of an organization, and to different type of stakeholders within their workplace.

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During the course, students will spend time practicing the three key pillars of communi- cation: listening, questioning and presenting. By having a better understanding of their communication styles as well as that of the person with whom they are communicating, students will be more productive and efficient in the workplace.

Storytelling is increasingly used as an effective tool in verbal communication especially in presentations and public speaking. It is because facts, figures, bar charts and PowerPoint slides may appeal to the logical parts of the brain, they alone may not create the emotional connection that makes a key message stick.