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Looking for books by Shakuntala Devi? See all books authored by Shakuntala Devi, including Awaken the Genius in Your Child: More Puzzles to Puzzle You. Here are over tantalizing puzzles, brain teasers and riddles by one of the greatest mathematical geniuses of the twentieth century, Shakuntala Devi. Solutions to Shakuntala Devi Puzzle Book ISBN() Subrato Roy Choudhury Assistant Teacher Bharat Academy & Sciences

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The puzzles presented in this book are by none other than the world-renowned mathematical prodigy, Shakuntala Devi. These are meant to. What are some of the best puzzles from Shakunthala Devi's book Puzzles To Is there a book in the library of puzzles by Shakuntala Devi?. of 25 results for Books: "Shakuntala Devi" More Puzzles to Puzzle You by Shakuntala Ramani and Rukmini Devi Birth Centenary Valedictory Volume.

They are designed to be challenging and help to stimulate your brain. It has more than puzzles, brain-teasers and riddles that can help you sharpen your mathematics skills. The topics that are covered by these puzzles include elementary algebra, geometry and arithmetic. There are also a number of problems that are based on concepts that include Time, Money, Distance, Age and other such topics. They have also been grouped into varied difficulty levels. The solutions to each of these puzzles have been given in a clear and concise manner. The aim of this book is to change the view that people have about mathematics, which portrays it as being an extremely difficult subject.

Shakuntala Devi Books

And it is also a well known fact that Prof. Albert Einstein's bookshelf was stacked with books on mathematical games and puzzles. It is creative thoughts bestowed on such mathematical play, that has led many a great mind to scientific discoveries. While solving of the mathematical puzzles and riddles may provide pleasant relaxation to some, undoubtedly these items have a way of hooking the students' interest as little else can. So ;ne of the puzzles I am posing in the following 7 pages show very elegant facts and proofs in mathematics.

Many who, consider the subject dull and boring will see that some facts of mathematics can be quite simple, in- teresting and even beautiful.

These are not riddles made to deceive, or nonsensical puzzles which are made to tease the mind without purpose. The puzzles included in this book are straightforward exercises in reason and statement of facts from which a person with reasonably agile mind can proceed to a logical conclusion.

I have no doubt my readers will find adventure, ex- citement, and delight in cracking the clean, sharply defined, and mysterious order that underly the puzzles, and experience enormous intellectual entertainment. Can you tell how tall is each brother? Each boy in this family has as many suters as brothers but each of the girls has twice as many brothers as sisters.

How many brothers and sisters are there? They start to- gether, run at the same speed and are on different tracks. Which train will wear out its wheel treads first? So I could do 40 miles an hour. While returning, however, I got caught in the traffic rush and I could only manage to drive at a speed of 25 miles an hour. What was my average speed for the round trip?

The cost price of the bicycle was Rs. So my friend was happy that he had made a profit of Rs. However, at the time of settling the bill, the tourist offered to pay in travellers cheques as he had no cash money with him. My friend hesitated. He had no arrangements with the banks to encash travellers cheques.

But he remembered that the shopkeeper next door had such a provision, and so he took the cheques to his friend next door and got cash from him. On encashing them my friend paid back the tourist the balance of Rs.

The tourist happily climbed the bicycle and pedalled away whistling a tune. However, the next morning my friend's neighbour, who had taken the travellers cheques to the bank, called on him and returning the cheques which had proved value- less demanded the refund of his money. My friend quietly refunded the money to his neighbour and tried to trace the tourist who had given him the bad cheques and taken away his bicycle.

But the tourist could not be found. How much did my friend lose altogether in this un- fortunate transaction? When I reported the matter to the bus company I was asked the number of the bus. Though I did not remember the exact number I did remember that the bus number bad a certain peculiarity about it. The number plate showed the bus number as a perfect square and also if the plate was turned upside down.? I came to know from the bus company they had only five hundred buses numbered from 1 to S From this I was able to deduce the bus number.

Can you tell what was the other number? However there are certain occasions when the hands are exactly opposite each other. Can you give a simple formula for calculating the times of these occasions? A man was being accused of having stolen certain valuable jewels and trying to run away with them, when he was caught by a smart police officer who overtook him.

In cross examination the lawyer for accused asked the police officer how he could catch up with the accused who was already seven steps ahead of him, when he started to run after him. So the number of steps 1 required were fewer than his. IS One day while on her rounds she sold i an orange more than half her oranges to the first customer. To the second customer she sold i an orange more than half of the remainder and to the third and the last customer she sold i an orange more than half she now had, leaving her none.

Can you tell the number of oranges she originally had? Oh, by the way, she never had to cut an orange. I picked it up, noted the number and took it home. In the afternoon the plumber called on me to collect his bill.

As I had no other money at home, I settled his account with the hundred rupee note I had found. Later I came to know that the plumber paid the note to his milkman to settle his monthly account, who paid it to his tailor for the garments he had had made.

Puzzles To Puzzle You - Shakuntala Devi - Google книги

The tailor in turn used the money to download an old sewing machine, from a woman who lives in my neigh- bourhood. This woman incidentally, had borrowed a hundred rupees from me sometime back to download a pressure cooker. She, remembering that she owed me a hundred rupees, came and paid the debt. I recognised the note as the one I had found on the footpath, and on careful examination I discovered that the bill was counterfeit. How much was lost in the whole transaction and by whom?

Tinku, Rinku and Jojo, the three brothers, divided the nuts in the following manner: As often as Tinku took four Rinku took three and as often as Tinku took six Jojo took seven. With this data can you find out what were the respec- tive ages of the boys and how many nuts each got?

We began to wonder how old the couple must have been each at the time of their marriage! Can you figure it out? A wholesale merchant came to me one day and posed this problem.

Every day in his business he has to weigh amounts from one pound to one hundred and twenty- one pounds, to the nearest pound. To do this, what is the minimum number of weights he needs and how heavy should each weight be7 I decided to send them through my boy servant Harish.

On settlement Harish received Rs 2. How many glasses did Harish break? This num- ber is three times the sum of its digits. Can you find the number. Ten-of the ways have two figures in the integ- ral part of the number, but the eleventh expression has only one figure there. Can you find all the eleven expressions? One day a man walked in and slamming seventy- five paise on the counter requested, 'Please give me some 2 paise stamps, six times as many one paisa stamps, and for the rest of the amount make up some 5 paise stamps.

How would you have handled the situation? One day both of them were obliged to return home when each had thirty marbles unsold. They put together the two lots of marbles and handing them over to a friend asked her to sell them at five for 2 paise. According to their calculation, after all, 3 for one paise and 2 for one paise was exactly the same as 5 for 2 paise.

But when the takings were handed over to them, they were both most surprised, because the entire lot together had fetched only 24 paisel If however, they had sold their marbles separately they would have fetched 25 paise. Now where did the one paise go?

Can you explain the mystery? His wife drives him over to Howrah Station every morning and in the evening exactly at 6 P. One day he was let off at work an hour earlier, and so he arrived at the Howrah Station at 5 P. He started walking home.

They drove home arriving 10 minutes earlier than usual. How long did the man have to walk, before he was picked up by his wife? At each of the 25 stations the passengers can get tickets for any of the others 24 stations.

Shakuntala-Devi Puzzles-to-Puzzle-You.pdf

How many different kinds of tickets do you think the booking clerk has to keep? What is my aunt's share? Ws also have some beautiful bone-china saucers that I recently brought from Japan. Our table top is fifteen times the diameter of our saucers which are also circular.

We would like to place the saucers on the table so that they neither over lap each other nor the edge of the table. How can u measure a room height using a thermometer?

Ans: temp varies with height. What is the height of room if after entering the room with a watch ur head strikes a hanging bulb? Ans: Oscillate the hanging bulb. Add the L with ur height to get the height of the room.

Devi shakuntala puzzles by book

OR Ans: Drop it from the room and find the time at which it strikes the floor. Color of bear Ans: We get 'g' perfect 10 which is only in poles How will you measure height of building when you are at the top of the building? And if you have stone with you. Ans: Drop the stone and find the time taken for the stone to reach the ground.

How wud u catch and receive a ball in same direction? Dropping is from north And receiving from bottom not accepted, as it is 2 directions Ans:? Some tell truth, some false and some alternators. Find out the true statements. Can u make with 5 zeros? There are three people A, B, C. Liars are of same type and Truth speaking people are of same type. Find out who is speaking truth and who is speaking false from the following statements: a A says: B is a liar. Ans: lets assume A is speaking truth.

Anything that is difficulty in nature and needs tricks to make it easier falls under the category of puzzle. He likes teaching small children and is working as an Asst. Teacher in an English medium school. His research areas include Steganography, Cryptography and Sanitization in images. His research paper had been accepted in international journal. He has many recognitions and awards. Apart from these he also enjoys photography, philately.

Preface Puzzles forms an important constitute of our day to day life and solving of them increases the sharpness of the brain. This book has been written by the author with an intention to solve the puzzle in a quite simpler approach and using technique with proper explanation.

The solution to each and every problem has been explained in details and can be understood easily with the basics of mathematics and physics. This book serves as an important purpose for the students those who are preparing for cracking interviews where puzzles are asked. This is the first edition of the book and feedbacks and suggestions are always welcome from the readers. You can reach me at subrato. Perfect square are 1, 9, 16, , , Thus, the number can be squared when turned upside down Since, it is less than so, it is The minute hand rotates 2 radian per hour.

Thus, the angular location of minute hand is given by: In 12 hrs.

Book devi puzzles by shakuntala

So, angular location of minute No part of this booklet may be reproduced or utilized in any form without permission from the author. Thief moves 1 unit distance then police moves 2 unit distance. Time, t Thief Police 7 0 0 15 10 1 23 20 2 31 30 3 So, the Police will move a distance of 30 units.

To strike 10 the clock has to move 9 intervals. Thus, there is no value created or lost. So, the sequence is a GP series so the weights will be 1, 3, 9, 27 and Let, the number of 5p stamps be y. No part of this booklet may be reproduced or utilized in any form without permission from the author Page So, each 5 minutes for up and down was saved.

Thus the man had to walk for hr. At each station there are 24 tickets. Then daughter will get 2x and son will get 6x. Assume that the number of son be m and daughter be n. So, the aunts share is Thus, the number of saucers that can be placed on the table is: So, we are left out with two black squares and hence it cannot be done. The factors of are and So, cats killed mice.

Now, let us consider that Cf and Ch be the circumference of the fore wheel and hind wheel. Number of revolutions will be. We need to work on this part and have to increase the value by 2. So, we will split up IX nine in such a way that it acts as I and X i. Highest multiple is which can be 3cows, 8 sheeps and pigs. Let's assume the distance between Bangalore and Tumkur is 24 miles, then the point of meeting would be. So, 6 miles he covered in 30 minutes.

He was late by 25 minutes and hence met the train 6 miles before the crossing that means the train requires minutes to cover the 6 miles. Speed of the train will be 72m. She brought for 60 and sold at 70 so made a profit of Rs. Again, brought at 80 but sold at 90 so profit of Rs. So, total profit made will be Rs.

Each part is the 1 flywheel of each machine. Let us weigh the group: Thus, 70 kg. Of coffee1 and 30 kg. Today, he is 11 years old. So, the sequence will be 1, 1. So, for Rs. The ship X is twice as old as its boiler Y-X was when the ship was x-X as old as boiler is now.