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The LM is alarm equipped digital clock IC with built-in driver capable of directly driving LED display equipment. As IC himself the VDD pin for the LM is. LM datasheet, LM pdf, LM data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, SANYO, Digital Alarm Clock. Part Number: LM, Sanyo, File Type: PDF, Document: LM PDF Digital Alarm Clock, Datasheet pdf search site for electronic components and.

Display Mode Digit No. Time content settings show in Table2 are possible by activating VSS to these pins, A pull-down resistor is built-in. Seconds are rest. Both Operates both as outline above. Second Hour note1 Second digits are cleared to [00]. Both note2 Resets hour and minute digits as [] when operating in H mode or [] when operating in H mode.

PDF LM8560 Fiche technique - Unisonic Technologies

From the time stamp, it looks to be made in the third week of Yes, that old. According to the datasheet, it it a 4-digit clock IC that uses a duplex LED display to show the time.

Pretty neat. If you have one of those clock radios from back in the day, it most likely uses a variant of this chip or maybe a Chinese knock-off.

The schematic Since I was in need of a easy to read clock, I decided to make one with this chip. The only difficult part was finding a suitable display duplex LED, model S.

Pdf lm8560

I was lucky to find one in one of the scrap boxes. In case you want to build the project and you can't source a suitable common cathode duplex display, here's the electrical schematic of one that's tested to work: S LED Duplex display Common cathode duplex displays are different from the single common cathode ones because instead of a single cathode, they use 2 of them which are lit one by one.

So when half of the display is on, the other half is off.

Best way to dim a LM based LED alarm clock | All About Circuits

This process is repeated fast enough that our eyes see the complete image. The advantage of this design is that it allows to use less wires to connect the display to the board. It shouldn't be too hard to use normal leds instead of a display.

Both Sleep counter looses 1 at a speed of 2 Hz. Once conditions have been switched to reset or hold, input of other functions is locked until both Hour and Min input have been separated.

LM8560 - Digital Alarm Clock

When the digital reading for seconds is between 30 and 59 seconds, 1 is added to the digits for minutes as he digital reading for seconds rests to [00]. A pull-down resistor is build-in.

When not rest by either snooze input or alarm off input, output continues after 1 hour and 59 minutes. The snooze function can be used repeatedly in 1 hours and 59 minutes intervals.

Pdf lm8560

A pull-down resistor is built-in Activating VSS to the snooze pin when the alarm is OFF resets the sleep timer counter to [ ] This is known as the one-touch sleep timer reset function. A pull-down resistor is built-in. Refer to Table 2 for the proper selection procedure 59 minutes or 1 hour and 59 minute selection.

This sleep timer is constructed using a down counter and when the counter content arrives at [00], output is set to off and the radio turns off.