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If I want to become a pro, it is a requirement to read Go Pro. Get his book now! Best-sell Go Pro 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional Eric. - Download as PDF File .pdf) or view presentation slides online. - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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Uploaded by: ELLYN “It's a stone cold fact that we have a better way, now let's go tell the world”. The Hottest. Recruiting Scripts in MLM by Eric Worre. A summary and unbiased review of the book go pro by Eric Worre. Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional, also available in PDF. When people look at Network Marketing, one of their biggest questions is “Do I know anybody? They believe if they know a lot of people, they can have lots of.

Network marketer is a dream job It takes effort, time and commitment Never stop learning, but most of all never stop applying it Full Summary Eric Worre says being a network marketer is an amazing job. It can actually be a dream job. But as for anything else, you must put in the work. The Three Levels of Network Marketer He says there are three levels of network marketer: Poser: want quick profit without time and effort investment Amateurs: they have some talent and will, but lack total commitment Pros: total commitment and drive to becoming the best they can possibly be The 7 Skills There are 7 skills to network marketing. Finding Prospects Write down everyone you know Write down everyone they know Add persons a day Network with your recruitment goals in mind 2. Inviting Think like a farmer more than like a hunter. Build trust and relationships: educate more than sell.

I was really hoping to get lucky and sign that monster distributor who was going to make me rich. Weve all heard the stories of some person who had their lives completely changed by one sign-up. In reality, even if some of those stories are true, it really doesnt serve our profession very well, because it makes people spend their time hoping for that big hit. The second thing I focused on as an amateur was timing.

I was always worried about timing. Did I get in early enough? Could I be the youngest top-level person in the company? How many other leaders were already in my local market? Were there too many to compete against?

Were there enough to get true momentum? How was the company? Was it too big? Did I miss the growth curve? Was it too small? I was obsessed with the idea of timing. The third thing I focused on as an amateur was positioning. Was I in the right organization? Did other people have a better position than me? Maybe I didnt have the right upline. Would I do better somewhere else? And the fourth thing I focused on as an amateur was shortcuts. I was always looking for an angle.

Any gimmick that came down the road, I was up for it. Newspaper advertising? Help wanted signs by the side of the road?

Lets go do it. Passing out fliers at the mall? Im in. Going door to door? Lets try it. The Internet didnt exist when I was an amateur. Just imagine how crazy I would have been over all the Internet tactics I could have used to distract myself.

What that meant was, every time I heard of some shiny new approach being trained by anyone in the world, I was digging into it to try to find the shortcut.

And then, I finally made the decision to Go Pro. Wikipedias definition of a professional is, A person who is paid to undertake a specialized set of tasks and to complete them for a fee. My definition of a Network Marketing Professional is, A person who is an expert at the skills required to build a large and successful Network Marketing organization. There is a phrase in our profession that does more harm than good.

It says, Ignorance on fire is better than knowledge on ice. The point of this phrase is that its better to be excited and ignorant than it is to be apathetic and smart. That may be true, but why do we have to choose one or the other? Let me give you an example. Lets say you were in need of an operation. At the hospital you meet your doctor. He comes in and says, Im very excited to conduct your operation. Im so passionate about it I could hardly sleep.

No one on earth wants to help you more than I do. You say, Wow, thanks Doctor. How long have you been doing these type of operations? And he says, Well, Ive never had any schooling on this particular operation, and Ive never practiced and Ive never done one, but it doesnt matter because Im so passionate!

How are you going to feel? Enthusiasm is great, but eventually you need to marry that passion with skill. Professional athletes will devote endless hours to preparing for competition but when they join Network Marketing, they wont give one days worth of effort to learning our skills. Doctors will devote a decade of their lives at huge financial expense to become physicians, but when they join Network Marketing they wont give a months study and practice to become a Network Marketing Pro.

In his book Outliers, Malcolm Gladwells research showed it takes approximately 10, hours of practice to reach the expert level at anything. With four hours a day of practice, that adds up to about seven years. That formula applies to Network Marketing as well. Its going to take about seven years for you to become world-class.

The good news is, the profession is very forgiving and you can earn a lot of money while youre becoming an expert. The trick is not to get complacent; dont stop learning while youre earning.

When I made the decision to Go Pro, everything changed for me. I stopped focusing on luck, timing, positioning, and shortcuts. I even stopped focusing on the money. My world changed when I started focusing on the skills and made the commitment to practice, practice, practice, until I mastered them. Another thing happened when I decided to Go Pro. All of a sudden, my group started to grow. It was like people could sense my change of focus and my commitment to excellence and they wanted to be a part of it.

Think about a time in your life when you were around a person committed to excellence. It might have been a teacher, a coach, a boss or a friend. How did it make you feel? It was inspiring, right? Youll find you will be an inspiration to others when you make this important shift.

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Bottom line: If youre going to be involved in this great profession, decide to do it right and treat it like a profession. If you Go Pro, this business is great. If you stay a Poser or an Amateur, youre going to be miserable. And by now, youve noticed I use the word profession a lot. I do that on purpose. Network Marketing is more than just a project. Its not an industry. Its a profession. If you do it right, its truly a career choice.

It can take you out of working in a job that doesnt make you happy to a place of total freedom. Thats why I called my website NetworkMarketingPro. Heres what I tell people every day: Ladies and gentlemen, my wish for you is that you decide to become a Network Marketing Professionalthat you decide to Go Pro, because it is a stone-cold fact that we have a better way.

Now lets go tell the world. When the site launched on March 11, , very few people called themselves Network Marketing Professionals.

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Thats no longer the case. Millions of people have changed the way they think about our business, and Im proud of that fact. I look forward to the day when its common for people to hear: Im a doctor, but Im also a Network Marketing Professional. I work in construction, but Im also a Network Marketing Professional.

Im an athlete, but Im also a Network Marketing Professional. The more people hear those words, the more the world will be ready for a better way. I hope Ive also gotten the point across that, if youre going to be involved, its best to become a professional.

The next step is recognizing that youll need to learn some skills. But before we get to those skills, let me give you some good news.

Unlike most professions, youre not going to need a lot of money for your education. You wont have to take out student loans and you can actually earn while you are learning. In addition, this profession isnt biased. In fact, its the most equal opportunity on earth. Your background, experience, contacts, age, race, or gender arent going to be factors in your ability to learn the skills to Go Pro. And finally, this isnt complicated.

The skills necessary to grow a large and successful business are extremely learnable, and youll have a surprising number of people financially motivated to help you learn them.

There are three primary elements to your Network Marketing business. First, you have the companys products. If some people are successful in marketing those products and youre not, it isnt the products fault.

In other words, everyone in your company has the same products to offer to the public. Second, you have the companys compensation plan. If some people are making a lot of money and youre not, it isnt the compensation plans fault. There isnt one plan for men and one for women. There isnt one plan for different age groups, or educational backgrounds, or for the color of your skin. The compensation plan is the same for everyone. The third element is the most important, and that element is YOU.

You are really the only variable. Everyone has the same product and the same compensation plan, but you are going to be the difference between success and failure. That means right here and right now, you need to take full responsibility for your Network Marketing business.

Decide today never to blame anyone or anything else for your lack of results. In fact, in Network Marketing there is something of an epidemic going on.

People just love to blame their upline the people above them in the structure for all of their problems. If my upline did this for me or did that for me, everything would be better.

If youre committed to building a large and successful organization, Id like to encourage you to do something important. Id like you to say goodbye to your upline. Call them up and say something like: I want to thank you for this opportunity. I appreciate it. Getting into business for myself was important and I appreciate you introducing me to a company that you believe in and that I now believe in as well. But from now on, when it comes to building my business, I will use you as a resource but never as an excuse.

I may call on you from time to time. If youre available, thats great. If youre not, thats okay too. Im going to build my business and I understand one thing: It begins and ends with me. Everything changes when you take full responsibility for your Network Marketing career.

Would it surprise you to know there are only seven fundamental skills necessary to build a huge business in Network Marketing? Seven, not Each one is fairly basic, but it always amazes me how little effort people put into learning them. If a college course were to be offered on Network Marketing, it would be one of the easiest classes to take. Its not rocket science but youll be happy to know its one of the highest paid skill sets in the world.

Lets explore each of them together. They believe if they know a lot of people, they can have lots of success, and if they dont know a lot of people, they dont have a chance. It sounds logical, but its just not true. As I mentioned in chapter two, there are three kinds of people in Network Marketing: posers, amateurs, and professionals. When it comes to finding prospects, the posers make a mental list of three, four, or five people they hope will join their business, and their entire future is based upon the response of those few people.

If theyre lucky enough to get one of them, they can extend the life of their career for a short time. They might even make another mental list of three or four people. Hopefully, theyll eventually decide to stop being a poser and upgrade to the amateur ranks. Its true.

Eight out of 10 distributors first approach their business with the poser mentality. They make a small mental list and see what happens. They never set out to develop the necessary skills.

Your job is to make sure youre not one of them and to help your team do the same. Educate people. Help them understand how powerful this opportunity can be if they treat it with respect. For the posers, their only real chance is luck, and that luck had better happen fast. The second group is the amateurs.

Instead of a small mental list, these people make a written list, which is a step in the right direction. Lets say they make a list of prospects. They charge out there with excitement, but not a lot of skill. They begin prospecting, and their list begins to diminish.

As it grows smaller and smaller, their anxiety level grows higher and higher. Their biggest fear is running out of people to talk to. I know that was my biggest fear. In my early 20s, my list wasnt anything to brag about.

As I mentioned before, I tried to use my parents contacts at the beginning, and it didnt take long for me to run out of names. Soon everyone in my world knew what I was doing and had either said yes or no.

It was scary. I felt like if I didnt find some great people from my list and find them soon, I was going to fail in this business. It never occurred to me that finding quality people to prospect was a skill.

Up to this point in my new career, I always viewed the list as the ticket to wealth. If you had a good list, youd succeed, and if you had a bad one, you either had to get lucky or youd fail. When I came to my defining moment and committed to become a professional, I began to study the people who had built large and successful organizations.

I found that the professionals approached finding people to talk to as one of their core skills. It was part of their job to find new people. They werent interested in luck. They werent worried about running out of people. They developed the skill to make sure that never happened. The professionals started with a written list.

But then they made the focused commitment to never stop adding to the list. They created something called an Active Candidate List, and Im going to show you how to do the same thing. Harvey is a good friend and hes also one of the best networkers in the world. I once asked him how he built such a large and influential list of friends.

He told me that at the age of 18, his father sat him down and said, Harvey, starting today and for the rest of your life, I want you to take every person you meet, get their contact information, and find a creative way to stay in touch. Hes done that for over 60 years, and today his list of friends totals more than 12, people. And these arent just social media friends. Theyre real friends, and I consider myself fortunate to be one of them. If you want to master this skill, follow these four simple steps: Step one: Make your list as comprehensive as possible.

Include every person you can think of. EVERY person. It doesnt matter if you think they are a prospect or not. Your database will be one of your most important assets. Everyone goes on the list. If they are negative, put them on your list. If you hate them, put them on your list. If they are your best friend, put them on your list. If theyve said, Ill never be involved in Network Marketing, put them on your list.

If theyre 98 years old, put them on your list. If theyre 18 years old, put them on your list. Its important to do this, because as you empty your mind out on paper, it will make more room for new contacts to find room in there. When you write down your nephew, you will begin to think about the circle of people around your nephew. All of these connections will become apparent to you as you make your list more and more comprehensive.

Think about everything every organization youve ever been involved in, every group youve ever been a part of, everything youve ever done. If you do this right, it will end up being hundreds and hundreds and maybe even thousands of people.

Youre not required to prospect everyone on your list. Thats up to you. But its extremely important to do the work necessary to truly capture your network on paper. Step two: Have you heard of the concept that were all only six contacts away from any person in the world? Six degrees of separation?

Im not sure if thats a myth or if its true, but I believe in the concept. Step two is looking at your list and thinking about the people they know the second degree of separation. Chances are, youll know most of them also.

Think about members of your family. Who do they know? Add them to your list. Think about your friends. Think about all the relationships in your life.

Dont worry about what youre going to do with this list yet. Well talk about that a bit later. Just keep building it. Step three: Constantly expand your list.

This is why the professionals call this an Active Candidate List. It never stops growing. The pros have a goal to add at least two people to their list every single day. They may not prospect them, but as Harvey Mackays father said, they go on the list and you should find a creative way to stay in touch.


If you think about this as a core skill, youll realize it isnt very hard. You come into contact with people every day. Just add them to your list. You meet people through online social media. You do business with new people. Hes a master at step three. He just lives his life and is always making new friends, and if you look at his business, almost all of the people hes recruited into his huge organization are people he didnt know before he started his Network Marketing business.

Hes a Pro. Professionals develop a higher level of awareness. They pay attention to the world. They know they will be introduced to new people all the time. This is by far the most critical skill to develop. Most people think you must start off with a great reputation and have a lot of influence with others for them to take a look at your opportunity.

When I first started in , I had no reputation and no influence. I barely escaped high school, attended one semester of community college before dropping out, and had a total of 18 jobs—all before the age of Do you think I had a lot of respect in the community? I had zero. Most of them were still living with their parents. But I was desperate and I was scrappy.

In the beginning, I made up in numbers what I lacked in skill. I called everyone I knew and gave them my pitch. A few of them joined. I placed ads in the local newspaper. I gave all of the people who responded my pitch. From all of that activity, a few joined.

I tried everything. I was like a hunter with the goal of bagging an elephant. All I cared about was getting that new recruit.

So what? And they started to avoid me. Even worse, the people I did get to join my business tried to do the same thing I was doing, failed, and then quit. After three or four years of frustration, I came to my defining moment, and started studying successful people in MLM to see what they did. What I found surprised me. They were more like farmers. They built relationships.

They built friendships. They learned how to build trust with the people they met and were able to skillfully transfer the belief they had about their products and opportunity.

Their initial objective was to educate their prospects on what they had to offer and then let those prospects decide if it was something they wanted to do. I realized why the pros had such great results. Instead of acting like sharks, they were more like coaches or consultants. The first thing they did was to invite people to attend some sort of event, such as a one-onone or two-on-one meeting with another member of their team, a three-way phone conversation, a small group presentation in their home, an online webinar, a local hotel meeting, or some larger company event or convention.

Professionals understand that personal interaction is a critical component when it comes to building trust and transferring belief, so they try to connect with people as much as possible. The second thing they did was to invite people to review some sort of tool. Tools take many forms. With some companies, you can even let people sample the product and treat that as a tool.

There is no question that technology continues to evolve, offering more and more convenient ways to help educate prospects, but I have to interject a personal opinion based on experience.

While technology allows us to get people quality information quickly, there is nothing like a physical tool. Of the two methods used to help educate the prospect, events are the most effective. There are lots of reasons. There is physical interaction from meeting with people, and that helps build trust. There is education on the product and the financial opportunity. In most cases, there is excitement and urgency at these events. And, they get to hear stories of how things are going for other people.

Those are some of the benefits. The only downside to events is they can be difficult to schedule and confirm, especially for a brand new person. That can be discouraging. For building a large and duplicating organization, I have found that a tool is a better first step. Remember, our goal is education and understanding. We want people to know what we have and understand how it can benefit their lives.

A tool is a great way for people to become educated and hopefully excited in the middle of their busy lives. They might not have time to drive across town to meet with you, but they could listen to a CD in their car, watch a short DVD, read a magazine, or watch an online presentation. In my company came out with a video that was dynamic and exciting.

Everyone in the company became focused on a daily method of operation that centered around inviting people to watch our video. We allowed no distractions. Our entire culture revolved around this strategy and our growth went through the roof. Events were still very important, but they were a second step after a person watched our video.

By adopting this new approach, my organization finally broke out, and I was able to enjoy the experience of having a group that grew with or without me. It was more fun than I can describe. My group grew from a few dozen to a few hundred and then to a few thousand. All I did was learn how to successfully invite people to watch a video, follow it up with an invitation. Those are the fundamentals. There are four basic rules. All of us come into this business with the hope of recruiting some great people.

We taught people how to invite prospects to take that cassette. When that happened. We act as consultants offering suggestions on how people. This sounds easy. The company was launching something new and exciting. Then I graduated to finding a few key leaders I could train to do what I was doing. It was this formula that helped me break out of Network Marketing mediocrity. That approach will feed your ego but steal from your bank account. For years. Rule Number One You must emotionally detach yourself from the outcome.

The second career breakthrough took the form of an audiocassette. Some use online presentations. Your ability to get a large group of people to consistently do a few simple things over an extended period of time.

The results were amazing. I learned the formula I just gave you and began to focus on getting a large group of people to consistently do just a few simple things and to keep doing them. Our job is to educate people and help them understand what we have to offer.

Different companies use different tools and event strategies to grow their business. Using that simple system. Some use one-on-ones with magazines and flip charts.

We sold it for 50 cents apiece. But you need to remember. We trained people to get cassettes at first. As a professional. I said cassette. Let me give you my formula for financial independence in Network Marketing. Some use home parties. I focused and depended on my ability to persuade people to join me. This is extremely important.

They were confident. This makes everyone uncomfortable. Be yourself. I noticed their posture. Step Five: Confirmation 1—Get the time commitment.

I assure you. I found I could do that for short periods of time at the beginning and. There are eight steps to a professional invitation. Just focus on being your best self. So many people become a different person when they start inviting. That might sound complicated. I could eventually do it longer and longer until it became a part of me.

So I decided to be bold as well. Instead of saying. Listen to some music that inspires you. This was a big one for me. Step One: Be in a hurry Step Two: Compliment the prospect Step Three: Make the invitation Step Four: Rule Number Four Have a strong posture.

Rule Number Two Be yourself. Get focused. But as I watched the professionals. If you focus on getting a customer or new distributor. If you focus on education and understanding. They were strong. I stopped apologizing all the time. This can work with your warm market prospect someone you know or cold market prospects someone you meet while living your life. This formula is designed to be used over the phone or face to face.

Rule Number Three Bring some passion. They were bold. Enthusiasm is contagious. At first I was so insecure. Just focus on the concept and use your own words. Examples for warm-market prospects: Step Six: Confirmation 2—Confirm the time commitment Step Seven: Confirmation 3—Schedule the next call Step Eight: Get off the phone Step One: Be in a hurry This is a psychological issue.

Set the tone with some urgency. The sincere compliment and it must be sincere opens the door to real communication and will make the prospect much more agreeable about hearing what you have to say. And do it with some passion in your voice. People are always more attracted to a person who has things going on. Step Two: Compliment the prospect This is critical. Can I ask what you do for a living? The key to the compliment is. It helps to build rapport. If you study the pros.

When you start with urgency and a compliment. There are three kinds of invitation approaches for the Network Marketing Professional. I thought of you. Most people use a Direct Approach for all of their prospects. If there was a business you could start working part-time from your home that could replace your full-time income.

Find something you can honestly use to compliment your prospect and use it. It has an important place in your invitation process. It usually goes something like this: Let me tell you all about it. You will find your prospects will become very receptive. But it should be reserved for people who know and respect you or for people that you know are searching for something better.

It does. Step Three: Make the invitation This is a situation where one size does NOT fit all. | Stocks | Employment

I found a way for both of us to start a great business without all the risks. This simple step will literally double your invitation results. It feels good. The Indirect Approach is about asking the prospect for help. Before I get going I need to practice on someone friendly. I used this approach extensively and with great success when I first started out. Would you do me a favor and take a look at it and let me know if you think it would work where you live? Would you be willing to do that for me if I made it simple?

When you meet someone from another city. Would you be willing to check it out and give me your opinion? In this approach. This approach is incredibly powerful because it works on a number of psychological levels. Because of my lack of credibility at age The Indirect Approach This is another powerful tool to help get people past their initial resistance and educate them on what you have to offer.

Would you mind if I practiced on you? It worked incredibly well and it still works today. You have so much experience. You are simply offering a value exchange. I just said things like.

Would You? This question has been my secret weapon for a very long time. And third. As human beings. When I first started. Examples for cold-market prospects: Cold market is exactly the same as warm market for the Super Indirect Approach. If you use. When they ask for more information. When you value what you have. Do you know anyone who might fit that description? Step Four: The whole psychology of it is weak. This question makes them think about their schedule and their commitments.

When you get the time commitment. Just ask the question and wait for them to respond. Does that mean they will follow through? When you first asked.

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This is just confirming the time. The only thing that matters is that they give you a time. So now you can give them the tool. But do NOT give your material to them. Let them think about their schedule and tell you when they will have reviewed the materials for sure.

Confirmation 2—Confirm the time commitment. The key to all of this is they have now said yes twice—the first time when they answered. The next step is to get a time commitment. If they ask for more information first. Step Seven: Confirmation 3—Schedule the next call This step is simple.

In any case. The key is. The whole invitation took a few minutes. Just ask. Their answers made the appointment. Here are some examples of all eight steps: Step Eight: Get off the phone Remember. Gotta run! If I gave you this CD. I have something that might interest you. Thanks again. Gotta run and thanks! If I gave it to you. Do you have a second? When do you think you could view it for sure? When do you think you could watch it for sure?

They give the information. They say they would. If I gave you a DVD that laid out the information in a professional way. Talk to you next Tuesday. I appreciate it so much. In terms of scripts. Obviously there are many possible variations for different kinds of prospects. So practice. Then you never have to worry about being lucky. On your journey to becoming a Network Marketing Professional. The pros never made themselves the issue.

The pros knew they could sign the person up by dazzling them with their knowledge and experience. This should be a guiding principle for every Network Marketing Professional. The third problem was. If the prospect asked a question. It was around this time I heard a concept that has stuck with me ever since: In Network Marketing. I had no duplication because I made myself the issue.

Let ME tell you all about our compensation plan. In the early days. Just follow up when you said you would. This baffled me until I started to comprehend duplication. Network Marketing is just a job. I was the go-to guy for every single presentation. It actually made them more skeptical. Let ME tell you all about our company. More than that. Sounds logical. I would sit down with someone and say.

But I was determined and I started to observe and take careful note of how the most successful distributors did their presentations.

When I first got started. It only matters what duplicates. I read everything I could. The second problem was. I thought the most important thing I could do was become an expert on all the facts associated with my company so if anyone asked me any questions.

YOU are not the issue! This was a tough one for me to accept. So when I came to them and presented myself as an authority figure. For me. Let ME tell you all about our incredible support system. And since I was presenting myself as the expert. They acted as a consultant who connected the prospect to tools. As a result. Make passion.

I was introduced to Network Marketing and it has changed my life. Your results. No matter what your background is. I used it all the time.

The top earner in my company was extremely powerful and effective. The pros use other distributors to give the facts instead of giving them themselves. In hotel meetings. The pros use live events instead of their own presentations. In addition to learning how to effectively present your product or opportunity during your personal recruiting efforts. Learning to tell my story was extremely valuable in building my business and has been to this day.

I was embarrassed by my lack of results and I was desperately looking for a way to make something of my life. So I recorded his presentation and transcribed it by hand onto a legal pad. When I first got started I was deathly afraid of speaking in front of people. In January of And it worked. The theme of my story was. I did it word for. Take some time to create your story and start telling it every chance you get.

I was determined to master it.

The pros bring passion. I recorded my own voice doing that presentation. I started by learning how to give a short and effective testimonial. If you ever watch a pro at work. Instead of being afraid of the future.

How Network Marketing or your company came to the rescue. I worked on my story for a while and. When I completed that step. The pros use tools instead of their own wisdom. Talking to Learning the standard opportunity presentation. You would not believe the confidence this gave me. I hated it. Learning different training presentations. Learning my story. I did the only thing I could control. Over I went from being afraid to do the presentation to actively looking for opportunities to give it!

I did the presentation on conference calls. We have our big convention coming up. When the day came. I had it memorized. After I was done. I did research.

It was definitely a defining moment. Same stories. I recorded myself doing the speech. I could start from any part of the presentation and take it from there. I practiced. I knew it backward and forward. I started to prepare like my life hung in the balance.

I was having a conversation with the CEO of the company and the number one distributor at the time. Now I was really on the hook! One big defining moment as a presenter came in I did everything I could possibly do. I played it back and it was terrible! My voice had no energy. In the end I had an audiocassette with my presentation on it. But my preparation served me well. He did a fine job. I wrote my talk and rewrote it over and over. I became a regular presenter at our local meetings and continued to move up to bigger and better venues.

I felt a little numb when I walked off stage as they were still cheering. So I recorded it again and again and again until it was acceptable. That speech was lost for a very long time but a copy was recently discovered. I chose a theme. The response was overwhelming! The crowd went wild. I was 29 years old and starting to make a name for myself in Network Marketing. It is a lot easier when you are talking with people who have suddenly become self-motivated, looking for a change in their lives.

Hello my friend! In this episode of the Podcast I go over how to invite effectively to your network marketing events. Whether you do home parties, hotel meetings, three way calls, one on ones, webinars, or some other kind of presentation style, a good invite in my opinion is always going to have these components. Congratulations on cracking open the book, that is a solid step toward success in Network Marketing.

This book is short and cannot possibly cover the many facets involved in becoming a truly professional and successful network marketer. They contain the information needed to really add power to your game. What is the 1 Skill in network marketing? If you want to get really, really good and make a lot of money, you need to get good at mastering the invitation. Here's some of the best ways on how to invite people to your network marketing business.

Before I get going I need to practice on someone friendly.