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Al-NIAWIIIII Al-HAIIEETII. ¿ab wf-éàmî[email protected] A MODERN ENGLISH ARABIC DICTIONARY. By Munir Baalbaki @mi ha“. Dr. Bamzi Munir Baalbaki Mv ha.. ' a. al-mawrid al-hadeeth A MODERN ENGLISH ARABIC DICTIONARY. - Rahman al-Mubarkpuri Subject: The biography of the Prophet (Peace be When the. المورد الوسيط: قاموس انكليزى-عربى = Al-mawrid al-waset: a concise English- Arabic dictionary البعلبكي، منير. موسوعة المورد العربية: دائرة معارف ميسرة مقتبسة .

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Dr. Rohi Baalbaki Language: Arabic - English | Format: PDF | Pages: | Size: 29 MB Al-Mawrid - A Modern Arabic - English Dictionary. Title: Al-Mawrid English-Arabic Dictionary Arabic-English Dictionary. Author: Munir Baalbaki & Dr. Rohi Baalbaki. Category: Other. Filetype: pdf. Filesize: 31 MB. Al-mawrid a Modern English-Arabic Dictionary - Ebook download as PDF File . pdf) or read book online. best arabic-eng book.

Specially designed look-up records were used by the subjects for each problematic word. It was found that success rates decreased when long entries of polysemous words were consulted in the bilingual dictionary and the senses needed in the entries were located some distance away from the senses that these users actually extracted. The users were also responsible for some of these errors, e. English-Arabic dictionaries have been found to be inadequate tools for translation or comprehension of English texts Al-Besbasi , Al-Ajmi International Journal of Lexicography, Vol. Atkins and Varantola a: 44 noticed that look-ups in a monolingual dictionary had a better chance of success than those in a bilingual dictionary.

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Difficulties arising from the text a Misreading the problematic word The look-up records showed that some errors were made by misreading the underlined words in the text. This unique type of error is associated with word-division at line endings in English texts, a pheno- menon unknown in the Arabic language. The other few errors in this category included: in-novator, in-timidated, an-ticipation, ar-rows, and com-pounded. Microstructural Features of Bilingual Dictionaries 4.

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Conclusions and proposals The need for radical improvements in the structural design of passive bilingual dictionaries in the Arab world is more urgent than ever before. English-Arabic dictionaries that are widely used by EFL learners need to be improved in regard to their microstructural information, lexical coverage and layout to help their users in solving word problems encountered in the course of translation exercises and reading, the most frequently practiced activities in the Arab context of language learning.

This study attempted to identify those structural features of the English-Arabic dictionary that were problematic in the use of this decoding dictionary. Also, the provision of a large number of senses was found responsible for lower rates of success, which should encourage lexicographers to revise this practice to ensure that look-ups in polysemous entries will, on average, have a better chance of success.

al-mawrid al-hadeeth

On a related note, it was also found that the distribution of senses according to their parts of speech was much less problematic than undivided lists in single entries. While awaiting the above-mentioned solutions and improvements in English-Arabic dictionaries, users should be warned against the trouble spots in these dictionaries.

It was clear that students in this study were able to relate the context of the word with the relevant sense in successful look-ups, but this ability was probably hampered by the excessive length of polysemous entries.

As for future research in the context of using dictionaries receptively, it would be interesting to know, if this study is replicated, what kinds of structural features of other dictionary types, e. Another possible avenue of related research is to compare the performance of those trained systematically in dictionary use with another group who have not been given any such instruction. Acknowledgements I wish to thank the two anonymous referees for reading and commenting on an earlier draft of this paper.

I am also thankful to Kuwait University for supporting this research research grant no. Beirut: Dar el-Ilm lil-Malayen. El-Ezabi, et al. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Hornby, A.

Modern dictionary a al-mawrid pdf english-arabic

London: Oxford University Press. Other references Al-Ajmi, H. PhD Thesis, University of Leeds. Al-Besbasi, I. PhD Thesis, University of Exeter.

Ard, J. Atkins, B.

al-mawrid al-hadeeth

Atkins ed. Series Maior Bareggi, C. Prat Zagrebelsky ed. Torino: Tirrenia Stampatori, — Bogaards, P. Cowie, A. Oxford: Clarendon Press. Diab, T. PhD Thesis, University of Manchester. Hartmann, R. Cowie ed.

PDF Pages: Authoritative and probably the most popular Arabic bilingual dictionary. An indispensable tool for students, researchers and translators. Unlike conventional Arabic dictionaries, this is arranged alphabetically for ease of use by those not knowing the root letters.

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