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responsibility for their actions. In no event can Despite its humble appearance, the kubotan is a highly deceptive piece of self defence equipment which, when. the Kubotan as an integral part of recruit training: Norman Thompson, Salt. Lake City .. baton, in the Immobilizer, in the Action Control Grip, in the riol baton, in. Official Kubotan Techniques - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read action. Another frequent comment is that unlike so many new "gimmicks".

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The Kubotan, developed by Master Takayuki Kubota, is a 51/2 inch long cylindrical . baton, in the Immobilizer, in the Action Conlrol Grip, in the riol baton , in. ACTION KUBOTAN PDF - Action Kubotan Key Chain An Aid In Self-Defense. $ Quantity. Add to cart. SKU: Categories: Books, Weapons Books. Description. John is also a certified international Instructor-Trainer in the Kubotan, in the side- handle baton, in the straight baton, in the Immobilizer, in the Action Control Grip, .

History[ edit ] The Kubotan keychain was originally based on a small bamboo weapon called the "hashi stick", an invention by Kubota's father Denjiro. Davis then former Chief of the Los Angeles Police Department , created the weapon and began training female officers in its application. It is often touted as extremely effective in breaking the will of unruly suspects with painful locks and pressure point strikes. Because of this, the Kubotan is also sometimes dubbed the 'instrument of attitude adjustment'. Concept[ edit ] Applied as a weapon, some of its usage can be similar to that of the yawara stick or koppo stick. The principal targets in self-defence include bony, fleshy and sensitive parts such as knuckles, forearms, the bridge of the nose, shins, stomach, solar plexus , spine, temple, ribs, groin, neck and eyes. The Kubotan is usually held in either an icepick grip for hammerfist strikes or forward grip for stabbing, pressure point attacks and seizing.

With a tactical pen, you avoid this issue and up your self-protection at the same time. In combination with some very basic locks and pressure point strikes a Kubotan is incredibly effective at turning someone into a whimpering heap of terrified jelly.

Most people recognize these implements as the small key-chain attachments that are usually blunt at one end and taper to a dull point on the other. Kubotans are particularly useful for a few reasons: they are easy to conceal by fitting into small pockets with ease.

Kubotan pdf action

When using a Kubotan correctly, they hurt like hell. When used incorrectly, they still hurt like hell. They are cheap. And the techniques are relatively easy to learn. Being a creative survivalist is about thinking outside of the box, and breaking down preconceptions of what it means to compete and combat. And a weapon can be anything — a keychain, a tactical pen, a pencil, a railroad spike, a drill bit, or a coffee mug.

The Best Tactical Pen And How To Use It Like A Master

What you use is less important than how you use it. Anything can be a deadly weapon, but nobody can deny that some objects make better ones than others. The metal is stamped with small and tight friction grooves to improve grip. The non-writing end of the pen incorporates a hardened tip. This tip is the primary weapon of the tactical pen.

So a tactical pen is a pen made out of metal, with stamped grip grooves and a hardened tip. Few products can offer you as much utility as the tactical pen.

Pdf action kubotan

Other survivor multi-tools can include survival hatchets , sword canes, dogs, walking sticks, matches or lighters , anything with two or more functions. And as we all know, the pen is mightier than the sword or so they say. But what could be mightier than a pen in the right hands? That is a question I cannot answer. In fact, in our modern world, most people are disarmed more than armed. Often because social and political regulations forbid conventional weapons from being openly carried.

But there are solutions around these restrictions. Protecting yourself with a self-defense tool does not mean you have to be armed to the teeth.

Action Kubotan Pdf

Tactical Pen Uses The primary use of a tactical pen is straightforward. But there are two other lesser known uses of tactical pens such as: Breaking Glass The pointed end of a tactical pen is perfect for breaking panes of glass. Slamming the pointed metal tip into the corner of a pane.

Pdf action kubotan

The glass should shatter with ease. DNA Collection Yeah, believe it or not, these fancy little self-defense tools come with a built-in device for tracking an assailant with the power of science.

Some self defense pens even have a crown studded end cap that is ideal for scraping, jabbing, scratching and stabbing an attacking. Leaving blood or flesh behind that can be analyzed by a lab. And here are the 10 most useful features of tactical pens: They are discrete; people will overlook them and let you carry them almost anywhere.

Tactical pens are difficult to pry from your tight grip because they fit almost entirely into the palm of your hand. You can write checks and sign documents on the fly or jot down notes about your most recent survival adventures.

Tactical pens are a concealed weapon in your pocket and are extracted quickly without a lot of movement. If someone commits a crime and steals off in a getaway vehicle, you can quickly scribble down their license plate on your hand before they get away. Self defense pens get overlooked as a weapon in pat-downs. People rarely see a tactical pen attack coming — you have the element of surprise. If you need to break a window for whatever reason , tactical pens are exceptionally efficient for this purpose.

With some practice, they could make a decent projectile. Using a Tactical pen for self-defense is easier than you might imagine. Unlike most forms of martial arts weaponry, using this small weapon does not require you to memorize any complicated forms, hand-grabs or punching techniques although knowing those would help you become proficient much faster. Tactical Pen Techniques The techniques are pretty simple and can be learned by anybody — but the key is practice.

Look up some internet videos and work with your friends. As long as you are careful not to hurt each other, practicing these simple moves can be a lot of fun.

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Even running through them a few times can significantly improve your ability to perform effectively when the time of need finally arrives. Here are some general ways in which you can use a self defense pen: Slashing Pretty self-explanatory but the tactical pen can be used as a makeshift tactical knife or sword.

It can be swung in a striking motion, down being the strongest move. The points indicated by yellow dots are very sensitive to pinches, and can almost act like an electric shock. The smaller amount of skin between thumb and kubaton, the fiercer the bite. There are many more, and you can find them by experimenting on yourself. Have fun! Striking points, indicated with red dots, are areas where there are either clusters of nerves, bones close to the surface, or trauma vulnerability temple.

Hitting them with accuracy is not necessary if you remember to practice by striking several times. However, as soon as the strike accomplishes its job, it's time to get away. There are very few places on your own body where a sharp tap with the kubaton will not produce pain. Any tips on more effective striking?

Practice taking a moderately wide stance, knees slightly bent and flexible Keep your non-kubaton hand in front of your body to block any retaliatory response Strike through or into your target, not at it Don't reach out in a loop, but strike in a tight circle or jabbing line Strike more than once. The Graphic above shows several good striking areas. Use them cautiously in practice.

How can I practice with a real person and not have to purchase expensive padding for protection? We sell a proprietary item, the Training Kubaton.

Kubotan pdf action

It is made of sturdy rubber and helps to lower the impact. Use magazines secured with strong rubber bands for forearm protection. Hold them up for striking intended toward the chest or head.

How dangerous is practice? A good question, yet it is much like asking how dangerous pistol practice could be. Careful practice is not dangerous.

Скачать action kubotan key chain an aid in self defense pdf book - смотреть онлайн

Although the kubaton is a non-lethal weapon by intent, the word "careful" is very important. After all, it is a hard object, some with tapered ends, and it can imperil eyes, throat and brain sensitive areas like the temple.

Sternum strikes are capable of causing the heart to react in a dangerous way. It is more useful to practice efficient, moderately paced responses, since a real life situation will add enough adrenalin for force and speed, and then you will need "skill" of technique gained in moderate practice.

What legal liabilities come with kubaton use? That is a question for lawyers, judges and juries.