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Vornheim - The Complete City, , MB. Weird New, , MB. World of the, Lamentations of the Flame Princess. Nickname. PDF Version. Version Publisher. Lamentations of the Flame Princess. Alternate Names. Year Published. Title, Vornheim: The Complete City Kit This book is not about Vornheim, it's about running Vornheim – or any other city € print plus PDF, € PDF.

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Vornheim: The Complete City Kit - Vast is Vornheim, The Grey PDF. $ 1 2 3 4 5. Average Rating (74 ratings). Vast is Vornheim, The Grey. Vast is Vornheim, the Grey Maze ”Give somebody a floorplan and they'll GM for a day – show them how to make 30 floorplans in 30 seconds and they'll GM. Vornheim: The Complete City Kit (Print + PDF) Dungeons And Dragons. Vornheim: The Complete City Kit Printing, System Neutral) (HC). Dungeons And .

This book is 64 pages long, with one page credits…and we actually get MORE out of the book than its 64 pages. How does that work? Well, let me elaborate. This pdf is based on the second edition, primarily the print edition. It has received pretty much a selection of awards.

Login forgot password? Remember Me? What's New? General Tabletop Discussion. The Complete City Kit. Results 1 to 8 of 8. The Complete City Kit http: After running several campaigns in his homebrew dark fantasy metropolis of Vornheim, Zak accrued a significant amount of DM's notes detailing treasure, characters, and locations in the setting, and advice for how to run a city-based campaign.

Vornheim, the Complete CIty Kit

He figured that it was useful enough to be shared beyond his local sessions and published it all into a single 64 page system-neutral book. Despite its size, Vornheim is high content. In between charts and tables, Zak discusses setting elements of his home campaign and interviews with his players and adventure locations. Despite what it sounds like, the layout is far from confusing and the placement of material does not feel jarring or unexpected.

Tabletop Review: Vornheim | Diehard GameFAN

Zak keeps details short enough to not hog the text on any one thing, moving from one section to the next. The Book Itself Vornheim itself is a sparsely detailed fantasy city. It's set in an undefined northerly climate, with twisting mazes of gray stone streets and buildings and towering spires linked together by precarious bridges. There is not much in the way of local environs and streets beyond a few locations, as Zak believes that excessive detail overburdens a DM with things better left to individual adjudication.

However, the feel of Vornheim shows up throughout the text: Enough is told about Vornheim's macabre history that we can get a feel for daily life and culture within its walls. One of the best sections which can be easily ported to other games it that the skins of snakes can be read like books through a special lens chamber the serpent crawls through.

Garden snakes and common creatures usually have common, low-quality, and uninspired tales, while creatures such as dragons and medusae can hold esoteric and magical knowledge. The libraries of major cities have chained hydras whose skin they slough off to keep up to date on scientific and cultural progress. The main strength of the book is the tools Zak provided for city-based adventures, and he does not disappoint.

The hardcover comes with a sleeve and on the inside of the sleeve, you get a massive full-color map that can be found via a secret link if you get the pdf version. Well, on the inside of the sleeves and yes, throughout the book, would be instructions for charts: The front and back cover, on the inside and outside, provide charts, with representations of the claw-like sprawling city structures framed by numbers; by for example dropping dice on these artworks, you can, for example, determine quick and dirty damage and attacks versus body parts or use it to jumpstart your imagination in a variety of other ways.

One page away from the inside of the back cover which btw. And indeed, while not all such functions championed by the book can be perfectly translated to all the different systems out there, I should not be remiss to mention that a significant section of this pdf is devoted to being basically one of the most amazing GM-aids I have ever read. And no, I am not going to spoil the details here.

Because I really want you to get this book.

Now, these urbancrawling rules obviously can only provide the framework for an enterprising GM to use, but in conjunction with aforementioned graphs and tables, it becomes more interesting. And if you require a vast array of detail, fret not, for a significant portion of the book is devoted to gigantic table upon table of names, professions, goals, names — and tying the NPCs together in social webs is similarly covered.

I tried it.

Tabletop Review: Vornheim

Within 30 minutes with this book, I can make a moderately detailed series of very professional feeling villages, neighborhoods and similar settlements. And I suck at drawing maps and am damn picky. And yes, from looted bodies to fortunes and magical effects, the strange and uncommon all tap into this massive dressing collection herein.

Now, the dressing here does tap into the Vornheim setting; the Grey Maze, its sprawling spires rising from the arctic plane, a city near a forest that should not exist, of which scholars claim that the trees may be phlegmatic undead; a city wondrous and vile, near the city of goblins, situated on a hive of stone, ostensibly the result of legendary medusas once petrifying the flesh of whatever once was.

Here, the church of the god of Iron, Rust and Rain and the church of the goddess of all flesh exist. It is within this city that the decadent upper class has taken to the fad of purchasing slow pets, highlighting their copious surfeit of spare time; it is here that sometimes, there are masquerades; sometimes, the gates are opened to the wolves.

It is common knowledge that the skin of snakes and serpentine creatures are books that contain ancient secrets and here, the wyvern of the well can be found — who will unerringly answer ONE question for any interlocutor.

From the granary cats to the grub nagas and thornchildren, a selection of truly imaginative creatures inhabits this place…and a selection of superstitions can provide a vast array of different adventure hooks. Layout adheres to a very download one-column or two-column standard, with a ton of information on every single page.

The complete kit vornheim pdf city

The pdf-version comes fully bookmarked with nested bookmarks. And while the pdf does an admirable job at maintaining the raw functionality of the physical dead-tree hardcover, the sheer switching of sheets of paper takes a bit away from the immediate functionality when comparing the printed version or screen-version with the physical hardcover. The hardcover is the preferred version — with nice binding, sleeves and even the covers having a function…so yeah.

The city kit pdf vornheim complete

If you can afford it, go for print. The city Vornheim itself represents one of the most evocative settlements I have read in a long time: Beyond the truly fantastic setting, its unconventional premises and unfettered, raw collection of absolutely inspired tidbits, the influences of contemporary weird fiction and the writings of Borges are readily apparent on every page. The 3 modules contained herein all have different, interesting angles and while I explicitly remained brief in their descriptions, they similarly…well, are brief.

They are interesting, evocative, inspired…but brief. Oh so brief.

Vornheim is, in all components of its content, whether as a GM-aid, as a sourcebook or regarding the modules included, a truly phenomenal offering; each component shines brightly like a cruel Northern star — but at the same time, while the components are interconnected, I could not help but feel like it was buckling under its own ambition — the book is so jam-packed, it strains at the seams and universally leaves the reader inspired and wiser, yes — but also wanting more.

You will not finish reading this book and feel saturated. When I came to the end of the setting-section, I was disappointed I did not get more; the same held true for all other sections.

Vornheim: The Complete City Kit (Print + PDF)

This book represents a perfect kit to create a glorious city, a sprawling moloch. Do I believe that this, at double the page count, would have been even better?

Heck yes. Do I want a full-blown, massive sourcebook on Vornheim, perhaps a whole mega-campaign or AP set in it? OH YES. Yes, please.

Vornheim says: Want more?

Then strain your creativity, use your own brain. It strips away the pretensions, the excuses we make time and again and tells us to make its contents our own, make this grey maze our grey maze. Sure, we may crave just consumption — but this does not try to be simply consumed — it forces you to create, by virtue of its own brilliance. All the accolades heaped upon this book are justified. While the pdf loses a bit of the impact of its physicality in the electronic version, I still consider this to be one truly amazing, unique book that should grace the shelves of any self-respecting GM.

Get this.