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Pleiadian Cosmology is transmitted mainly by Satya of Alcyone, Pleiadians know that their agenda can not be satisfied if they do not take. 1 Topographic Surface Anatomy. STUDY AIMS. At the end of your study, you should be able to: Identify the key landmarks. The Sirians are assisting the Pleiadians to help you find ways . The Pleiadian Agenda because we know you are ready for the whole story now. Our agenda at .

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She warns that the transition to 5D does not mean that we are in the clear. There are negative entities in the 5D and other dimensions that create emotional trauma, negativity and feed off it. She has written a book inspired through her contact with the Pleiadians. Your heart becomes the very keyboard that her hands orchestrate. Lia alientribe, channeling music from her 23rd century self!

How cool is that! In the Jungian model the source of myth and much of our personal creativity as well as instinct comes from the unconscious, so there is certainly a place for artists, seers, and others who have less of a rigid barrier in place between conscious and unconscious thought. But that model also points out that neurotic and schizophrenic people also are swarmed with unconscious imagery, usually to their own detriment.

So, the question concerning this work might then be is there any useful underlying functional pattern this author has wrapped up in colorful stories of aliens and ancient cultures. If so, there may be some use in reading through it.

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Despite becoming frustrated with the way she writes and presents her ideas especially her supposed channeling , I still felt that there are things of interest to glean from the unconscious contents she spews forth. Carl Jung pointed to a case where a schizophrenic patient of low education informed him of the presence of a tube protruding from the Sun which is responsible for the wind, which so happens to be part of an incredibly obscure Mithraen myth.

The point was made to illustrate his concept of a collective unconscious being a source even the most neurotic, mentally ill person can draw from and pull forth interesting fragments of thought. My overall impressions of this book are that the author read books by Jose Arguelles , Zechariah Sitchin , Bob Frissell and Michael Baigent , let it digest and mix together, and then started creatively weaving them together into a very spotty and scattered paraphrase.

If you've never read those authors, perhaps you'd find food for thought in this work, but you're really only getting a mama bird's regurgitated meal. If fringe science and speculative archaeology are of interest to you they are to me , go to the sources directly. The authors she paraphrase do a much better job of presenting their ideas without insulting your intelligence while doing so. Even general literary mechanics are severely lacking in this work.

The chapters are very long not a big deal and are titled after a topic that has to do with only the first couple of pages of each chapter. She seems to break her paragraphs when she gets tired, not when it makes sense to break them.

As evidence of that she overuses italics, exclamation points, capitalization, and tends to do so half-way or three-quarters through a paragraph. Typically, authors see that as a natural place to break their paragraph, since it marks the start of a new thought or a drastically different level of emphasis and the paragraph break is a natural visual indicator of such.

The author channels dozens of entities, from the Sun, Moon, and the Devil himself to the deities of other planets and even King Lizard makes an appearance. Like an episode of scrubs, each character has the exact humor, mannerisms, and nuances as the next, and all are cut with a Charles M. It is the place of the great oceans and tides and huge mountain ranges and terrible hurricanes! From snowstorms and avalanches! Copernicuss greatness is that his book provoked a process by which most advanced thinkers of Europe could foresee this new, subtle and surprising truth: the Sun resides in the inner solar system as Earth, Mars, Jupiter and al other planets revolve around it.

However, the unfortunate part was that convinced us that our feelings and intuitions were unreliable. Thereafter, al work that took into account these ways of knowing, and certainly these are the primary ways in Pleiadian Cosmology of Clow-should be considered meaningless, stupid, worthless and a waste of time.

How, then, should one approach the visionary works and speculative, especial y when you have in your hands? Think there are three basic approaches: the first would be to modern science and majority, which considers any discussion based on astrology or galactic tuning as useless. This approach is characteristic of most scientists today. The second approach is to regard such work as something that is literal y and scientifical y true, similar to how some people consider the Bible as being literal y and scientifical y true.

This approach, perhaps even more popular than the first, has the unfortunate failing to confront his fol owers with the science that is the approach more powerful, more consensus in our culture to the truth.

Pdf agenda the pleiadian

The third approach, suggested by the text itself, is to think that this work belongs to the realm of poetry. To understand how a poetic vision may be true, but somewhat differently to the scientific uncertainty, I would offer the fol owing two explanations and pictures of Pleiadian cosmology as a whole: Imagine the moment when Beethoven first played his Ode to Joy in an empty room.

But the room was not empty when we consider al forms of life, especial y those who were single-cel ed prokaryotes, imagine them floating in the air. Undoubtedly, if we can assume to the smal est single-cel ed organism-the aforementioned sensitivity prokaryotes were unable to appreciate the music that was fil ing the room. What would have happened if a single, one bil ion of these creatures, one would have been a genius?

What would have happened if instead of simply al owing the musical vibrations flew through it without noticing anything, the creature had awakened to the presence of something big? Surely it would experience would be only the most wretched pettiness of the global reality of the music of Beethoven, but it is inconceivable that had been shaken by a strange feeling that a magnificence far beyond their usual daily activities would have impregnated suddenly?

If a human has the sensitivity to respond to intel igence that passes quickly through the Milky Way Galaxy-an intel igence that has organized three hundred bil ion stars for ten bil ion years, an intel igence whose form and manner of work is beyond any This is even articulated by careful and empirical techniques of modern astronomy, one can imagine that this man would have created a crazy, poetic fantasy. When the neocortex, or any other region of the central nervous system, is lit by a giant cyber or galactic mind, one can expect to hear the crazy and speculative visions of Barbara Hand Clow Pleiadian Cosmology, but not the wise and safe claims of a truth of date.

Many indigenous people of Earth have origins Pleiadians said, and suddenly, in the 70s, Bil Meier of Switzerland, reported on direct contact with ships and beings Pleiadians. In the 80s, Ken Carey published a book entitled Starseed Transmissions, an inspiring appearance and remarkable clarity of intel igence Pleiadian; Lyssa Royal and I were receiving transmissions, in , Barabara Marciniak opened suddenly, a powerful channel pleyadiano thought and many other mediums channels were reporting similar teachings coming from this star system.

Pleiadian Cosmology is transmitted mainly by Satya of Alcyone, a powerful Pleiadian wisdom that is identified with the Goddess. When, in , the Pleiadians began to encourage me for the first time as an adult, I heard for months Morse code transmissions!

Gradual y their voices became clearer, but I felt a great sense of confusion about the way he spoke of earth science, human behavior and spiritual evolution. To put it simply: what they were saying to us was how to try to decode the light passing through a kaleidoscope, his view of us is multifaceted and intergrowth geometrical y and can be difficult to translate.

In the late 80s, his complex view seemed upset and confused me but I kept passing on their perspectives and what they were saying was more fascinating than what I was hearing on the Earth.

I admit that this was not an easy time for me. Often, things became very complex because psychological y, the more he knew the Pleiadians, the more I realized that their voices, in fact, were the voice of my own inner child, the wise teachings that were appearing forced me to remember my true and not yet conditioned to be home. When I understood, I began to remember when I was four months, a flurry of air shook the curtains next to my crib, and when these beautiful, little blue creatures came to visit.

Despite the difficulties I knew, final y, it was integrating the presence of al and then started talking Satya in Because of its appearance, type Pleiadian Cosmology in anticipation of a division of the reality that the Pleiadians say that wil happen in Satya has a clear voice, you see, so its time that you talk to herself I am Satya, director of a large group of Pleiadians.

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I am the custodian of the records of Alcyone, the central library Pleiadian and by developing a direct conduit through Barbara Hand Clow towards you, she has also improved their own skil s communication.

Therefore, this book offers a wide range of organizations and groups Pleiadians and al have an agenda ful of information for you, Cosmology. The Pleiadians are very eager to get in touch with you and therefore get into your running cross your thoughts and portals. John Kaminski was present during the channeling Pleiadian Cosmology during and and commented: The Pleiadians are like bees. One sees so often that, eventual y, have built something and you do not even have realized what they were doing.

Now I want to talk hive itself as a group with you. The truth is that we, the Pleiadians, we have built a nest big enough and when we took the body of the vehicle, she feels a special excitement, something like a hive ful of bees.

She has learned to reorganize these frequencies and use them as a tool, and if you want to know how he did it, read The Mind Chronicles trilogy. To choose to participate in a newly developed world You wil need to understand and work consciously with the vertical axis of nine dimensions described in this book.

48816268 the Pleiadian Agenda Barbara Hand Clow

During your personal training phase, began to devote himself to open our records to you. He discovered that our wisdom enriches your life, your answers to important questions, intensifies your feelings, sharpen your minds and leads you to choose the evolution instead of the person. Perhaps you are wondering: What is cosmology?

Wel , we go beyond the Pleiadians.

The Pleiadian Agenda

For us, cosmology is the history of existence in time and awakening your cel ular memory. What is the cel ular memory?


You already know this New Cosmology for the Age of Light but you need to hear the story again. Why are you going to want to remember your history again? Sure, you can be creative and fun-and I hope the real reason for tel ing this story now is so that you can make an informed decision about what your real y want to live when world in is split into two paths.

We can see the movie of these two worlds in the cel s of your body. Because we believe that each of you deserves a real choice, we have come to your decribiros reality for these two paths. People, you be surprised if we knew how hard it is coming so far to be so long with you. After al , homes have beautiful white marble in a green landscape with clear water and clean air.

Our children are beautiful and we love and the animals to our presence. We have come al this distance and this whole time because if you have no choice, no free wil and then, the essential foundation of the Universe freedom and consciousness-ends. If finished, no one would choose an existence and cease al movement.

Surely you can not imagine something like that but we have provided exactly the apocalypse, we have experienced and is an unacceptable situation in which you could probably fal asleep if you fol ow. We find it more easy to get out of bed! One thing I can assure you: the nest is big enough and we buzz strong enough for each of you wil be able to make a clear decision. What is real is what is happening in the now , while youre there.

Pdf agenda the pleiadian

I see playing with virtual realities and see how your brains are pushing the machine to create any image that stimulates your instincts to possess things or having sex. When you look at the pictures, there is the incentive to go shopping or have sex, or eating. The people in your house and also those with which you have social intercourse, dressed in the latest fashion, are the perfect image that you want to see, however, do not feel anything for any of them.

If you were asked to describe their features, you would not be able to. You have no relation to politics or world affairs as these things exist only on television. Rarely are traveling because you think it is dangerous and if you do, you go to an isolated hotel to another and occupy rooms that have TVs that are better than you have at home because they have an erotic channel.

You need not react to anything or you have to change anyone or anything. Concerning the fact of thinking, the computer does it for you because you have more neural capacity of the left brain than a human ever wil. You do not have any way to check the data they contain describe something real and not go out to study real things and observe your own reactions.

With respect to your soul, is that your desire to have the freedom to make decisions is so atrophied that you are convinced you have a life and youre living it now. Each of your days is a new opportunity to meet so many desires as possible and stress does not exist. You are zombies that remain within a body only as its existence provides some benefit to someone.

Whos in charge? The Global Management Team-powerful forces of banking, media, government and business-exposed in this book. Before describing the other way possible, I shal tel about the Zombies were created as the technology, which has body, is the same as outright opposition evolved beings or used differently. The technology can be a means or an end and the division of reality wil emerge of what is going to choose.

In the previous paragraph we have referred to four specific technologies-television, microwaves, computers and artificial light. There are others that you drive in a direction or another, but we, the Pleiadians believe that these are the four that were driving the invisible and unknown dimensions described in such detail in this book.

These are the technologies that youre being pushed to the critical-hop fusion and multidimensional purge. I can assure you of one thing Take aware of these things or you wil become, or already are, in Zombies. What is technology? For many of you, the technology produces fun gadgets that save time and work and your greatest concern is if you can afford it or not.

For us, the Pleiadians, ideal y, are devices that invent technologies being an outward manifestation of some unknown power that resides within you, the invent to find a way to understand your own inner power. In the interaction with technology, you are activating and identifying something that is within you, however, seems you are almost total y unaware of what you are doing! We enjoy seeing you identify your inner powers but we would like to understand the difference between genuine creativity and technology.

If you real y see how pudieseis embel ishes the true creativity of nature and how technology always stressed nature, it abusariais not even prohibiriais some technological gadgets such as, for example television, having identified that activated the power within. Some of you do discover the original thought pattern that activates the internal power and external technology. They are your genius.

Always have the ability to ignore the materialization and simply working with the thought process by inventing more. More and more people are realizing that with our help. For example, the technology of television cathode ray stimulated receptors within visual cortex and you remembered that visualization is a procedure to open the cel ular memory.

This means that you can go back telepathic, as we now know how to create images in your brain that can be transmitted. Virtual reality goes a step further because it can create from the images in your head. Why are we here to guide some of you? In the Pleiades, our shamanic powers, or magical interiors are encouraged when we are children and youl realize you need to activate devices. However, if you visit us, look like a smal Mayan vil age in Yucatan and Chiapas.

Before describing in detail the developed world, explain the internal and external processes inherent in the four technologies that you vibrate to the point of implosion: Television teaches you that everything you see real y is a matter of perception, because you know youre looking at a screen images from set points and are conscious that you are not seeing a tree or a living person.

In view of this, what is this picture? It is an idea transmitted and this is al that is! From a shamanic perspective one can say that if you can select how they are manifested, in fact, the images in your brain, then you recognize that an image is actual y expressed in domestic concept.

Humans possess an indigenous consciousness careful y examine what they have or not in their minds. The microwave teaches you that everything is vibration, everything is done in a waveform. Before, we need fire to activate the energy of food but now you can heat it by bombarding it with a section of the wave spectrum which vibrates faster than 3D.

We, the Pleiadians, we must confess that we laughed more than once, you and your microwave because they are direct teachers regarding the invisible parts of the light spectrum. In this book you wil find that the photons are in the range of microwaves and not the range of sunlight. Who invented the microwave to realize that you can be cooked by wave frequencies if you are not aware of and abide too much time on them.

Have you ever left something for too long in your microwave? We, the Pleiadians, have a surprise for you: the sun is the antidote to too much light photonics. Artificial light is the technology that has influenced your reality in any significant way and is what you wear coexisting understand better because more time with her.

Imagine what the world was over a hundred years ago when you had to work to produce light. The most important thing to understand is that everyone thought was a force of darkness that surrounded everything and the only thing you could do when there was no moonlight, nor sun, nor star, was to light one smal part of it.

I felt that the dark al -encompassing and, indeed, was the dominant reality. You light you loved when you had.

With the advent of artificial light started to imagine that you could know your inner self to note that the new visible light to al and thats how we begin to explore your subconscious. In your world much longer abide in the Galactic Night at the Photon Band and the creation of artificial light has given you the courage to explore the dark space.

Today it is hard to remember the era before the invention of artificial light, but before you believed the new light that huge parts of reality could not be known. But for a hundred years here think that anything is knowable and, before long, things wil have gone to his head. You have a lot of facts but you begin to get bored. Who invented the computer to store and access al the facts and certainly does. Many of you are not aware of how technology actual y changes your brain, but this is not the case in our vehicle.

She began working with computers shortly after they appeared on the market and that speed and simplify the huge data bank that handled the astrologers in practice. Many of you who work with computers you have access to a database increasingly complex, the information itself is accelerating and data fusion increases your powers of perception. This book is the direct result of such acceleration, the merger-and-purge multidimensional is being driven strongly by activated computer. Your brains are being freed from databases to become data processors, this is exactly the training you need to access and manipulate the vertical axis of the nine dimensions described in this book.

For example, the seventh model dimension Pleiadian Cosmology is the information highway galactic light, photons are the bands. You are entering the photon band Halcyon leaving spiral and goes to your sun You are entering the information highway galactic light and you have the ability to be aware of this process because you are working with computers and Internet. Many of you realize that the Global Management Team is always trying to control your reality and use it as material for their agendas.

The world of the Zombies is a world total y control ed. However, it is like being in jail or work in an assembly tape or being trapped in an unhappy marriage. Al you have to do is turn off the TV, put the microwave in the closet, wil be required to travel in space back to cook your food with real fire and heat off the most lights and use the power of the computer only as a tool to synchronize data rather complicated and complex that he wil use to you.

I wonder why you would use computers to read books? Being alone in a quiet room and read a book is the only time you have to real y think about what you think of things. Do not let this freedom escape you! Our libraries and homes are fil ed with books and the only material objects that have the Pleiadians are most books, cooking and crafts.

Our most fervent wish is that this book wil help many of you wil not ever become a zombie. First of al , but with more passion stil expect this book to encourage you activate your own powers and return to the numinous world of the essence of life, Gaia.

How can this book help you in particular? As already mentioned, , years ago, we, the Pleiadians have experienced the same acceleration for you, you are going through now and have learned to use technology with great respect. Some of us, for example, astrologers or directors of complex groups, use the computer to merge large data banks that reveal new knowledge about things.

TV is too boring and have discovered that intel igence diminishes and destroys the immune system. But most important of al is that no We have a Global Management Team to control us and devastate nature. Many of you already intuit. Only you can control if you think you are victims, if you think someone can do something with you. I ask: what is it that someone could do with you?

What if someone kil s you? Just you return. What amuses us most of Zombilandia is that al you have to do is turn off the aircraft and return to your world. Do not forget that we went to those who are free to sit and read this book, but we know that at least some of you are thinking, what about the atrocities being committed in places like Bosnia and Rwanda?

Is there anything in what we say is not real y real to you? As you read, your heads are fil ed with images from television and newspapers of the Global Management Team. Al , literal y al , your answers to human suffering are being used as a method of handling your feelings for someone who wants reaccioneis to pain for some reason.

You are being encouraged to feel fear, to feel sad, helpless, beaten, desperate and raw, and the longer answer when you can not handle things, most ignorant things that need your attention and you are right under your nose. These dramas are being configured to distract you, lest you see the new reality is emerging and that do not consummate largaros of Zombilandia : But even the Zombies also awaken eventual y, but how much longer you would be so slow?

We, the Pleiadians, I always say that if you are one of these humans, ful of compassion, who wants to go to Bosnia and Rwanda in your world, id! Have your own vision! Pay attention! Many multidimensional beings like angels, Pleiadians, Syrians, Christ, beings from Andromeda, Enoch, Abraham and Mary Magdalene are in and out of your bodies!

You are living in an age in which they are expressed directly within you. The reason for spaceships OVNIsy seeing is to open, when you realize that beings from other worlds are in your realm, are al over your environment. They are you and you are being themselves, unless ye Zombies. Do not forget that the new reality is coming is a green planet wil be exquisite and col ective celebrations in the holy sites at the solstices, equinoxes and lunar key moments.

Remember that you have created the television to select the telepathy; phones to learn to transduce energy and airplanes to remind you that you are capable of flight and distance depends on speed. In this new world and you wil blind you wil be telepathic. Embel ecereis the forces of nature-the nature of your planet instead of dirtying with artificial things and your computers are tools of free libraries that you fil up your head with facts.