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Spider-Man Volume 1: Peter David, William Sliney, Rick Leonardi: Books. This was an awesome comic book and I recommend it to those who like Miguel O 'Hara/Spider-Man or Spider-Man of the Future. And after reading this. Spider-Man #1 on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Spider-Man #1 Comic Book. Rare & Mint condition. Cardboard Backed.

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Spider-Man is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character was created by Peter David and Rick . is the source for Marvel comics, digital comics, comic strips, and more featuring Iron Man, Spider-Man, Hulk, X-Men and all Spider-Man # Spider-Man () 46 issues Spider-Man Vol 2 () 12 issues Spider-Man Vol 3 () 25 issues Add a photo to this.

Publication history[ edit ] Writer Peter David and artist Rick Leonardi , who launched the first Spider-Man series in Spider-Man was one of the many Marvel characters to be re-imagined for the Marvel comic book line that showed future versions of classic Marvel characters living in the year , a century after the current Marvel Universe time period the Marvel timeline began its run in , approximately years prior to the year in which the new books would take place. Spider-Man was first featured in a five-page sneak preview of the first issue of his then-upcoming series in the 30th-anniversary issue of The Amazing Spider-Man. The Spider-Man series' first issue appeared shortly afterward. When originally published, the Marvel stories were meant to depict the official future of the Marvel Universe : a dystopian America governed by corrupt megacorporations with a number of cyberpunk elements. At this time, Marvel's finances and future were unstable, and sudden firings were quite common.

Miguel: I turned into a spider freak to shake an addiction I never had. My entire life is a lie. It's a given. However, Miguel is only snarky when he's not wearing the costume. When Miguel rejects it, Flipside immediately tries to kill him.

Turned on its head however when you consider that Miguel never did so because he was afraid that Kron wouldn't ever actually get expelled from the school due to his actions. Therefore, in the event that he did stand up to Kron, Miguel assumed that he would be stuck with him at school for the next few years, making it more of a pick-your-battles kind of thing than outright cowardice.

And considering who Kron's father is, this isn't a bad assumption on his part.

Miguel eventually gets over it; however, when Kron assaults Xina and later attempts to kill Miguel with a knife, fighting back against the other boy and testifying against him in a trial. However, he's almost proven right, when Tyler Stone steps in to strongarm the school into keeping Kron on.

Comic spiderman book 2099

If not for the headmistress standing up to him, Miguel's prior assumptions would have proven true. Dude, Where's My Respect? Easily Forgiven : Miguel and Dana carry on an affair behind Gabriel's back for three weeks and he's rightfully angry about it when he finds out from Xina. Miguel telling him that the relationship was already over and Xina telling him that it was dull also didn't help matters.

Yet he almost immediately forgives both of them when Dana asks him to forgive Miguel, stating that she doesn't want to see the bond between brothers destroyed. Evil Twin : Flipside; he was an inactive Super-Adaptoid with files on various supers, and becomes a combination of Spider-Man and Venom after scanning Miguel.

He didn't recognize the new hero, so he turned into the closest approximation of him that he could based on appearance. Oh, and he's pretty much Deadpool. Exact Words : Tyler Stone talks Gabriel down, after he's pointed a gun at a bunch of officers, partially through mentioning that he won't even be arrested. After Gabriel has surrendered his gun, Stone then specifically tells the guards not to arrest him as he's walking away.

Comic book 2099 spiderman

He didn't say they couldn't brutally beat him, however. Fantastic Drug : Rapture is a legal designer drug developed by and exclusive to the Alchemax corporation, distributed to employees in order to keep them loyal to the company. A "very high-powered, mind-expanding hallucinogen", it causes the user to feel perfectly calm and collected It's so volatile that even Alchemax its creator wants nothing more to do with it.

Female Gaze : Part of the reason why Kasey is attracted to Spider-Man is because in her own words he has the tightest ass she's ever seen. Foreshadowing : It's eventually revealed that Miguel's boss, Tyler Stone, is actually his biological father. While this comes as a complete surprise to him, there are a few hints earlier in the series to this revelation, such as the fact that Stone refers to a young Miguel as son and personally arrives to pick him up to take him to the Alchemax School for Gifted Youngsters, which is noted to be unusual.

Future Slang : "Shock", the equivalent of "fuck". Hell Is That Noise : As always, the Venom symbiote remains vulnerable to sound and once Spider-Man discovers this it quickly loses any edge it had over him.

Hot-Blooded : Mig what do you expect, with him being half-Irish and half-Mexican? He not only has no idea how to use his powers, he also has no real plan as to what he wants to do with them. He mostly just reacts to events as they happen. Eventually he gets into the swing of being a hero and a symbol of hope to the people.

I'll Kill You! Unknowingly to both parties however, Conchata just revealed this to Miguel herself, since he was listening in on the conversation. Insufferable Genius : Miguel has this air when he first appears.

Spider-Man 2099 (1992 - 1996)

It's Personal : A Public Eye officer goes against Stone's orders and has his squad fire on Miguel, due to the fact that Miguel had badly cut up his son also a PE officer a few weeks before with his talons. Could also be applied to the setting itself where the heroes of the Heroic Age, for all their glory and power, are now little more than footnotes in history, with most of them having faded into obscurity altogether.

Love Dodecahedron : Miguel is in love with and engaged to Dana D'Angelo, who was dating his younger brother Gabriel when they originally got together, when Miguel was already with Xina Kwan. Early on Gabriel still shows signs of having feelings for Dana and they even share a kiss, but he is already in a relationship, and in love with, Kasey Nash, who later breaks up with him after she falls in love with Spider-Man, which is Miguel's secret identity.

Locked into Strangeness : Miguel's accident gave him talons on his fingers and toes, enhanced eyesight which makes bright lights a problem and fangs. He learns to retract the talons, but can't do anything about the fangs, and his eyes are a vivid shade of red, requiring that he wear tinted glasses to conceal them.

He explains the sensitivity to light as a side effect of Rapture when questioned by Tyler Stone. Made of Indestructium : Flipside apparently. Not only did it survive in perfect condition for decades, it also effortlessly repairs itself after getting shot full of holes and getting blown apart by Spider-Man. Mega-Corp : Alchemax among others. Memento Macguffin : It's eventually revealed that Lyla, the holographic assistant in Miguel's apartment, is this.

Who Is Spider-Man Miguel O'Hara Trivia

She was designed based off of a tattoo that his former girlfriend Xina had of Marilyn Monroe. Miguel is shown to be fairly attached to her throughout the series, wanting her to be repaired after she malfunctions and attempts to kill him and Dana, even though his brother points out it would be much easier to simply get a new assistant. Murder by Mistake : A group of police officers fatally shoot Dana when they shot Venom and their bullets went right through him, hitting her.

Mythology Gag : Early on, the AI in Miguel's apartment offers to change her appearance and switches between 3 or 4 different ones. The last one that offers to make him some warm milk and brownies looks exactly like Aunt May. After a not so subtle moment of Leaning on the Fourth Wall , when Miguel looks directly at the reader, he tells her that he doesn't like that option.

Issue 4 features Gabriel telling Miguel that "with great power must come great responsibility". Miguel later turns this on its head by saying his brother was wrong. When Miguel takes over Tyler's position in Alchemax, he begins looking around for someone to fill the role of his bodyguard.

No one wants the job except one lady named April, who also happens to look exactly like Aunt May. In issue 45, before running off to deal with a threat, Miguel claims that "this looks like a job for everybody's friendly neighborhood Spider-Man", even mentioning that it has a nice ring to it.

Issue 46 sees Miguel referring to himself as the "shockin sensational Spider-Man". My Suit Is Also Super : Mig's costume is made out of unstable molecule fabric the same material as the costumes of the Fantastic Four , which allows him to use his talons without tearing it, and protects him against knives and guns though he still feels the impact of the attacks.

However, the costume was actually for the Day of the Dead festival; the UMF feature was to protect it if things got rowdy. Nice Job Breaking It, Hero! He therefore immediately begins attacking the other man, assuming that Venture is attempting to capture him for Alchemax again. Only, as Venture reveals at the fight's conclusion, he wasn't. While he'd spent months since their last fight being angry at Spider-Man, as he himself notes, he had a lifetime of hatred towards his sister and was happy Spider-Man had defeated her.

He mentions that had Spider-Man only listened to him they might have become friends, but because of his assault he'll be looking to kill Miguel the next time they meet. Had Miguel not given Alchemax's officers the go ahead to use lethal force against Venom , it is likely that Dana wouldn't have died, since using said force against Venom is what resulted in her death.

Of course, seeing as she had been captured by Venom, she may have very well died anyways and not using lethal force against a monster like Venom would be pretty dumb.

Nice Job Fixing It, Villain! That wound up bestowing Miguel with spider-powers that would enable him to become one of Alchemax's biggest enemies. No-Holds-Barred Beatdown : After Kron Stone has been captured and stripped of the Venom Symbiote he initially refuses to give Alchemax any information on the Symbiote and mocks Miguel over the deaths of innocent people and Dana. Miguel responds by releasing Tyler from his cell and stating that if he can beat Miguel in a fight he can walk away a free man.

Kron jumps at the offer.

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Naturally, he loses and it ends with Miguel beating him to a pulp, even after he's down. Not So Different : It's seeing that there's a human inside the Venom symbiote that breaks Spider-Man out of his murderous rage and, along with Venom's begging, makes him think twice about killing him. Tyler Stone also believes this of him and Miguel, that they both destroy the people closest to them. Miguel vehemently denies this however. Not Quite Flight : Miguel's cape is made of a material called "light byte" that allows him to catch wind currents and lessen his descents.

Offing the Offspring : Tyler Stone attempts to do this with Kron after the whole Venom business is over, pointing out that Kron is little more than a lab animal since he was declared legally dead and that lab specimens are disposed of all the time. The only thing that saves Kron is that Tyler no longer has any authority at Alchemax when he gives the order.

Or Was It a Dream? The adventure started with the implication that it was just another part of 's strangeness. When it's over, however, Miguel wakes up on the side of the road as if it never happened, but he does find a barb that one of the bat bikers had in his dream, implying that it might have happened to some extent. The Paralyzer : Miguel becomes this through the fangs he grows in his mouth. The Paranoiac : Kron Stone, who at school was under the impression that Xina and Miguel were plotting against him, when Miguel really wanted nothing to do with Kron since he was a bully and he was certain that Kron would be protected from any actual punishment due to his father's authority.

Patricide : Attempted anyways. Kron Stone reveals that after bonding to the Venom Symbiote he was forced to retreat back into the sewer, after faking his own death, since he was so exhausted. He then returned to the surface when he heard his father was in the hospital, since he wanted to take "one last try at killing him". Pet the Dog : Tyler Stone, who has shown no redeeming qualities thus far, sheds a tear when he finds out about Dana's death.

He was dating her at the time. Poisonous Person : Venom , with the Symbiote having mutated to the point that it now secrets acid through touch. After Jake Gallows stabbed and left him for dead in a sewer, the Venom symbiote found and bonded with him, and Kron went after Miguel.

Sadistic Choice : Venom forces Miguel into this, asking him to pick who will live and who will die between Dana and Xina. Sarcastic Confession : When Miguel's brother, Gabriel, asks him why he's mumbling, Miguel tells him it's because he's grown fangs, and if he opens his mouth too widely, Gabriel will see them. Gabriel thinks he's just making a bad joke.

A chemical incident mutates him into a hideous, possibly mindless scorpion-like monster. Secret Keeper : Gabriel for Miguel, as he realizes his brother is Spider-Man at the start of the series, but doesn't tell him until much later.

Spider-Man 2099

Tyler Stone later claims the same thing in issue Gabriel explains how he figured it out, which is hinted at from the series start, Tyler however never does. Miguel also wonders in the same issue, when he reveals his powers to Tyler and his mother, whether his mother always knew as well. Sir Swears-a-Lot : Miguel is particularly fond of the all-purpose " shock ".

The Sociopath : Tyler Stone. He pretended to get Miguel hooked to rapture, a drug that instantly hooks the user for life, in order to force him to continue working for Alchemax, the only company that provides the drug.

The fact he was only pretending to do this, but made Miguel believe he was completely serious, possibly makes this all the worse. He flushed his son's ashes down a toilet, set up Spider-Man to kill The Specialist, shows a blatant disregard for the lives of other people on a regular basis, and, based on a conversation with Conchata O'Hara, murdered his own wife.

Little surprise that his son Kron ended up as an entitled bully who has no qualms with attempted murder. They find that Doom has taken control of the White House as President, Miguel is offered Tyler Stone's old job as head of Alchemax's Research and Development department, Dana and Tyler are dating, and Spider-Man is no longer such a wanted man with Doom wanting to work with him. She gets as far as holding the gun to her head and pulling the trigger, but a later issue reveals that she missed on purpose, having decided to live with her actions she shot Tyler Stone and thought she'd killed him and stand before a court of law to explain them.

Instead, he has enhanced perceptions that happen to tune in more quickly to what's pertinent, such as an immediate danger or a general plot point. Unlike Spider-Sense , it's limited by what his senses are focused on, and he could still be caught flat-footed. The version of Miguel, by coincidence in his late teens, who appears in Timestorm, however, does have the Spider-Sense in addition to the regular Miguel's powers.

Title by Number : Like all the titles in the Marvel family. The Unfavorite : Miguel's mother prefers his younger brother, Gabriel she admires Spider-Man, though. It's telling that before she attempts to commit suicide, she leaves a message explaining why to Gabriel and not Miguel. Though by the end of the series, her relationship with Miguel has improved somewhat, with her admitting she has a lot to make up for in regards to him.

And when she does die, her last words are that she loved both her sons. However, he's only half-right. I was 10 years old, and mostly read Marvel comics, Spider-Man being my favorite. The character was celebrating his 30th birthday and Marvel was pulling out all the stops: And without really understanding how daunting it was to collect comics in any meaningful way, here came this new extension of the Marvel Universe and I was getting in at the ground level.

I did yard work, collected cans, and walked dogs so that every two weeks, I could go to the comics shop and download some comics. I say this to underscore my original statement: I was going to download this book.

No question about it. But was I going to like it? And while I never really cared for the man out of time elements in the present day, there were some really good moments set in involving Strange and the Maestro- The Hulk in the future not to be confused with future Hulk And it was fun! The future. Spider-Man 1 opens up with Miguel giving a very public display of his physical abilities in a mock up of American Ninja Warrior. We see he is back with Tempest, a romantic interest who had previously turned into a giant killer wasp creature and tried to kill him… but apparently, she is better.

Taking over is a company called Empire Unlimited. However, a quick trip in a time machine is enough to show our hero that the future still needs saving. David is a master of using dialogue to drive the narrative instead of internal monologue.