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Empower your students with e-books and apps designed for language learning. eBook Atpl 11 Npa 29 Pbn - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read EUROCONTROL European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation CAE Oxford Aviation Academy - Flight Performance & Planning 1 - Mass and. Free samples for learning English on your tablet or online. e-Books for courses and Graded Readers. With video, audio, interactive activities and automatic.

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These eBooks are delivered as downloadable PDFs and can be viewed on any device capable of viewing P.. ATPL General Navigation (NPA eBook). ATPL Training Manual Navigation 1 - General Navigation deals with every aspect of classical air navigation - from basic pilot navigation to advanced plotting. ATPL Training Manual Navigation 2 - Radio Navigation, covers the radio navigation facilities available for the navigation of aircraft during departure, en- route.

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Mixed navigation environment. An environment where different navigation specifications may be applied within the same airspace e. Navigation application.

The navigation application is one element, along with communications, ATS surveillance and ATM procedures which meet the strategic objectives in a defined airspace concept. Navigation function. The detailed capability of the navigation system such as the execution of leg transitions, parallel offset capabilities, holding patterns, navigation databases required to meet the airspace concept.

Navigational functional requirements are one of the drivers for the selection of a particular navigation specification. Navigation specification.

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A set of aircraft and aircrew requirements needed to support Performance-based Navigation operations within a defined airspace. A navigation specification based on area navigation that does not include the requirement for on-board performance monitoring and alerting, designated by the prefix RNAV, e.

A navigation specification based on area navigation that includes the requirement for on-board performance monitoring and alerting, designated by the prefix RNP, e. Performance-based navigation. Area navigation based on performance requirements for aircraft operating along an ATS route, on an instrument approach procedure or in a designated airspace.

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Performance requirements are expressed in navigation specifications in terms of accuracy, integrity, continuity and functionality needed for the proposed operation in the context of a particular airspace concept.

Air traffic control service provided by using information derived from sources other than an ATS surveillance system. Receiver autonomous integrity monitoring RAIM. This determination is achieved by a consistency check among redundant pseudo-range measurements. At least one additional satellite needs to be available with the correct geometry over and above that needed for the position estimation, for the receiver to perform the RAIM function.

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