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some unique concepts to Grails and Griffon, almost all commands found in both . ple, in the search action, you can look up all authors using a like query on its name .. To download their free eBook in PDF, ePub and Kindle formats, owners . Using Griffon to build your desktop applications will result in. This chapter covers. □ .. NOTE If you're not that familiar with Groovy, please refer to Groovy in Action To download their free eBook in PDF, ePub and Kindle formats, owners. Get Free Read & Download Files Griffon In Action PDF. GRIFFON IN ACTION. Download: Griffon In Action. GRIFFON IN ACTION - In this site isn`t the same as a.

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As soon as I heard about Griffon in Action, I was eager to get it into my . Griffon in Action is the culmination of the efforts of a lot of people. Griffon in Action is a comprehensive tutorial written for Java developers who want a more After a quick Groovy tutorial, you'll immediately dive into Griffon and start building examples that . eBook $ pdf + ePub + kindle + liveBook. SummaryGriffon in Action is a comprehensive tutorial written for Java download includes free PDF, ePub, and Kindle eBooks downloadable at

Chapter 1 Welcome to the Griffon revolution 1. Introducing Griffon 1. Building the GroovyEdit text editor in minutes 1. Java desktop development: welcome to the jungle 1. The Griffon approach 2.

A quick look at models and bindings 3. Models as communication hubs 3. Observable beans 3. Have your people call my people: binding 3. The secret life of BindingUpdatable 3. Putting it all together 3. Summary 4. Chapter 4 Creating a view 4. Java Swing for the impatient 4. Groovy SwingBuilder: streamlined Swing 4.

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Anatomy of a Griffon view 4. Using special nodes 4. Using screen designers and visual editors 4. Summary 5. Chapter 5 Understanding controllers and services 5. Dissecting a controller 5. The need for services 5. Artifact management 6.

Chapter 6 Understanding MVC groups 6. Anatomy of an MVC group 6. Instantiating MVC groups 6. Using and managing MVC groups 6.

Creating custom artifact templates 6. Summary 7. Refactoring, Java-aware find usages, code completion, and many code intentions are supported. As for Griffon specific features, IDEA provides a project builder for new projects, a customized view that knows about MVC layouts, a Griffon target window to replace the need for the command line, support for unit and integration tests, and a UI to manage Griffon Plugins. Plus, you can generate an IDEA project from your Griffon sources in case you generated the project from the command line.

The next version of Griffon will be 0. However, Griffon handles upgrades automatically and upgrades have always been painless. If you install version 0.

Griffon in Action: Andres Almiray, Danno Ferrin, James Shingler: Books

Upgrading should be seamless, any required changes are handled by the scripts supplied by the Griffon team or the plugin authors. It extensively covers the material here, but also takes in depth looks at writing your own plugins, installing new look and feels, and managing the development versus production environments. Otherwise, the Griffon User Guide and mailing list are free to use, and the mailing list in particular is quite responsive.

For learning by example, the Griffon download package contains several examples, and the code for all examples in this Refcard are available at: Lastly, you can follow all the latest Griffon news by following theaviary on Twitter. Happy Developing! Over a million developers have joined DZone. Refcard Getting Started With Griffon.

Getting Started With Griffon

Groovy Apps on the Desktop Develop rich desktop applications with Griffon, a Grails-like app built on Groovy, Java, and Swing that automates many common tasks. SAVE PDF for easy Reference. Written by. Table of Contents.

Action pdf in griffon

Section 1. Section 2.

Application name not specified. Please enter: The Jars will all be signed the next time you package the app. Groovy property files are an improved version of Java property files. The old. However, properties are hierarchical and grouped, and the Groovy syntax makes these groupings more apparent.

Plus, you can put any code you want in a property file and have it execute. Section 3.

Getting Started With Griffon

A Griffon model is not a domain model, but an application model. As such, the Griffon model makes it easy for the controller and view to exchange data in a toolkit agnostic way. A domain model describes the conceptual entities in your software system. Consider the difference between an Employee object a domain model and an EmployeeTableModel an application model.

Section 4. The Model is used to communicate between the two: In case you are not too familiar with Groovy, here is a quick summary of how this View script relates back to the JDK: Parameters are named explicitly and map to the Java constructor or setter methods.

The text of the label is bound to a model property called message. Any updates to the model. All of the event notification and listeners are handled for you.

Action pdf in griffon

Setters may be invoked as named argument parameters. This is the Groovy alternative to an anonymous inner class. When the button is clicked the controller is invoked. Laying out components in Swing forms is notoriously difficult using the GridBagLayout, which is exactly why MigLayout was created. Just install the miglayout plugin to get started. One of the best collections is Substance, available from http: Section 5. To create a service use this Griffon command: Also creates a unit test.

Here is our previous Clicker example refactored to use a service: For example, to run a clean and package, run the command: The 2nd command only runs if the 1st succeeds. This also works under Windows with Cygwin. Section 6. Initialize Application is created and configuration read. Extensible Build Scripting — The build of Griffon is completely scriptable; there is even a Griffon command to help you write build event extensions: Section 7.

It is worthwile to invest time understanding how Swing threading works by using the plenty of highquality documentation that exists on the Internet.

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Section 8. As an example, consider how simple it is to generate Mac, Windows, and Linux installers with the Installer Plugin: Working effectively with plugins only requires mastering four Griffon targets: Also accepts a file or URL as an argument.

In action pdf griffon

Working with build events. Working with application events.

Your class as an event publisher. Chapter 9 Testing your application 9. Griffon testing basics. Not for the faint of heart: UI testing. Chapter 10 Ship it! Understanding the common packaging options. Chapter 11 Working with plugins Working with plugins. Creating the Tracer plugin and addon. Chapter 12 Enhanced looks Adding new nodes. Builder delegates under the hood. Quick tour of builder extensions in Griffon. Chapter 13 Griffon in front, Grails in the back Getting started with Grails.

Building the Grails server application. Building the Griffon frontend. Alternative networking options. Chapter 14 Productivity tools Getting set up in popular IDEs. About the Technology You can think of Griffon as Grails for the desktop. About the book With Griffon in Action you get going quickly. What's inside Griffon from the ground up Full compatibility with Griffon 1. About the reader Written for Java developers—no experience with Groovy, Grails, or Swing is required.

About the authors Andres Almiray is the project lead of the Griffon framework, frequent conference speaker, and Java Champion. Griffon in Action combo added to cart.

In action pdf griffon