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Rent and save from the world's largest eBookstore. Read, highlight, and Watchmaking. Front Cover · George Daniels Excellent resource for watchmaking An excellent book by the master watchmaker George Daniels. George Daniels completed his first watch in , arousing enough Watchmaking describes every aspect of the antique craft of watch. Is "Watchmaking" by George Daniels the best book to start learning about Crafts, Hobbies & Home Kindle eBooks @ This one's.

Jun 26, — By David Bredan George Daniels is regarded as one of the greatest watchmakers of all time and his work has its deserved place in watchmaking history amongst the finest and most influential. One of his greatest accomplishments is known by millions around the world thanks to Omega, who feature his co-axial escapement in most of their watches which they bought from him at a rather meager sum. The story goes that when young watchmakers would seek out his help or ask to be his apprentice, he would merely suggest to them that they read Watchmaking and all of their questions would be answered. One such man was Roger Smith, who read the book, learned the lessons, and impressed Daniels so much that he took Smith as his first and only apprentice. When one is merely an outsider, a spectator, he is destined to misunderstand, or rather not understand at all what is before his eyes. When it comes to watches, all inner workings, and hence the real values remain hidden, concealed by their complexity.

Watchmaking : 2nd Edition

When it comes to watches, all inner workings, and hence the real values remain hidden, concealed by their complexity. Similarly, George Daniels clearly appears nothing less than what those who knew him claim he always had been. A modest, peaceful, warmhearted man, even though to many, he had a reputation as being direct and stubborn.

Watchmaking ebook daniels george

But at the same time, the thoughts and plans he had were those of a genius — something others could not tell after first sight, and likely could not conceive after the thousandth.

Similarly, reading that Daniels only made 37 watches in his lifetime and that he still is one of the greatest, and most influential of all watchmakers can be just as difficult to comprehend. Or perhaps it is finding out that he — with the exception of the escapements — never used drawings while making a watch because he had the whole thing in his head, that is more convincing?

Anyhow, slowly but surely there comes a realization of the sheer amount of things that were hidden in one way or another — and since we are essentially talking about watches here, making every one of these discoveries can be hugely exciting and just as rewarding. So, why exactly could such a technical book as Watchmaking prove to be so interesting for many of us? Because it simultaneously functions as the key to understanding both the watch, and the watchmaker genius — as it is the work of one.

Daniels watchmaking ebook george

Advertisement Now, George Daniels had several purposes in composing this book. Helping and encouraging people even those with little to no academic knowledge regarding watchmaking in understanding the specified issues was the primary objective and that is reflected in the text which lacks unnecessary complications.

All in Good Time: Reflections of a Watchmaker eBook: George Daniels: Kindle Store

Since George Daniels built watches all by himself and without the aid of CNC machines — he even manufactured the entire escapement, something that several of the greatest brands outsource for the special difficulties involved in their manufacturing processes -, all operational aspects are covered.

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Daniels watchmaking ebook george

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