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Insights Daily Current Affairs + PIB: 13 April Relevant articles from various News Papers: Paper 3: Topics Covered: Energy and pollution related issues. Aspirants of IAS, CBSE-NET and other competitive exams would find it easy to retain the Get most in (current affairs and general studies) for Daily updates . International Current Affairs (Download PDF). Download App. App · best online ias coaching in india .. Developmental Issues · Read More Current Affairs · Read More Current Affairs · Read More.

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UPSC Online Course (Only /-). new IAS Study Material | E-BOOKS . (Free E-Book) Current Affairs for IAS, PCS, SSC, IBPS, Other Govt. Current Affairs: The Hindu -Summary (January ). Essay Mock Test Combine PDF file – Integrated (G.S. Prelim & Mains) Test Series · Aptitude Test. New: All INDIA IAS MAINS TEST SERIES (INNOVATIVE Types A: Current Affairs Notes: General Studies Prelim Fee: Rs Download PDF file ( pages): Current Affairs – October to April (G.S.).

This is just the way I followed. Optimum way for others may vary from person to person. Many people complain of quantity versus quality tradeoff in the exam i. And the main reason for this is unorganized way of studying. Our mode of study should be structured and we should then make our notes in a way UPSC asks questions. Then our thought process would be structured, we will write good answers and recall maximum number of points in the exam.

So just a glance through is needed to see if this contains anything new.

Pdf for affairs 2012 ias current

If it does, underline it, make notes and if needed search on internet. Privatisation of health sector — This is an important question for us. We should read the article and then search on internet what are the weaknesses in present system — both public health system and private health system, and the pros and cons of privatization, and how to achieve privatization while minimizing its harmful impacts.

Internet study is needed. Page 10 Click here to see Page Only article of use to us is Indians in Mosul.

Current Affairs – Books & Authors | Vision IAS

This is a developing story, we will read the article, most probably there will only be lines of use to us in this article which we should underline and add to our notes. Page 12 Click here to see Page Again the article of use is Kurdish leadership one. This again is a developing story, read it fast and underline and make notes of new things we find. Japan — China question is an old one and so much we already know about it that not much time needs to be spent on it.

UPSC Current Affairs For IAS Exam 2019

Page 15 Click here to see Page There is an article on El Nino. The idea is — our base should be so strong that when we study the higher things, we should be able to understand them straightaway. If our base is not strong, then we would have to keep revisiting it and will waste a lot of time.

A good base means we should not feel the need of ever revisiting the basic books again. Basic Books In this phase we should cover all the basic books. These include: — Bipin Chandra for Indian freedom. However, note making is preferable for at least 3 strong reasons: 1. We may have studied something in some context but in exam we may apply it in some other context. While making notes, we convert the language of the book into our own language and this process helps a lot in internalizing stuff.

It saves time! This may sound contrary to common sense because underlining is definitely faster than painstakingly writing stuff in our own language.

True, preparing notes takes lot longer than underlining books. But because they are in our own language, revising them takes lot lesser time than revising underlined stuff. In fact, with well prepared notes, it may be possible to revise your entire syllabus some times and each successive revision will be faster! Notes are customizable. We can frame our own questions which we think may be asked in UPSC and prepare our notes accordingly.

Notes on Paper vs Notes on Computer Try to make notes on computer if your typing speed is even half decent. It is editable and can be formatted easily. We can delete, format, append, insert, do anything with notes on computer and yet make it one clean nice story.

For instance, many stories in current affairs develop over weeks and months. No newspaper story will have a complete picture of it. But the question will only ask the complete story. So in our notes, we will have to edit bit by bit over time so that by the exam time we have the entire story in one place.

The choice is yours — read n number of newspaper cuttings or physical paper notes, each containing partial information or read one coherent, complete story in one place only on computer. This will help us in quick revisions as well. This may include the basic books, the advanced books, newspapers, magazines, reports etc. Thus whether we read from a book, newspaper, internet or wherever, all our notes on coal energy should be in one place only.

Click here to see the note on energy. This will provide a picture of how to organize the notes forgive me for some instances of lack of formatting in the note as they were added when I had grown lazy. Newspaper and Magazine Reading News vs Issues People in the beginning tend to focus on news and make notes accordingly.

Ias 2012 for current pdf affairs

UPSC never asks news… it asks issues. An issue specific reading thus tries to: 1. For eg. Then when we read any news, we need to connect it to the key points so identified and not bother about facts and figures. Politics, sports, masala news etc.

Keep an eye on any committee, any law, any rules, any policy, any supreme court orders etc. These are our bread and butter in upsc preparation.

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Hindu has become very very important since last 2 years. Read one more newspaper at least. Since Hindu is left leaning, so may suggest a pro-reform newspaper say Indian Express. UPSC is a left leaning exam. So one may read EPW magazine, but beware of the excessively left leaning rattling. Similarly yojana is a helpful magazine as well. GS is a generalist exam and reading has to be kept generalist too. Our goal should be to finish one newspaper in max half an hour. But for our exam we need full information.

Only place today to find complete information is internet. This can be done only on internet. How to use the internet 1. It is free and easy. Any new item will show up with title and one line on your feedly. We can decide to either read it or skip it. Other meaningful alerts may be created. Report Reading During our preparation we will need to read multiple committee reports. There is always a temptation to just make our notes based on that newspaper article.

But this is not the right approach — because the newspaper article has not been written for the upsc exam and the reporter may not have covered all points relevant to us in our preparation for the exam. So the correct approach is to always look up for the original report on the internet and read it.

How to read bulky reports But many reports are bulky. If we read them in detail, it would take an inordinate amount of time. But to save on time, we need not read each part in same detail and concentration.

Exam Specific Current Affairs

This will quicken up our reading substantially. The second reading and note making part would be substantially faster. Topics Covered: Energy and pollution related issues. For Prelims: Solar Power potential and technologies used to store solar power and waste generated therein.

For Mains: Solar […].

Government policies and interventions for development in various sectors and issues arising out of their design and implementation. For Prelims and Mains: Key features of the schemes and about […]. Paper 1: Jallianwala Bagh incident- overview, impacts and outcomes, […]. The application will act as an interface between the Central Reserve Police Force […].

Paper 2: Issues related to health. The day- significance, objectives and background, overview of Homeopathy and significance. A convention is being organised by […].

Modern Indian history from about the middle of the eighteenth century until the present- significant events, personalities, issues. Battle- causes, effects, features and significance. FAME- India scheme- features, significance and potential. Report looks at […]. Indian culture will cover the salient aspects of Art Forms, Literature and Architecture from ancient to modern times. About Maharshi Badrayan, contributions and awards, […].

Indian Economy and issues relating to planning, mobilization of resources, growth, development and employment. What PMI and how is it derived? Economic […].