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Work Happy book. Read 32 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Management guru Jill Geisler has coached countless men and women who. We've developed quite a community on the Facebook page I maintain for "Work Happy: What Great Bosses Know." It's here that I curate and post articles of. "WORK HAPPY: WHAT GREAT BOSSES KNOW" is the ONE book leaders at any level can turn to for answers and advice they can put to work.

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Editorial Reviews. Review. "Jill Geisler has an uncanny ability to unravel the most complicated Work Happy: What Great Bosses Know by [Geisler, Jill]. Read E-book Work Happy: What Great Bosses Know - Jill Geisler Download(PDF ,Epub,Txt)]. 1. Read E-book Work Happy: What Great Bosses. Download here Free_ Work Happy: What Great Bosses Know _Ebook Bosses Know _Ebook PDF,READ online EBook Free_ Work Happy.

So how can you measure the impact of the bosses? Data, people, data. And Shaw came up with a huge data set from a company that included roughly 23, employees and 2, bosses. From their paper: Three findings stand out. First, the choice of boss matters.

Truthfully, a lot of this advice can be applied to every day living and in every stage of your life. Every person is a leader, in some way or another: So I would highly recommend this read to anyone who cares about making themselves better and about making others around you better! Oct 01, ToniS rated it really liked it Shelves: Very accessible, common sense concepts presented in a warm and encouraging way.

In fact, the entire book is written in the voice of a dream boss. I think the key message of the book is that you can be effective, push your team to do great things and meet company goals, and not be a bitch at the same time.

Empathize and watch out for jerks that are hurting your work environment, including yourself. May 07, Karen rated it really liked it. A very Poynter Institute of Media Studies book, that is, very positive and encouraging with an emphasis on fun. I was lucky in that I got to intern there after I graduated from college.

I'll never forget that place. This book is a good reminder that attitude matters. That goes for bosses as well as employees. But the descriptions of the bad bosses brought back some frightening memories Apr 11, Dallas rated it really liked it.

I enjoyed this book. I think it was one of the best management books I've read. She had the best concrete advice based on what appeared to be years of research, training and experience. I listened to the audio so now I think I'll go back and re-read the hardcopy so that I can take some of the quizzes and self-assessments.

Oct 18, Jeremiah Graves rated it really liked it Shelves: This one took some different approaches that most management books bypass and focused on ways to keep your staff happy and motivated rather than just on "how to manage" and I appreciated that angle.

Still a lot of "common sense" stuff, but an entertaining read nonetheless. This book should be a mandatory read for managers and it is even very helpful to me as a minion of current and past good and bad managers. The book is an easy read, jargon free and has great examples. Jul 19, Randolph Breschini rated it it was amazing Shelves: I thoroughly enjoyed this book A lot of good advice for managing degrees. Nov 23, Meganators rated it really liked it Shelves: Watch out for your Evil Twin.

Helpful, sound advice based on years of personal experience by the author, plus includes the results of research and studies.

free download Work Happy: What Great Bosses Know pdf free

Jun 11, Eva rated it really liked it. This was a first read give away and I am glad that I registered for it and won. Anyone who is in a management position would benefit from reading and doing the exercises in this self help book. Fantastic for first time managers but also an excellent read for employees who may want to improve relations with their peers and manager. Mar 16, Mihai Fecioru rated it liked it. A good review of common-sense information and ideas that can be found in other mng books.

Unstructured, uninnovative, full of platitudes and boring. May 09, Paula rated it it was amazing. Written by good friend and Poynter Institute colleague and therefore a must read.

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Podcasts have often lead iTunes. Straightforward and very useful guide for leaders. Nov 08, Meagan rated it really liked it. I am enjoying this book. As a manager it makes me step back and look at myself how others may see me. I feel as though this will help me improve my skills.

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May 11, Kyle rated it really liked it. Good ideas for being a good manager.

Work Happy: What Great Bosses Know

I took away some ideas. Mar 11, Bob Mckinstry rated it really liked it. I've listened to Jill's iTunes U podcasts. This book nicely compiles all of her wisdom in a very accessible format.

Highly recommended.

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Jul 26, Laura rated it really liked it. Fantastic insights - must read for anyone who manages others. And repeat. My own story illustrates this. I had been an equity analyst for eight years, at the top of my game. I had always enjoyed mentoring and coaching and approached my senior leader about moving into a management track.

Instead of being supportive, he was dismissive. In retrospect, I probably could have gone about this differently, but the fact is, I was a top performer. It was time to do something new. And the answer was no. I quit within the year. This scenario plays out every day in workplaces across the globe. Not to mention, you become that boss-the one no one wants to work for. Inam: In your book, you make the connection between personal disruption and employee engagement.

How To Be The Boss Everyone Wants To Work For

How are the two connected? For companies that practice personal disruption, early indications are that these numbers are reversed.

This is an outlier as far as engagement goes, but still indicative. A company that encourages personal disruption, allowing their people to move into new roles, work on stretch assignments, and continue learning on the job, have employees that are happy, productive, motivated and engaged. Inam: How do you define personal disruption?

[P.D.F] Work Happy: What Great Bosses Know [E.P.U.B]

But then—crucially—you find a new challenge to tackle, or else you risk becoming bored, complacent and ineffectual, and the cycle starts over.

Inam: How can a great boss help their team members engage in personal disruption? Overall, these ratings seem to us to be good, but perhaps not great, news. Workers are fairly happy. When we look closely at the data, a striking pattern emerges. Even we were surprised by the size of the measured effect.

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For instance, among American workers, having a technically competent boss is considerably more important for employee job satisfaction than their salary even when pay is really high. The bottom line is that employees are happiest when the boss knows what she or he is talking about, and that drives performance: there is growing evidence, from randomized trials done under laboratory conditions, that when you make workers happier they become more productive.

Moreover, employees who are happy at work are less prone to quit , and it is well known that a high level of quits is expensive for a company. Lastly, it has recently been demonstrated that firms with happy employees go on to have better stock-price growth in the future.