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Wood Elves have four new army rules. They are A weaker save, but no longer mundane like in the previous army book. Mounts do. I never used to make a point of reviewing new army books, however I did it for the new Dwarf book and that post is now one of the most-read on. Warhammer Army book Wood Elves - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online . Warhammer Army Book 6th edition.

An Army Book in the Warhammer Fantasy tabletop wargame, is a rules supplement containing information concerning a particular army, environment, or worldwide campaign. Army Books for particular armies were introduced for the fourth edition of the game prior to that all armies were included in the main rulebook. The sixth edition rendered these obsolete. Until superseded by newer versions, the 6th edition and later books remain valid for the newer editions of Warhammer. Games Workshop has also released various expansions over the years, including a siege rules supplement and campaign expansions. Expansions and Supplements may or may not be valid over multiple editions, though generally they cycle similarly to the Army Books. An Army Book normally contains: Background - Information about the race and its place in the Warhammer world.

These should be your first choice against Skaven and their shenanigans. Moonfire Arrows: Great against warmachines, which almost all Forces of Order have. BUT against war machines, poison is still better and cheaper unless buffed by magic. Starfire Arrows: Great against monsters and repeater bolt throwers.

The better choice of the " If you download a unit of this in stead of the flaming banner you can make OK monster hunters out of them. Swiftshiver Shards: Interesting, but Waywatchers have this basic and do this better than any of the other unit. One recommendation is to fill your core with a big block of swiftshiver shard glade guard fun to say and then buff them with hand of glory from the high magic.

Your swiftshiver shard glade guard should eviscerate anything that is not protected by the high elf banner of game breaking. Wood elves have gone from being, magically, the least diverse race with the least choice of all when it came to spells, to the most. Yes both are directly stolen from the High and Dark elves this is confirmed by the fluff but have different lore attributes this can be seen as good and bad.

The following overviews are in my eyes, in the order of importance. However that is up to debate and which most important is dependant on your list and situation. This Lore is really good for Wood Elves as you can restore wounds on your best units ie: Warhawks and arguably Treekin. It provides you with a way to give your Glade Guard saves, revive your most expensive units, kill your foes with a characteristic test, and has a safety net for you, if you miscast.

Elves army book 8th edition wood

The Lore of Shadow allows you to switch and save the most important characters while debuffing your foes. It helps your shooting by reducing your opponent's toughness and weakens them in combat by reducing their strength, weapon skill and intiative.

Withering is the must-have spell for Wood Elves, as it solves their greatest weakness - Str 3 bows. By using Melkoth's Mysitifying Miasma you can slow down your foes, giving you more time to fire.

It can make one your heroes fly but that isn't as useful as the others. It also comes with a semi-cannon ball and a blast initiative test spell which can destroy your enemy's tougher units. Finally it comes with a buff that allows you to shred through tougher units. It is useful since it works on any wizard of any level.

The Lore attribute can be good but it is very situational. Some calculations can be seen in the Talk page. This Lore is really quite neat. It has a wide variety of cheap to cast spells which give you a better shorter ranged fireball as a signature spell, a buff the complete opposite of the MMM importantly buffing your BS, a spell which dispels all effects very useful against any foe dependant on magic as a signature spell, a small blast, the ability to redeploy one of your units 10", to dismantle magic items and to deal a str 4 hit to all your foes in one unit.

Matt Ward has also given a good lore attribute which stacks well with it's multiple low level spells. Every time you successfully cast a spell you gain a counter. If you suffer an unsaved wound, then the counter nullifies the wound. Great if you are hiding your General anywhere, but especially with the sisters of the Thorn.

I feel it is very much like a proactive version of the lore of life, preventing damage rather than repairing it. The Lore of Metal is mostly aimed at helping armies like the wood elves deal with heavily armoured foes. It isn't bad but the other lores often help more.

The Lore of Beasts lets you run train on things that you normally would not be able to run train on. Arguably, it has the best signature spell of the 8 base Lores. They are still rubbish, but they may hurt someone.

Edition wood elves 8th army book

If applied to Treekin, they will each have Dragon-like stats, and go from being 'decent' to 'good' super fast. It really shines on wild riders and warhawks, though, since it takes them from squishy, to survivable, and from dangerous to just death. High initiative Strength 5 will scare anything. It will also give you the amber spear which helps you deal with monsters and a couple of character buffing spells which can help your shadow dancers. Curse of Anraheir has great synergy with all the forests you might bring along Acorn of Ages.

Making a third of an enemy unit that follows you into a forest die is pretty great. The Lore of Heavens is a mixed bag. Also it's lore attribute turns all of it's spells into lvl 1 fireballs when cast at something with wings.

Not bad but it is often outshone. Still, can be used as a monster-hunter lore since its damage spells inflict low number of very strong hits. The Lore of Death is good for situations when the enemy has some tough literally Lord or Hero, who laughs off your S3 sniping shots and has a chance to wreck your game - like a T4 Grey Seer with the Dreaded 13th ratifying your MSUs.

Doom and Darkness also has nice synergy with Fear of your Dryads and Wild Riders, while Soulblight does a fine job equalizing some S4 T4 brutes with your fragile elves. Just a pity you can't cast Aspect of the Dreadnight on enemies to exploit Wildwood Rangers' special rule.

Warhammer/Tactics/8th Edition/Wood Elves

The Lore of Fire is best for level 1s since it comes with the best guaranteed magic missile in the game. If you lose your lvl 4 then go and pump all your dice into a super fireball. Beyond that the only spell of great use for wood elves is the Flaming Sword of Rhuin, which you sadly can't guarantee. Pity you can't take it on a level 1.

On a level 4 it isn't bad but is beaten by almost all the other lores.

Warhammer Armies High Elves - 8th Edition

It's lore attribute is best likend to that of the Lore of Fire. Everytime you cast it on an enemy unit, it creates a vengeance counter on the unit which activates when damage is next applied through a spell to that unit. It causes d3 extra hits when it does so, for each counter on the unit. Try it out and see how useful it is to you.

It's quite good against Undead and Daemons and could still be considered against Elf armies.

8th army book wood edition elves

Against most other armies, it sadly won't be of much use, as many of the other lores gives you better options. High strength flaming attacks, superb WS, exellent skirmisher trolling and M10 A4 Tree Kin is nice when playing the mirror match, but again, other lores give you a better selection of choices all-round.

Build your tactics around your army. Basically Wood Elves need to ambush, pick their fights carefully, and throw multiple units into every combat they fight if they want to win. One unit on its own is not going anywhere unless it's Wild Riders vs a monster or if the unit is charging the enemies flanks or rear.

To once again clarify, for future reference, the precise wording of the rule is " This forest is not mysterious terrain - declare it's type when you place it ".

Many of these tips might seem redundant, but one extra reminder is better than forgetting a small detail that might help you later. The cost? Whilst core Wood Elf units have become much better at fighting, the strength of the book still lies with its shooting.

Swiftshiver shards: Multiple fire shots, I personally think poison is more dangerous for us and this needs to have the unit buffed to get some reliable hits. The main spine of Wood Elves is in their flexibility. Things like skink skirmish clouds, Salamanders and Razordons are all painful to Wood Elves, especially when buffed by Hand of Glory or Move between Worlds. Although they are very fast and hit very hard Wood Elves struggle to deal with high T troops who can take the initial punch.

The key to beating WE is to ignore their harassing units and go for the big expensive stuff in the centre. The exception to that is Wild Riders who you must, must try and prevent from getting the charge, they are a prime target for magic and shooting. If he goes into a matchup against your Old Blood you should be beating him 9 times out of With his natural high BS and ability to take magic arrows Swiftshiver is quite popular as it lets him pump out 8 shots and not care about the modifier.

Spellweaver: At 70 pts less than the Treeman and starting at lvl 4 expect to see this as a Lord choice frequently. For pts a bargain in my view. Waystalker: Hero version of the Waywatcher with 25 pts of magic items, fortunately not enough for the Hail of Doom arrow which would be a little broken.

Still no armour save to speak of so has all the same weaknesses. Cheap to upgrade to lvl 2 as well at 35 pts. Orion, King of the Woods: A quintessential glass cannon. Fantastic stats with most things 8 or higher apart from unfortunately, the 3 important ones. Against LM however, he starts to struggle.

Alternatively an Old Blood on a Cold One with a piranha blade and armour of destiny creams him. Naestra and Arahan: The twins are a little odd. In addition they have a couple of tasty magic bows, one S5 D6 shots the worrying one for us and one that fires 2d6 poisoned shots at S1, the former also gives wounds back if she wounds with it.

They're not Stubborn, but they are Immune to Psychology. And they get an extra Attack fighting anything that causes Fear or Terror.

They're the kind of guys who find horror movies invigorating, I guess. The great weapons will lose the unit any potential re-rolls to hit that they might have had, but in an army that is a bit thin for high-Strength attacks, they will doubtless have a place in many armies. Warhawk Riders still don't understand the benefits of armour, but they're better than before thanks to their status of Monstrous Cavalry.

The Warhawks gain Armour Piercing to match the pointy spears and tricksy bows of their riders, and the birds also gain Killing Blow on the charge, because apparently they understand how to swoop on prey better than Great Eagles. Being Flying Cavalry, they can also Vanguard, so they'll be pretty quick to get behind enemy lines or into them. Warhawk Riders are worth a look now, and they have the distinction of being just about the only Monstrous Cavalry that don't understand what all the fuss is about with Searing Doom.

Wild Riders have an identity issue. They used to be Forest Spirits, but presumably they heard the rumours about Forest Spirits becoming all sickly and weak in the new book, so they jumped ship.

Edition 8th wood army book elves

Even their steeds are Strength 4. In Wood Elf terms, they hit like a runaway freight train. Which is admittedly how they might behave with that Frenzy steering them around. So they might not be Forest Spirits, but they're clearly not real Wood Elves either.

For all of that, they are surely a must-have unit for their sheer punch on the charge. Their armour penetration is now the best in the army, outstripping even that of the Treemen. Sisters of the Thorn are a special unit and read like an admission of guilt in regard to Dark Elf Sisters of the Thorn Doomfire Warlocks. Here we present the exact same unit, with nearly everything about it hit with a big Nerf stick. They and their javelins have Poisoned Attacks, but they just don't deal enough hurt to scare anyone with that.

They're a light-weight harassment unit, and are collectively a Level 2 wizard with spells to fit the mould — Curse of Anraheir admittedly a decent spell from the Lore of Beasts and Shield of Thorns an underwhelming spell from the Lore of Life. Nor do they get the ward save against miscasts. Unlike Warlocks.

As I say, the unit feels like an apology for what we found in the Dark Elf book. Some players might like the idea of Sisters of the Thorn, but they don't look effective enough to really justify a place in a seriously competitive list.

They're borderline at best. Finally we have Waywatchers. They now cost 20 points and can choose from 2 firing modes. They can rapid fire 2 shots each, or they can go for power, in which case their shots ignore armour saves. This could make them a significant inclusion in many Wood Elf armies, although the question then becomes whether you could get the job done with cheaper Glade Guard or Scouts using Arcane Bodkins you save 2 or 3 points per model, but lose a BS and only apply a -3 save modifier.

Since I seem to have gone through most of the book, I might as well briefly mention the magic items of note. There are 10 in the book, but these are the ones that stand out. The Spirit Sword costs 85 points, ignores armour saves and if one or more wounds are taken, the wielder and victim both roll 2D6 and add their Leadership values.

If the wielder loses, nothing happens. If the victim loses, they take an extra wound for each point they lost by, with no armour saves. Given a Glade Lord is Ld 10 and the variation possible in a 2D6 roll, this might be worth it for a crack to remove something significant.

GW Warhammer Fantasy Wood Elf Elves Sylvaneth Army Book Hardback 8th Edition #02 | eBay

Although he does have to land a wound at Strength 4 first. Acorns of the Ages cost points, but allow the player to place an additional D3 forests in his or her table half before deployment. This would allow you to carpet the centre of the field with forests, which could be significant given the number of advantages the Wood Elves can get whilst fighting in them.

Of course it means you just fielded a naked Lord-level character. So will people think it's worth it? The Moonstone of the Hidden Ways is also still there, and can be used more than once. So, what to make of all that? It's indicative of just how extensive the changes are that it's taken me so much writing to get to this point.

Are Wood Elves any better off with the new book? I am finding it hard to decide, really. The new book certainly offers more viable choices than the previous one, however players are still going to be forced into a certain style of play. The new army is seriously lacking in combat punch.

Armour will pose a real problem if you can't bring your targets down with Arcane Bodkins and Waywatchers. Treemen are no longer the all-purpose can-openers they were before, and Treekin are far more defensive than attacking with their Strength of 4.

Wild Riders have serious punch, but are fragile and will do little in subsequent rounds of combat if they don't break the enemy on the charge. They are also frenzied, so can be manipulated. A lot of this book comes down to magic. No other race has access to 10 different Lores of Magic, and it feels as though some of the changes in this book were made with more than a cursory thought given to the sort of potential that can offer. What happens if the player takes Shadow and starts dropping enemy Toughness with The Withering, or hits the Dryads with Midrazor?

With easy access to Beasts magic, do we need to worry about how each unit would look with Wyssan's Wildform on them?

I'd like to think that it wasn't as simple as this, but I do find myself looking at some of the units mainly the Forest Spirits and consider what spells are required to really get them pulling their weight.

Without magical assistance, they're all highly defensive with good Toughness and poor Strength. Magic will also be relied upon to bolster the fire-power of the archers. A handful of Waywatchers ignoring armour is great, but there's nothing like boosted Searing Doom to put a hole in an advancing unit of Demigryphs or Skullcrushers. No doubt players will arrive with a good number of Glade Guard toting magic arrows of various types, but that alone may not do the job. Whilst magic can indeed be used to fulfil a number of roles, the army can't possibly rely upon it to cover all the bases.

If the player is left thinking that way, the list is flawed. For me this list feels very defensive, with the only real exceptions being the Wild Riders, Warhawk Riders and the Wildwood Rangers. It's possible that you could form an aggressive style of play around such units, but they lack resilience and at face value the list feels like it's meant to sit back and shoot, and then try to fend the survivors off with Forest Spirits who might be tough enough to survive, even if they won't threaten in return.

I'd have preferred a book with a less pre-defined play style to it, but it's possible that different approaches will prove viable with a bit of experimentation. I'm glad the wait is finally over and the new book is here.

And I'm glad that there are more choices, including with the magic. But are Wood Elves set to be a new world power? I don't think so. Posted by Hoodling at John Murrie 6 May at Hoodling 6 May at Meals 6 May at Daniel White 12 January at DeusArchaon 6 May at DeusArchaon 7 May at Daniel White 28 December at Drew McLean 6 May at Adam Jones 7 May at Hoodling 7 May at Billthesurly 7 May at MRC 7 May at Hoodling 12 January at Daniel White 13 January at Christian Gunman 25 February at Hoodling 25 February at Newer Post Older Post Home.

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