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jhs! 22/04/ Page 1 Electronic Offprint Howard Jacobson's The Finkler Question as Holocaust Pedagogy N E D C U RT H OY S. The Finkler Question. Howard Jacobson. Bloomsbury. Price £ Other books by Howard Jacobson. Coming from Behind (). Peeping Tom (). The Finkler Question [Howard Jacobson] on *FREE* shipping on from the Book Read the first two chapters from The Finkler Question [PDF].

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The Finkler Question (Man Booker Prize). Home · The Finkler Question (Man Booker Prize) The Finkler Question: A Novel · Read more. The Finkler Question: A Novel. Home · The Finkler Question: A Novel The Finkler Question (Man Booker Prize) · Read more. The Finkler Question. View PDF. book | Fiction | UK → Bloomsbury Julian Treslove and Sam Finkler are old friends, Libor Sevcik their former teacher .

The Finkler Question by Howard Jacobson is an intriguing novel about three friends, two of whom are Jewish and one who decides to be a Jew. Julian Treslove struggles with his newfound identity as a Jewish Gentile while Libor Sevcik mourns his wife's death and Sam Finkler learns to cope with his convoluted feelings about being Jewish. The Finkler Question is a very interesting and entertaining novel that questions what it means to be Jewish in an inherently anti-Semitic world. After leaving dinner with Libor and Sam, Julian is mugged by a woman, causing him to become obsessed with his belief that she may have called him Jewish. Both recently widowed, Libor mourns for Malkie, but Sam is unable to mourn for Tyler.

Finkler Question, The (Howard Jacobson)

In the meantime, Finkler joins an "ASHamed" organization which favours the Palestinians over the Israelis over their land disputes. The novel coalesces into an ending that brings together the disparate narrative strands amongst the three central male characters. Chairman of the judges and former Poet Laureate Andrew Motion said, " The Finkler Question should not be seen as something that was 'relentlessly middle-brow, or easy-peasy' because it was comic.

It is much cleverer and more complicated and about much more difficult things than it immediately lets you know. Several people have used the word wise, and that's a good word.

Jacobson was the oldest winner since William Golding who won the prize in , aged 69, for Rites of Passage. It was shortlisted for the JQ Wingate Prize From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification.

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This is a scenario, the novel intimates, that prevailed in Germany before the rise of the Nazis, when the Jews, as now, sought the love and admiration of a society which despised them. This is because the novel not only diagnoses but also adumbrates the possibility of recovery from the infectious miasma of Jewish anti-Zionism. The novel suggests that the means of addressing the fissures in the Jewish community catalysed by the State of Israel are not political.

The reformed Jewish subjectivity Finkler achieves by the end of the novel is instinctively capable of learning the real lessons of the Holocaust, not as an historically distant event but an ever present possibility.

Whichever way he looked at it, he was to blame. Bad husband, bad father, bad example, bad Jew. Or did he?

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These instincts necessarily include an atavistic fear and paranoia of Gentiles and a profound ethno-tribal loyalty. For Finkler this enables a new-found assertive confidence that takes the form of a reckless nihilism: It was at that moment the sum total of his philosophy. Fuck it.

Or had they? Soon it would be full- blown Fascism, Nazism, Stalinism. There was nowhere for them to go to. They were indestructible, non bio- degradable. They were not to blame for anything. They just were.

PDF - The Finkler Question

As anti-Semites just were. As Emily Oppenheimer puts it: The trigger is the inciting word. The point is that no matter how seemingly well established in their host cultures, considered historically Jews are mere sojourners, destined to be dispersed once again, as when Treslove sorrowfully jokes to Hephzibah that: Libor, an old school secular Zionist who understands Israel as the last refuge of the Jews, explains to Emily why Jews can never really be oppressors: Which they will be again, anyway, soon enough.

But how could that be? How does being afraid of hate manufacture it? More than anything, though, by evacuating the world it portrays of historical specificity such as the post-war institutionalisation of Holocaust memory, the normative repudiation of antisemitism in political discourse, and almost unwavering Western political support for the State of Israel, the novel articulates the Holocaust as a traumatic present, thus offering a consoling myth of ineluctable Jewish oppression that justifies anti-humanist political emotions and aggressive self-preservation.

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Never had been, he knew that. After recalling his affair with Tyler, Julian runs into Libor while searching for the mugger, and Libor invites Julian to dinner with a group of fellow Jews, so Julian attends his first Seder where he meets Hephzibah. Emmy, an old friend, contacts Libor to ask for help in contacting the media after her grandson is blinded in an anti-Semitic incident.

After a vacation in Italy, Julian moves in with Hephzibah and finds that he enjoys being Jewish. He agrees to help her set up the new Anglo-Jewish museum of which she will be curator. Libor continues to grieve for Malkie. When Julian invites Libor and Sam over for dinner, he is jealous of the way the three Jews interact, feeling he is excluded and will never understand their secret Jewish language and customs.

Though Julian studies Judaism intently, he fears he will never understand it.

Hephzibah is both amused and frightened when there are vandalisms at the museum, but Julian does not possess the emotional flexibility to understand how she can experience both emotions at once. Libor informs Emmy that he cannot help her because there is no point in doing so; maybe this is the way things are supposed to be.