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Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is a global leader in IT services, digital Batch Jobs | Batch Jobs| Batch Jobs | Batch Jobs| Internship, Apprenticeship, Aptitude Tests, ITI/ Diploma/ BE/ BA/ Direct Links To TCS Placement Question Papers with Solutions PDF Download. TCS Placement Papers PDF Download | Aptitude, Reasoning & Verbal Ability November 1, by AllIndiaJobs 6 Comments. Placement Papers - TCS - Aptitude Questions and Answers Interview question with solution you can download it in FREE, if TCS test paper in text or pdf.

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Huge repository of TCS placement papers for download in pdf/word format. TCS placement test pattern, interview questions and TCS Aptitude Questions. Placement Papers - TCS - Aptitude Questions and Answers you can download it in FREE, if TCS test paper in text or pdf for TCS you can download. TCS Placement Papers Aptitude/Technical Test with. Interview question with solution you can download it in FREE, if TCS test paper in text or pdf.

Telegram Tata Consultancy Services TCS is a global leader in IT services, digital and business solutions that partners with its clients to simplify, strengthen and transform their businesses. We ensure the highest levels of certainty and satisfaction through a deep-set commitment to our clients, comprehensive industry expertise and a global network of innovation and delivery centers. Our continued industry-leading growth is a testament to the certainty our clients experience every day. Business process and consulting company headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It is a subsidiary of the Tata Group. It operates in 46 countries and has branches across the globe.

Also Check: TCS Registration Link. In this section, we have provided latest TCS placement papers which we have collected from various sources. So that candidate can ace the test easily.

You Can Also Check: TCS Interview Questions. This is the right place for job seekers to gather all the essential information to practice for Top IT Companies Recruitment. For this year and upcoming years, there is a vast competition for job opportunities. Who had the wish to work across India must utilize this excellent chance and can enhance their career. You can download them for offline preparation.

In this section, we have provided Aptitude Test Question and Answers with detailed explanation. Before going to attend for the TCS Recruitment candidates should refer the provided sample questions to get the best result. For how many minutes does the bus stop per hour? Due to stoppages, it covers 9 km less. In how much time will the train pass the jogger? Kim can do a work in 3 days while David can do the same work in 2 days.

Both of them finish the work together and get Rs.

Pdf questions tcs aptitude 2015

What is the share of Kim? A and B start a business, with A investing the total capital of Rs. A is a working partner and receives Rs.

At the end of the year, it was found that the income of A is twice that of B. Find the total profit for the year?

Aptitude pdf tcs questions 2015

Salaries of Ravi and Sumit are in the ratio 2: If the salary of each is increased by Rs. Option 4 Solution: Let the original salaries of Ravi and Sumit be Rs. A man can row 6 kmph in still water.

When the river is running at 1. What is the total distance traveled by the man?

Then, S. If the area of a circle is sq cm then its circumference? The mean of 50 observations was It was found later that an observation 48 was wrongly taken as The corrected new mean is? The H. F and L. M of two numbers are 84 and 21 respectively.

TCS Placement Papers 2018-2019 With Solutions - Latest Pattern

If the ratio of the two numbers is 1: Let the numbers be x and 4x. If the sum and difference of two numbers are 20 and 8 respectively, then the difference of their square is?

Let the numbers be x and y. Pipes A and B can fill a tank in 5 and 6 hours respectively. Pipe C can empty it in 12 hours. G degrees candidate must have a 6. Students should not have standing arrears. Degrees Allowed:. All U. G degrees that are related to Computer is allowed for TCS placement interview. Especially in engineering stream,.

Complete TCS Placement Papers with Answers PDF [Solved]

E Computer Science, B. Sc Computer Science, B. TCS Services:. In this section, eligible students are asked to write an exam which is conducted by TCS representatives. Each student gets the different questions, but as of the same pattern and type. The time duration will be 1: Few sections are including,.

And six different flavors are there they have to select 2 flavors from 6 flavors.

In how many ways we can select? Find X 13 A hollow space on earth surface is to be filled. Total cost of filling is Rs The cost of filling per mt3 is Rs We can take p and q together.

TCS Placement Papers With Solution 2019 and question Papers Pdf Download

If r and s are taken together then t must has to be taken. Youngest child is a boy. The number of 1-sets of P is denoted by n1 P. The minimum value of n1 P over all configurations P of 5 points in the plane in general position.