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+ Sccm Interview Questions and Answers, Question1: How many types of sites are there in SCCM ? Question2: How many types of sites are there in. Looking for Microsoft SCCM Interview Questions with Answers? computer or another server class third computer during Configuration Manager Setup. The following are Frequently Asked Questions on SCCM duirng an Can Configuration Manager be used to package software for.

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SCCM Interview Questions | Advanced Technical Topics | For freshers Q7) Can Configuration Manager be used to package software for distribution? No. SCCM Question & Answer for - Free download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or Download as DOCX, PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd Comparison of SMS vs SCCM vs SCCM The current generation of the product, System Center Configuration Manager, was released in March 2. Comparison of SMS vs SCCM vs.

What is SCCM? What are differences between Primary Site and Secondary Site? Clients can be Assigned directly to the site. Clients cannot be assigned directly to the site. It can be a child of another primary site and can have child sites of its own.

Set security permissions on the System Management container.

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Enable Active Directory publishing for the Configuration Manager site. What is Senders? If your site-to-site communications occur over a LAN that uses a supported protocol, you do not need to install another sender. When you have large packages that require excessive time or bandwidth to be sent over the network, this sender can be useful.

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You can use courier sender at the source Configuration Manager site to create a parcel that is, a collection of files transferred from one site to another using courier sender ; write the parcel to a tape, CD, or another physical medium; and then ship the tape or CD to the destination site by mail or a courier service.

At the destination site, you can then use courier sender at that site to receive the parcel and import the package data into the site. What are Discovery Methods? What is meant by database Replication?

Interview sccm questions pdf 2007

To transfer data quickly Database replication uses SQL Server training in Hyderabad for configurations and settings to other sites in the hierarchy of Configuration Manager. Changes made at one website can merge with the data stored in different sites database. The file-based data and content for deployment still replicate between sites by file-based replication. The configuration of the database collection replicates automatically when you join a new website to an existing hierarchy.

How to configure the website to a native-mode?

SCCM Interview Questions and Answers

Select Your Demo Date. Call Our Advisor. Drop us a Query. It simply sends another PKG file, which then uses the current PCK file on the server and uncompresses the files again.

Can Users Request Applications? Users can browse a list of available software in the Application Catalog. Users can then request an application which, if approved, will be installed on their computer. To make a deployment optional, configure the deployment purpose as Available in the applications deployment type.

Answer : Some scenarios, such as the deployment of a script that runs on a client computer but that does not install software, are more suited to using a package and program rather than an application.

SCCM Interview Questions & Answers

You can configure multiple deployment types for an application. Rules that specify which deployment type is run allows you to specify how the application is made available to the user.

Configuration Manager collects usage statistics from client devices that can be used to automatically define user device affinities or to help you manually create affinities.

2007 pdf sccm interview questions

You can see migrated packages and programs in the Packages node in the Software Library workspace. You can also use the Import Package from Definition Wizard to import Configuration Manager package definition files into your site. In System Center Configuration Manager, the term software includes software updates, applications, scripts, task sequences, device drivers, configuration items, and configuration baselines. The SMS Provider is used by the Configuration Manager console, Resource Explorer, tools, and custom scripts used by Configuration Manager administrators to access site information stored in the site database.

The SMS Provider also helps ensure that Configuration Manager object security is enforced by only returning site information that the user account running the Configuration Manager console is authorized to view. Manages clients in well-connected networks. The Central Site can administer any site below it in the hierarchy and can send data down to those sites as well.

A secondary site is always a secondary site. It cannot be upgraded, moved, or changed without deleting it and reinstalling it.

Future Cyber Techs: SCCM Interview Questions & Answers

If you delete and reinstall, you lose all secondary site data. You need to add the Software Update Point site role to the site, configure the software update point as active, configure the products, classifications, sync settings, etc. Once synchronization completes, you will see the metadata in the Configuration Manager console.

To distribute software you must have a package, a program and an advertisement.