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Here we have compiled the top SAP Business Objects interview questions and answers to help you in your job interview. This list of interview questions includes . SAP Business Objects Interview Questions Answers by SAP BO Experienced also learn SAP BI & SAP BW Interview Questions and Answers. SAP BO Interview Questions with Latest SAP BO Interview Questions with full explanation and with sap business objects faqs and pdf files.

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SAP Business Objects Interview Questions with Answers - Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. SAP Business. Top 50 Business Objects (BO) Interview Questions & Answers Stored procedures; Queries over universe; Free hand – SQL; VBA procedures; SAP; OLAP servers; Personal data files. Define drill mode. . Download PDF. To know more on SAP BO Jobs and SAP BO interview question and answers visit our . and exporting and saving in different format,.rtf,.xls

Then here in Wisdomjobs we provide some complete details about the SAP BO interview question and answers to clear the job in very first attempt. Along with the interview question and answers we also provided the various job roles that we can apply in SAP BO. Question 1. What Are Business Objects? Business Objects are basically called domain objects.

Question Answer : It does not allow duplicated data entering into the target table. It works like Type 1 Insert else Update the rows based on Non-matching and matching data respectively. Answer : Array fetch size indicates the number of rows retrieved in a single request to a source database. The default value is Higher numbers reduce requests, lowering network traffic, and possibly improve performance.

The maximum value is Question Answer : Row-by-row select - look up the target table using SQL every time it receives an input row. This option is best if the target table is large. Cached comparison table — To load the comparison table into memory.

This option is best when the table fits into memory and you are comparing the entire target table Sorted input — To read the comparison table in the order of the primary key column s using sequential read. What is Chasm Trap. How the problem of Chasm Trap be solved? It can be solved by two methods: The second one is involving two joints in different contexts.

SAP BO Interview Questions & Answers

Define Derived tables? Name functions.

Answers sap bo pdf questions and interview

The functions are: Write the uses of functions. Business object consists of how many domains? Write them. How we can use one derived table from another? What is Slice in Business Objects. It is used to reset, rename and omit the blocks. It works with the master or detailed reports.

Differentiate between Dice and Slice. It shows the data and removes the data. It reset, rename and delete the blocks. What is class? Collection of objects in a universe is known as class. Subclasses are derived from the class. How many possible ways are there for linking universes? There are three ways: The Master approach. The Kernal approach.

The Best Business Objects Interview Questions [UPDATED]

The Component approach. What is data mining? It is a process by which we can extract the needed details from the database. Write the available Drill modes. The available Drill modes are; Drill down.

Drill up Drill through. Drill by. What is fan trap? What is Data provider? The question or the data source is known as the data provider. At what time we use a context? Context is developed when the dimension objects are their in one or both fact tables. Define standard mode? Only the clients inside the group can be accessed in the standard mode.

Write the schema supported by Business Objects Designer.

Top Business Objects Interview Questions And Answers

There are five different schemas supported by Business Objects designer Snowflake schema. Star schema Normalized production schema Multistar schema. Data warehouse with aggregates. What is Channel? What are the limitations over user objects? Name the tasks of universe designer. The tasks are: Creating the universe.

Designing the universe. Distributing the universe. Maintaining the universe. Write the main components of designer interface. The main components are: The structure pane. Define report bursting?

We use report bursting for maintaining the version documents according to the user profiles. What is WEBI? What is the full form of DSS? What is strategies?

Questions interview and pdf answers sap bo

Define universe? What is secured mode? Secured mode blocked the contact of specific users over specific commands. Define Drill by? Define list of values?

Top 44 SAP Business Objects Interview Questions Pdf

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