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Editorial Reviews. Book Description. Bucke's account () of his research and contemplation on the trend towards heightened intellectual awareness in man. Sign up today and get $5 off your first purchase. Cosmic Consciousness by Richard Maurice Bucke This is an attempted scientific study of illuminated individuals. Cosmic Consciousness: A Study in the Evolution of the Human Mind by Richard Maurice Bucke; 26 editions; Cover of: Cosmic Consciousness | Richard Maurice Bucke DAISY for print-disabled Download ebook for print-disabled ( DAISY).

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Cosmic Consciousness: A Study in the Evolution of the Human Mind is Richard Bucke's theory that our mental states are evolving and that to date we have. Bucke's account () of his research and contemplation on the trend towards heightened intellectual awareness in man, through evolution, explaining his. This is an attempted scientific study of illuminated individuals. Bucke provides three dozen very consistent examples of 'cosmic consciousness.

Author Richard Maurice Bucke, a distinguished progressive psychiatrist, explores the phenomenon of transcendent realization, or illumination. Bucke draws upon his firsthand experience of a life-altering insight to explore the theory of cosmic consciousness, an advance in mental evolution with the potential to raise existence to a higher plane. As valuable today as it was upon its publication, this landmark survey treats illumination from the standpoint of psychology, as a rare but definite and well-documented mental condition. It cites instances of sudden enlightenment experienced by mystics, philosophers, writers, and artists throughout history, noting an increasing frequency of episodes consistent with an evolutionary trend. Numerous case studies offer intriguing, real-life particulars of people and their personal epiphanies — from Buddha, Jesus, and Mohammed, to Dante, William Blake, Walt Whitman, and lesser-known individuals.

Further development culminated in the ability to experience and enjoy music. Bucke states that, initially, only a small number of humans were able to see colors and experience music. But eventually these new abilities spread throughout the human race until only a very small number of people were unable to experience colors and music.

In Part III, Bucke hypothesizes that the next stage of human development, which he calls "cosmic consciousness," is slowly beginning to appear and will eventually spread throughout all of humanity.

Bucke later testified that he was "lifted to and set upon a higher plane of existence" because of his friendship with Whitman. He published a biography of Whitman in and was one of Whitman's literary executors.

He died a few hours later without regaining consciousness. He was deeply mourned by a large circle of friends, who loved him for his sturdy honesty, his warm heart, his intellectual force, but most of all for his noble qualities as a man. His work is directly referenced by the mystics Franklin Merrell-Wolff [15] and Ouspensky , [16] and it was essential to Aldous Huxley 's concept of the perennial philosophy [17] and Evelyn Underhill 's concept of mysticism.

Bucke was part of a movement that sought to improve the care and treatment of mentally ill persons. Mineola, New York : Dover Publications. ISBN Diary of R. Maurice Bucke, M. The "first fruits of the spirit," as prophesied by Paul. Condition of Arabia at his birth. Prophecies of a Messiah.

His peculiar psychic temperament; his frequent attacks of catalepsy; his sufferings because of doubt; his never-ceasing urge toward a final revelation. His changed state after the revelation on Mt. His unswerving belief in his mission; his devotion to Truth; His simplicity and humility.

His claim to Cosmic Consciousness. His sudden change from materialism. The difficulty of clear enunciation. His unfailing belief in the divinity of his revelations.

Richard Maurice Bucke Describes Cosmic Consciousness | White Crow blog on White Crow Books

How they compare with experiences of others. The frequent reception of the Light.

Cosmic ebook consciousness bucke richard

The blessing of Cosmic Consciousness. Emerson 's religious nature. His familiarity with Oriental philosophy; his remarkable discrimination; the peculiar penetrating quality of his intellect.

His never failing assurance of unity with the Divine. His belief in a spiritual life. Did Emerson predict a Millenium?

His writings as they reflect light upon his attainment of Cosmic Consciousness.

Cosmic Consciousness - A Study in the Evolution of the Human Mind

Incidents in his life previous to his illumination. The remarkable and radical change made by his experience. To what was due Tolstoi's great struggle and suffering?

Consciousness cosmic richard ebook bucke

Why the great philosopher sought to die in a hut. His idea not one of penance. The signal change in his life after illumination. /

What he says of this. His amazing power of magnetic attraction. His feminine refinement in dress. His power of inspiration gave him his place in French literature. The dominant motive of all his writings. His unshakable conviction of immortality.

His power to function on both planes of consciousness. The lesson to be drawn from Seraphita. Balzac's evident intention, and why veiled. The inevitable conclusion to be drawn from the Symbolical character. Unconscious instruments of the Cosmic law.

The true poet and the maker of rhymes.

Ebook richard bucke cosmic consciousness

The mission and scope of the poetical temperament. How "temperament" affects expression.

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No royal road to Illumination. Teaching of Oriental mysticism. Whitman 's extraordinary experience.