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requiem lauren oliver pdf. Lauren Oliver (born Download #2: G: ronaldweinland.info3. tome 2 le tunnel pandemonium lauren oliver pdf download english requiem. you pandemonium by sarah drew, lauren oliver - pandemonium (delirium) - site . Cinema, Stories Of Happy People, Storia Cinema Italiano . lauren oliver pdf pdf - delirium lauren oliver pdf delirium lauren oliver delirium 1 oliver requiem (delirium) - gqypdfsinpreppers - of trilogy to me. i was kennst-du -bremerhaven - delirium lauren oliver italiano, la tua community di viaggi e.

Download To read Requiem Delirium Trilogy 3 eBook, you should access the button listed This is basically the greatest pdf i have got go through right up until now. Editorial Reviews. Songs of Resistance By Lauren Oliver. The conclusion to the Delirium trilogy, Requiem, focuses a lot on Lena's role in. The third and final book in Lauren Oliver's powerful New York Times bestselling trilogy about forbidden love, revolution, and the power to choose. Now an active. Requiem read online free from your Pc or Mobile.

At the end it's like nothing is resolved, not even the love triangle that no one believed in the first place anyways. I was already suspecting this was going to happen, when I reached the middle of the book and a little after and nothing significant had yet happened. We got a confrontation in the romance department ONE! And not even after they meet face to face for the first time, woah was I pissed! This book was definitely dissapointing.

We still get beautiful writing, and it was GREAT to get to see the characters we love again, but it felt like a bridge book. Just, all left in the air The rest of this review shall be full of spoilers, so read if you must, I have a lot of talking to do about specific parts that pissed. Their reconciliation Alex and Lena wasn't even that romantic or sweet.

It was business like. Then Lena goes off, stares at Julian's bare chest on her way to a half pummeled wall guess old habits die hard? And the most ridiculous thing of all is the last paragraph where Lauren Oliver tries to tie everything with words of wisdom that quite frankly fell flat. I am furious! The last paragraph could be summarized with the song by Avril Lavigne titled "Keep Holding on".

Does this mean we get a sequel? To hold on for a brighter tomorrow in which the ending to one of my favorite series isn't this? I damn hope so. And I haven't even started talking about Hana's grand finale. She finds out there is a bomb at the house she is to live with her fucking psycho jerk of a husband and she just goes off the backdoor, never looking back.

Did the husband explode? Did Hana ever find Lena again? No fucking clue. What is she going to do now? Hell, you got me there! And the way she does a complete there at the end on the way she treats Lena and stuff after everything we have read from her POV? Nope, don't believe it. She treats Lena like she barely knows her even though she has been agonizing about her in every other page we read.

Is Hana's husband the creepy psycho new mayor that quite possibly killed his father even dead? No one knows! I didn't read about an explosion, how about you? Oh and why doesn't Lena break up with Julian? My personal opinion is that Lauren Oliver dug herself a deep hole she doesn't want to get herself out of. Julian only joined the resistance because of Lena, only to find out this girl has been stringing him along this whole time?

Fuck, if she series were to continue Julian could become the ultimate super villain! He is smart, hot, from a well respected family, and has a bone to pick with love.

Ultimate Super Villain. Couldn't blame the guy. And Alex? Don't make me talk about him now, MY Alex died in Delirium. This new ball of hatred is not Alex. He is just not the guy any of us fell in love with, and you know why? All we get is confused old Lena who doesn't know her ass from her elbows. I am sure our Alex never return because he never got a chance. So much time was put into veering us into the wrong conclusion of who was going to win Lena's heart that we didn't have enough reading space to fall in love with Alex all over again, hell we didn't even have time to reconnect!

Lena and her mother reunite. That was done right, I believe it. Lena is a big ball of feels, she would have forgiven her mother that easily. She never spoke top her about Alex though, in the entire book.

You would think that small part of her live the entire first book right?

Pdf ita requiem lauren oliver

Coral, we hate her, we love her I kind of liked her at the end. She seemed cool when not looked through Lena's eyes. The war was never resolved. They won a battle I think? They were definitely halfway through when the book ended Not even fighting or like the leader she is, she is climbing up some stairs, pokes her head out, and gets shot. Tack comes to console her, and we never read about them two again.

Was the shot fatal? Was she still pregnant by then? I don't know? Did Tack know? Like we weren't doing that anyways! I can't possibly be! Julian was a good distraction, and hell he was so cute all around, but Alex pulls at my heart strings. Gosh that ending [Pandemonium] was awesome, the whole book was written perfectly. Lauren Oliver is very very talented.

Hana by Lauren Oliver

You got a fan in me. There is a cover, there's a cover, there's a cover!!! I'm just a fan that is full of love for this beautiful cover of one of my favorite series EVER. View all 68 comments. Mar 09, Laura rated it it was ok Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

To view it, click here. Due to unfortunate circumstances, I have dropped the rating on this book from 5 stars to a mere 2. You would be reading the book instead. I anticipated Requiem ever since the cliffhanger at the end of Pandemonium which I loved, by the way and literally counted down the days to its release I even wrote it on my calendar. And who uses calendars anymore, amirite? Pandemonium was a page turner.

The ending picked you up and slammed you down right as we figure out that Alex is alive. Just before it kicks the door closed: You have to wait until the next book comes out to see what happened afterwards! And so I waited. Patiently, twiddling my thumbs, watching anime and crying about it, you know — the stuff I do.

But okay, yeah…chilled…I chilled down. A quarter way through: Okay, the action can start any time now…uh…please? Three quarters: Can I already be this far in? And so, the first three quarters of this book was filled with the kind of blah-blah-blah that belongs in soap operas, with a couple raids thrown here and there.

Sure, she made a few character developments, but overall, Hana was another bland cured that brought almost nothing to the story line, besides a slightly creepy edge.

Where are the explanations? Where are the revelations? It feels…empty, somehow, like a bunch of pages were ripped out. Did I download a faulty copy? At that point, I felt kind of ripped off. What was it like in the Crypts? How had she managed to climb to the top of the ranks? In such an emotion-filled book, there was no feelings between Lena and her mother. It almost pained me to read their confrontations.

Like the time I fell asleep on the library floor at my school after an all-nighter at a relay-for-life. I was practically a zombie, besides being served ice cream at 3: How many times have you encountered something so mind-numbingly painful that you just had to let a few choice words slip out? Remember when we all read Breaking Dawn when we were all in that cray-cray Twilight phase? Remember how it just ended? There was no fight — the fight that everyone was preparing for, that everyone was worried about, the fight that I was completely sure was about to happen — and then everyone just talks.

They talk it out for fucks sake. And then it ends. Just like that. It ends. It actually stops halfway through the showdown — they had just barely taken the town, and then the pages run out. Lena and Alex admit their love for each other, even though Lena has been leading Julian on for this entire time and Lena never talks to Julian at the end. They tear down a wall. You never find out what happens to Hana. Or Hunter and Bram? Does he actually die? What about Coral?

Her aunt? Is Lena ever going to tell Julian that her and Alex are getting back together? What happens after they tear down the wall to the Wilds? Will they take the other towns too? There is no closure.

Will she choose Alex, or Julian? Oliver was so concerned about teaching the reader a lesson that she forgot to actually have this book make sense.

Hearty, even. The obvious strain to get this message through overshadowed the actual need to take care of her characters and portray them as something other than the means to get to an actual point which, in my opinion, never actually came to light. If you want something deep and semi-emotional, then this ending should suit to your needs.

But the more I thought about it, and since I felt cheated, I refused to this of this as anything other than a sham. So, as much as I loved the first two books, Requiem was a mistake. A very bad mistake, seeing as the overall rating for this book dropped from a 4. That just goes to show that hopefully others feel the same way.

Final rating — 2. I have been emotionally ruined. Thank you. View all 61 comments. Jun 20, Kat Kennedy rated it it was ok Shelves: When all good things must come to an end. But an end nonetheless. Requiem is like sitting down to a well-deserved, hot pie and relishing every bite until you get to the last one and die of poisoning without ever knowing why or how.

From enjoyment for insurmountable anger. I am a solid believer that Lauren Oliver Requiem. I am a solid believer that Lauren Oliver is a capable, talented author. Not all authors risk venturing into unfamiliar territory. Think how common it is for an author to be writing their fourth or fifth book in a series and starting spinoffs in the same world when even that gets old.

It simply could never escape from the premise holding so much more promise than the story could deliver. Compared to other series in this genre, it struggled to hold its own candle. I feel bereft and let down after the promise and goodness that was Pandemonium.

There are concepts and ideas there. A tale Oliver wants to tell about love — its strengths and pitfalls. The good and the bad. You can see the reaching for it in Requiem. Then a point comes when it seems the tale is abandoned in favour of wrapping it up as soon as possible. Some might call it an open ending.

To me an open ending leaves you with thoughtful questions, not a whole lot of blank spaces. It just stops, with little rhyme or reason. I refuse. Debate or not, an ending is an ending is an ending. Need further proof? Allow me to illuminate on th- This review also appears on my blog, Cuddlebuggery Book Blog.

View all 24 comments. Jul 01, Stacia the club rated it did not like it Recommends it for: People who need to see how the trilogy ends. Recommended to Stacia the club by: Buddy Read with Amanda, Joan and Rebecca. For as much as I bitched about Mockingjay's epilogue, I kind of think that this book could have used one.

This will be the review of can't really say jack. After all, how do I even talk about this book without spoilers? I can probably at least say that fans of the trilogy will want to read Requiem so they can finish out the story.

I just expected more than this and truly For as much as I bitched about Mockingjay's epilogue, I kind of think that this book could have used one.

I just expected more than this and truly wish that I could give a glowing report. So who here has read book 2? Show of hands? For those of you who have, how many of you were hoping for a bunch of view spoiler [Alex hide spoiler ] time? Come on, I know I wasn't the only one. Sorry to burst everyone's bubbles, but I'll just say, "good luck with that.

But again, I expected more. You don't know me anymore. I can't write the review that I want to write. So instead, I'll make you sit and listen to elevator muzak in order to fill up some of the time in which you'd normally spend reading one of my ridiculously long reviews. Please Hold Oh, I'm sorry, were you expecting more?

Let me think for a moment. There has to be something random that I can say. Does anyone remember my reference to the Book of Shhh in my review of book 2? Can anyone explain to me why it now appears to be a reworked Bible? Requiem is told in two different alternating PoV's from both Lena and Hana. Even though I didn't read the short story of Hana 2.

Hana's story was eh? Lena's story was eh? The way everything collided at the end was eh? Can problems such as these be worked out with so little effort?

The ending was I guess sort of okay, but also annoyingly open. This is all I can mention. How about we make a deal? For everyone who is reading this trilogy, come back and tell me what you thought of that ending. Maybe I'm overreacting and you will all love it. If you haven't started this trilogy, should you read it?

Book 1 was exciting. Book 2 was alright. Book 3 was not necessarily boring Maybe you won't feel the same. I have friends who enjoyed the entire trilogy. This isn't the worst dystopia I've read; that's for sure. Btw, this is going to be a t. So if you like reading books before seeing the story play out on film, then you'll be wanting to pick this up anyway. Sorry for the lame review.

I can't get it right every time. Mar 04, Bryan Sanchez rated it really liked it. Julian stated that everyone was afraid of his brother and same thing with Tack. Julians brothers favorite book was Great Expectations and so is Tacks.

I missed the romance and passion. It lacked feelings besides for conversations between Lena and her mother. The first two are by far on another level compared to this book, at least emotiona 5 Predictions: The first two are by far on another level compared to this book, at least emotionally.

I liked the book but what made me disappointed was all the loose ends at the end of the trilogy, what happens to Hana? Where's Jenny Rachel and her Aunt? Did Fred die? Alex or Julian? Coral or Lena? What's gonna happen when those tanks come? The ending felt like Lauren Oliver was talking to us about our lives and it wasn't Lena at all.

View all 50 comments. Aug 16, Noah Czerny rated it really liked it. I have never hated a cliff hanger so much in my life. Lena better choose Alex or I will personally find a way into the book and murder her.


But Alex. And no. He was so not cured. Yeah, I would look all stony and shit if t I have never hated a cliff hanger so much in my life. Wouldn't you? If Alex and Lena aren't together, then- I can't even finish that thought.

My predictions of what's going to happen: Somehow the Resistance takes down the stupid deliria-free government. They make a cure for the Procedure.

Then, they addopt Gracie and they become a big, happy, uncured family. Julian doesn't die. Hana gets her procedure reversed and gets together with him. View all 26 comments. Feb 27, Andrea rated it liked it Shelves: I just can't. Two days after: Okay, okay I'm cool. I'm cool. I think I can do this.

And as painful as it is, I'm gonna give this book 2. Well, this book was a major disappointment, it got nothing solved! I kinda wish this book was a joke and that this was like Part 1 of 2 of the final book as the movies are made now. You know when you wait for like a big ending getting everything solved and see who the heroine choose and if the rebellion wins over or get defeated by the government or something to get a closure? Its really disappointing.

For God's sake, It took me almost 5 days to finish it when I could easily have read it in one night. It just didn't hooked me. I think it lacked a good plot. It was just boring. I won't say anything else, that's it, I'm done with this book. Original review before reading: I need this NOW. I will build a time machine so i can fast forward to feb so i wouldn't wait much. I hope Lena stays with Alex so she can give me Julian hahaha View all 10 comments. After Reading: I must say, this is probably my least favorite out of the three books.

It's not horrible Obviously, since I gave it five stars but it took forever for the pace to pick up, for it to get interesting. They must plan first! Making most of the novel planing, not fighting. And we all now that planing is that as fun as fighting Of course it's not all planning! Since, very much like After Reading: Since, very much like the last book, this book has alternating chapters.

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Except this time it's alternating between Lena and Hana. While I liked hearing about what's going on in Hana's life, it made the pace of the book slower. Not much is going on in Hana's life actually, a lot is happening but nothing that seems to entertain me Now that I got all of that out of the way, let me talk about what is of most importance And being the last book, it needs to have a good ending. While the ending did leave a few questions unanswered view spoiler [The main question unanswered being Alex or Julian?!?!?!

It brought a sense that things are going to get better. To me this is the best kind of ending. And while I am sad to see this series go I will be very unhappy if this series continues, since I know when a book series needs to end Cassandra Clare doesn't though.

Sorry, had to get it out there and after that ending, I know it is time for me to let this series go. Until the TV show premieres Hopefully they won't ruin it Forgive me if this "review made no sense Before Reading: I would feel so much better if I was able to read a sneak peek like 1 chapter maybe 2 maybe I really really really really really really want this book really and am I the only one sensing a love triangle in this book?

I wish those love triangles were never born!!!!! Didn't the release date used to be February?!!!!!! Now it's March!!!! In March View all 6 comments. I'm sorry Lauren, but that piss-poor ending can't deserve any more than 2 and a half stars from me.

It was good while it lasted. View all 7 comments. Mar 01, Courtney rated it it was ok Shelves: A year?!?!

After how the last book ended they really expect me to wait a year to find out what happens! I think I might die: Wait WTF?!

That wasn't the end was it? That was probably the stupidest ending of a book ever! It was more like the start to a spin-off series or a lame ass cliff hanger for book 4.

I'm so so so disappointed in Lauren Oliver. This is one of my favorite series and she just ruined it! Nothing, absolutely nothing was resolved. Love triangle? Still going s A year?!?! Still going strong. Yah that's still happening too. If I had known that this was how the series would end I would have never bothered View all 16 comments. Apr 03, kari rated it did not like it Recommends it for: Nothing and I mean a sum total of not a single thing, is actually resolved or completed or even just finished.

I'm curious whether or not this was going to be the ending before this series was picked up for television. How can this series be just this, a love triangle that has a kind of sort of, but who knows, resolution, maybe?

How could this happen? That is a serious question. Let me just describe something that happened the other day and see how you feel. Okay, ready? I went on until I came to a small alley between a boarded up chiropodist, no one cares for their feet these days, and a grocery.

I went down the alley emerging on Adams Avenue where I once met a boy with freckles who smiled at me making me think of swimming in the warm waters of the bay with the salty spray splashing in my eyes and followed Adams until I finally turned west toward the better areas of town where the houses are bigger and better kept. Or are you saying quit wasting my time and tell the story already? Well, that is the story, my bicycling trip. Wait, you thought it might be about the strange world I'm living in, my fight for survival?

No, it is about where I go and how I get there, what streets I take and how I feel going there, how the air smells, how I enjoy the wind in my face, the bumpy or smooth pavement, the taste of the salt spray as I near the ocean, the creaking of the trees, the birdsong or lack of birdsong, my commentary on the housing.

Is this off subject? Do you really care what street she is on? Or how the houses look, for the fifteenth time? Or how the trudging in the woods today feels different from the trudging in the woods yesterday or last week? Okay, back on track. Now, I just think she has wasted my time with this drivel about nothing more than a love triangle and not one that was EVER believable.

I want characters who grow during the course of a story, whether a single book or a series. Dare I say, even maturity. None of that happens here and, in my opinion, Lena becomes much less of an admirable person by the series end than in the beginning. Oh, is that the overall message? Love makes you into a selfish user? How sad. Her constant use of Julian to make herself feel better about Alex, how are we supposed to congratulate her for that?

Oh, well done you, Lena. One of the things I liked the very least was that she spared no time or thought for Alex. And why, exactly is she so pissed off at her mother?

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I so hoped that the second book would be Lena coming into her own, investigating what happened to Alex, finding a way to free him or at least get a message to him that she is okay. But she leaves him behind like a sweaty pair of gym socks left on the bathroom floor. The third book I was longing to read about Alex and Lena being reunited after his escape with or without her help with some resolution to the situation. I would have loved to have some understanding along the way of why their world is at it is.

It still makes not one jot of sense that love is outlawed and that the government, which it would seem is struggling to keep peace, feed, house and clothe its citizenry, would waste resources battling with those on the outside who have nothing.

What I still don't understand is the reasoning behind love being outlawed. If you could surgically alter the brain then why would you not get rid of hate? And even putting that argument aside, how about just explaining at some point WHY this decision was made? Nothing in this world makes the first bit of sense. And, why would those who don't want to be cured be any kind of a threat to the government that they would waste time killing them?

IF they can't even organize themselves enough to find some spoons, for gosh sakes, then they probably pose no threat to the government if left alone. Does this make any kind of sense at all? No, it really doesn't. I think I am the most disgusted with this series as I thought it held a lot of promise.

Now, not so much. And the love triangle. Not for one single minute did I ever believe in the love between Julian and Lena. It never worked because it was so obvious he was nothing more than a stand-in, shoved at us in the second book. Yes, I did say shoved because it is so handy that Lena just happened to be conveniently imprisoned with Julian, the first not-gay or attached boy she's been alone with since leaving civilization. She cares about herself and what she needs.

Perhaps that is human nature and that is what we all do, I don't know. Until there is this epiphany, page Didn't we know that all along? For gosh sakes, she is stupid, too stupid to realize that the boy who was willing to give up his life for her, who was shot while saving her, was imprisoned, was tortured , just might be a little bit irritated to see her show up all kissy-face with a new guy within months of losing him.

Lauren oliver pdf ita requiem

And that this boy might then say something to hurt her, something like that he never loved her. No, of course not. She lets loose on Alex, without ever knowing what he has been through and taking a moment to understand what being attacked might mean from his viewpoint.

And let me say again, Julian attacked him. So Alex shouldn't have protected himself? All these others that we couldn't care less about, but she decides to do in Raven view spoiler [who, if you read the short story about her, was pregnant hide spoiler ].

Why not off Coral who was ever just there for the romantic angst and served no other purpose? Lena and Hana. The reason I almost gave this two stars instead of one is that, the two POVs, was a good idea. Hana's is actually the more interesting of the two, in my opinion, although I don't like Hana so tough to feel too sorry for her.

Yep, I guessed what she had done waaaaaaaaaay back when. All in all, this series is a supreme waste of time and paper. Sorry this review is so rambling, but my disgust is so great that it was hard to organize my thoughts effectively. View all 28 comments. Everything remains undefined, all the action is in the last pages.

The only character that I connected with was with Julian, not even with Lena, who in this book is more insecure than even in the first. It is narrated from the points of view of Lena and Hana. May 04, Jamie marked it as to-read. I don't like Julian. Sure, he's nice and all that, but he's not Alex. Julian is sheltered and too much of an important figure to be involved in Lena's romantic affairs. He's inexperienced, knows nothing on how to survive in The Wild.

While Alex helped Lena, Julian is the one that needs the taking care of. He's much weaker than Alex. My heart literally skipped like 5 beats when I read the ending of Pandemonium. It went pang, and it was like I saw his hair and heard his low voice. I guess I knew all along that Alex wasn't dead.

It was a small, hopeful spark in my heart and when Julian came into the story I got kinda mad. I'm kinda attached to Alex, alright? All I can think about right now is the word "Run" that Alex said when he was caught. Not "Save me" but "Run". He sacrificed his life for her and didn't think once about himself. No wonder his eyes were all stony when he caught them kissing and making promises.

Last of all, I cannot believe I have to wait another year for the third book. Lena better get back with Alex, or else. Julian can go marry Sarah or something. View all 3 comments. Apr 14, tonya. I'm not sure I know what to say about this one. While I was only mildly impressed with Delirium , and found Lena to be a weak and indecisive character, I was incredibly impressed with her development in Pandemonium. Lena grew into a strong, determined character, with a cause far greater than somewhat ordinary teenage love.

In Requiem all the momentum built in Pandemonium was halted. Despite the all out war brewing between the Regulators and the Invalids, the main focus of the story was 2. Despite the all out war brewing between the Regulators and the Invalids, the main focus of the story was Lena's feelings for Alex and Julian--which changed every other chapter or so.

I found Requiem to be incredibly flat and boring, even with the many fighting scenes. They all seemed recycled, and took a backseat to Lena's dithering about the two boys.

And the ending? The nicest word I have for it is abrupt. All in all, a disappointing conclusion to a promising series. How she felt about him. How he might feel for her. How he felt for someone else. Meanwhile, she's still stringing Julian along, one minute running into his arms, the next emasculating him in front of their entire group. It was obvious she didn't respect Julian, and was using him to make Alex jealous, or to make herself feel better when Alex shunned her.

And despite having maybe two actual conversations in the entire book, neither of which what you might call nice, when Alex says he still loves her that's it? That's the end of the whole story? The happy ending? We don't even get to see what happens with Julian, if he lives or dies? What happens with the Resistance?

Alex and Lena are back together, so obviously everything's gonna be fine. View all 23 comments. Sep 17, Skylar rated it it was amazing. When I finished Pandemonium. I feel like the only one though: I never really liked Alex that much, I don't really know why: I like Julian though.

But then Alex came back xO. She finally moves on - and she's happy!!! N When I finished Pandemonium. Now i just don't know what's going to happen to everyone. I kind of wish Alex hadn't returned and then there'd be no love triangle and Julian and Lena would live happily ever after and they'd help the resistance conquer the DFA and the cure!

D But noooooooo Ahhh what's going to happen?!?! We better not die this year!!!!! Mar 14, Ferdy rated it it was ok Shelves: Spoilers I was going to give this one star because the ending was ridiculous, actually the whole book was ridiculous… But because I'm really nice, I decided to add an extra star.

She had absolutely no respect for Julian's feelings at all. Everything was about ALEX. Here, Lena, have another 'really shitty person' award. My respect I had for you in the second book completely vanished. Let me quote the one of the last pages of Pandemonium: "Promise me we'll stay together, okay? You and me. Also, the start of huge asshole! Newsflash: You could've tried to give her up and let her go without being a huge asshole. Also, this makes no fucking sense in general. Alex wanted to let her go and give her up or some bullshit, so he goes and basically tells someone else who wants to make her happy to back off????

I guess since it can't be him, even though it was HIS decision, it can't be anyone! And then for the hell of it, to top it all off, let's hurry up end it all with the most anti-climactic, lazy ending ever that leaves everybody feeling bereft and disappointed.

Like, open-ended isn't bad if it's done right All this felt like was a huge cop-out. Besides making an enormous fucking deal out of the stupid love triangle, this book--the SERIES--was all a huge build-up to this moment I feel like the end was Gene Wilder yelling at me. There is waaaay too much shit that's left unresolved. The prose was as beautiful as always, but not even that can save it. My hope that the series could be good after Pandemonium crashed down and I just. I can't. I really don't think a book has ever disappointed me so much.

I probably shouldn't have gone in with such high expectations after the greatness that was Pandemonium, but I did. I wasn't really invested in this series in the first place to really mind either way. Even if I had wanted them to be endgame, this still would've gotten a bad rating from me.