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Upwork/Odesk and Outsourcing Bangla Book. At First I Introduce What is Upwork ? or What is Odesk? Odesk/Upwork= Upwork is a Outsourcing. Posts tagged: outsourcing tutorial bangla pdf outsourcing bangla tutorial hey guys all of you are invited to our IT firm SPEEDCOM, We took a very flexible. Outsourcing is the way you are working without any boss. For this reason you can read Bangla Freelancing outsourcing book written by Md. Mizanur Rahman.

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Book Name: Outsourcing Bangla eBook. Book Format: PDF Language: Bangla. Download Now Outsourcing Bangla Book Part 1 Download Outsourcing Bangla. Bangladesh is one of the top outsourcing and freelancing country worldwide and that's why we publish some books for Bangla speaking. Free Download Bangla EBook Tutorial Pdf. book. Home · About · Photos · Reviews · Videos · Posts · Community · Info and Ads.

Post a Comment. Outsourcing, Freelancing EBook Download. Earn money online the sound is very good but for this reason we have learn. Outsourcing is the way you are working without any boss. You are the your own boss. For freelancing you do not need any fixed time office to maintain. Work what things you love there is any bounding to work particular job.

Light On-Off. Wide angle range. Remote effective from long distance. Use with IPS and Generator. German Technology, Made in Bangladesh. One year replacement warranty Easy to instal. To use free internet and get many computer and mobile trick click hare Trick. Coding Centre institute is the best outsourcing training in Dhaka, if you start outsourcing please visit us: For those who work as freelancer it is important that companies understand that cotnratar a freelancer is a very good option for your company, there are many advantages of having a freelancer working for your project by hiring a freelancer.

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Your blog is good no doubt, I have read few of your published books those are really good to get knowledge. But one thing I like to ask you to improve your English writing. I found lots of grammar errors in your writing, including sequence and syntax of the English grammar, which should be taken care of.

Pdf outsourcing bangla

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By the way good information and could be better. Thanks a lot.

Get free all book in all language http: Outsourcing tutorial in bangla. Download Bangla E book. For Book Contact: Email This BlogThis!

Sakib Islam 19 April at Asif Rabbi 31 August at Morshed Khan 30 May at Mijan Rahman 31 May at Kirsten Dunst 5 December at Ruhul Amin Jibon 31 May at Bosk Pro 30 September at They have started to contribute to earning along with freelancers working at an individual level. Plans and prospects of outsourcing in Bangladesh The development in the IT sector in Bangladesh has been in the last five years.

The number of internet users has increased from 13 lakhs to 4 crores 80 lakhs.

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In the future, this figure will continue to grow, which will help to improve the outsourcing business. This will also enhance the outsourcing industry and develop more freelancers in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is presently securing the 26th position. Government plans to develop entrepreneurs from the freelancers. Then promote these entrepreneurs as Business Process Outsourcing BPO professionals who would contribute to earning foreign currency.

The government will launch a program soon to create master trainers. They will train the selected people across the country to develop as outsourcing professionals, entrepreneurs, and BPO professionals. At present, Bangladesh has become the primary destination for outsourcing business.

Pdf outsourcing bangla

Recently, the European Commission has selected Bangladesh as an ideal destination for outsourcing in the world. In the international outsourcing marketplace, the share of Bangladesh goes up day by day.

Selection of Bangladesh among best spot for IT jobs is a prestigious issue. In spite of many obstacles in outsourcing, the opportunities are immense. There are many ways to start an outsourcing business in Bangladesh. First of all, you have to know, what is outsourcing?

Outsourcing is a process in which an individual or company performs service or manufacture products for another company. If you correctly used it will take the active cost-saving business.

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Importance of outsourcing business in Bangladesh Bangladesh is a small country with a large population. There are not enough job fields as required. So many peoples are unemployed after completing education. Some of them get government or private job or start their own business. Freelancing or outsourcing is the vast marketplace which is the online basis. At present more than two lacs Bangladeshi are doing the outsourcing job that is earning more than one core BDT from varies marketplace.

It is high time to start an outsourcing business in Bangladesh. Before giving a jump in this marketplace, we need a clear idea about it. How I can get a perfect concept about this international marketplace. If you have not basic idea about computer and the internet, you are not eligible for this marketplace. How to start outsourcing business in Bangladesh Suppose you have a good idea about outsourcing business. Now, how you start it. You can start this business in two ways.

First, build a website or a blog on your own and try to rank it by search engine optimization.

Second, you can complete the task like Upwork, Freelancer, Elance, etc. As an SEO expert, there is a lot of opportunities to improve in this sector. You can get smart paid by others if you be an SEO expert. It is not imagined how many websites are building day by day. An e-commerce site is one of them.

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Products are selling or download online from this. Now a day everybody is very much busy with their job. They have not enough time to go market and choose products. So most of them are download online from a house. WordPress is another foremost CMS to develop a website.