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ORIFLAME FLYER DECEMBER ORIFLAME FLYER DECEMBER / ORIFLAME CATALOGUE DECEMBER oriflame flyer december Flip through this catalogue as we have put together all of the Oriflame products that could help you enjoy more quality time together. Let's Create Happy Homes!. We use cookies to provide you with a better online experience. By continuing to browse you accept our privacy and cookies. Agree. Shop. Catalogue. Catalogue .

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It is included into document analysis because it is applied in written advertisements by analyzing the texts. The present study reveals that within four multimodal advertisements, there are ten findings about absence of subjects and verbal auxiliaries, eight uses of semantic anomaly, and two uses of pragmatic novelty, seven uses of imperative structures, one term of announcing, one rhetorical question, one elliptical comparative, one finding of constituting product name, seven assertives, eight directives, one expressive, and one declarative.

It is shown that all of advertisements employ all theories of persuasive language features. It indicated that advertiser considers the strategy and effectiveness of persuasive language features in order to obtain act of the reader to download a particular product.

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The writer suggests for the next researchers who will conduct a study about persuasive language feature to employ the other aspects in analyzing the text, like stylistic analysis, word formation process, and language functions. References Charles, L.

Oriflame India Online Catalogue

Rule-Breaking in the Language of Advertising. Journal of Linguistics, Vol. Dayag, Danilo T. Department of English and Applied Linguistic.

September 2015 catalogue pdf oriflame

Flergin, Antony. Fromkin et al.

oriflame catlog september

An Introduction to Language. Canada: Nelson Education.

Catalogue pdf oriflame september 2015

Geis, M. The Language of Television Advertising. New York: Academic Press. Godeo, E.

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Journal of English Study, Vol. Guijarno, J. Journal of Pragmatics, 40, Halliday, M. An Introduction to Functional Grammar 3rd ed. London: Hodder Armold. Hogan, Susan. Understanding Discourse Analysis?.

Doctor of Practice Students Paper. University of Derby.

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Huang, Y. New York: Oxford University Press. Jewitt, C. Handbook of Multimodal Analysis. Once you become a part of Modicare, going about the business becomes extremely easy and manageable. The company has a wide range of products and all its products have the following common features: All the products provided by the company are environment-friendly.

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