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The Below List 30 of top Real Time Core Java Multiple choice Questions and answers for freshers and experienced pdf free download. Java Programming questions and answers with explanation for interview, competitive examination and entrance test. Fully solved examples with detailed. Core Java Multiple Choice Questions & Answers or MCQs for Interview from chapter Fundamentals of Java Programming. These quiz objective questions are helpful for various examinations BE, BTech, BCA, MCA, MTech, Download PDF.

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Java Multiple Choice Questions. Dept of Computer The Reader and Writer classes are the preferred solution to serialized object output. Ans: a and c. Here you can find Java Programming interview questions with answers and explanation. Java Programming quiz questions with answers as PDF files and eBooks. Interview Questions and Answers (objective type, multiple choice)?. Java Multiple Choice Questions And Answers Here is a list of 60 core java and advanced java mcq questions and answers for freshers.

Here Coding compiler sharing a list of 60 core java and advanced java multiple choice questions and answers for freshers and experienced. These java multiple choice interview questions asked in various java interview exams. All the best for your future and happy java learning. After the above piece of code is executed, what are the colors of r1 and r2 in this order? The method setValue assigns the value of i to the instance field value. What could you write for the implementation of setValue?

So generally clean up codes are provided here. Q 36 Explain about Exception Propagation.

60 Java Multiple Choice Questions And Answers 2019

Ans: Exception is first thrown from the method which is at the top of the stack. This is called Exception propagation. Then it is moved to the main method and then it will stop the flow of execution. It is called Exception Propagation. Q 37 What is the final keyword in Java?

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Ans: Final variable: Once a variable is declared as final, then the value of the variable could not be changed. It is like a constant. No class can extend the final class. Q 38 What is a Thread? Ans: In Java, the flow of a execution is called Thread.

Core Java - Java (MCQ) questions and answers

Every java program has at least one thread called main thread, the Main thread is created by JVM. The user can define their own threads by extending Thread class or by implementing Runnable interface.

Threads are executed concurrently. Ans: There are two ways available in order to make a thread. The thread is available in java. We can overload the run method in our class. For that we should provide the implementation for run method which is defined in the interface.

Core Java - Java (MCQ) questions and answers

Ans: Join method is used to join one thread with the end of the currently running thread. When it reaches the code t. Once it reaches the code t. It is a non-static method.

Join method has overloaded version. Q 41 What does yield method of the Thread class do?

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So that equal priority threads have a chance to run. It is a static method. Yield method moves the thread back to the Runnable state only, and not the thread to sleep , wait or block. Ans: wait method is used to make the thread to wait in the waiting pool.

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When a wait method is executed during a thread execution then immediately the thread gives up the lock on the object and goes to the waiting pool. Wait method tells the thread to wait for a given amount of time.

Then the thread will wake up after notify or notify all method is called.

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Wait and the other above-mentioned methods do not give the lock on the object immediately until the currently executing thread completes the synchronized code.

It is mostly used in synchronization. An array holds only one type of data Explanation: Inheritance Explanation: StringBuffer int capacity Explanation: Inter-thread communication Explanation: Dear Readers, Welcome to Core Java multiple choice questions and answers with explanation. These objective type Core Java questions are very important for campus placement test and job interviews. Specially developed for the Networking freshers and professionals, these model questions are asked in the online technical test and interview of many IT companies.

Java Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

Fresh Trending Easy Medium Hard. An array knows only its type that it contains. Array type is checked at the compile-time. True b. An array can hold primitive types data b.

An array has its size that is known as array length c.