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If you are trying to find an easy way to transfer PDF files to iPad/iPhone, free iPad PDF Transfer can help you on this issue. There are 5 ways to transfer PDF files to iPad & iPhone: Contents [hide]. 1 How to Save PDF on iPhone with WALTR; 2 Add PDF to iPad using. Tap "New" to add a new collections folder with a name of your choice. it will probable read Books or PDFs, to create/edit your categories.

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I'm using OneDrive for Business App on an iPad Pro, sync'd to my Office and PowerPoint files well, downloading, marking-up and sync'ing. My iPad version during sync imported the references but failed to import all the PDFs so that 10% of the PDF files are missing, with no way to download onto the . PDF | EndNote for iPad is the tablet companion to the EndNote citation manager from Clarivate Analytics of the iPad while still being able to . ing PDF files.

I have updated the app on my iPad and there is no way to log in. I get the message "session expired". I have tried with a wrong password and the message was "incorrect password". I have been using the iPad version of Mendeley - and loving it - on my iPad - 4th Generation. This past update when I try to update the app it now says, "Cannot download - This app is not compatible with your device" -- When did this happen?!? Please tell me this isn't true. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

S till couldn't get it open. Seems this client is having same problem. No problem on a PC, but can't open it on an iPhone. Is this a known issue between Adobe and Apple iPhone? Is there a fix? The two weeks ago worked fine he is referring to is that until then, I was using a much older version of Adobe Acrobat. I recently updated to a Win10 computer and could not load that old version, so had to download a subscription for Acrobat DC.

He's not been able to open my PDFs since I updated to the new version. Hi tinalSDCA. You mention that you are sync'ing your iOS device from Windows. Do any of the filenames of your files use Asian or accented European characters?

Apple has a known bug with the Windows version of iTunes when sync'ing files to an iPhone or iPad that has been upgraded to iOS The bug causes files that have filenames with certain Asian or accented Latin characters to not always work correctly with iOS apps.

In iOS They updated the Mac version of iTunes to correctly handle Asian and accented Latin characters, but apparently did not update the Windows version. We filed a bug report with Apple to let them know about, but we're not sure when they will fix the bug. In the meantime, you can work around it by avoiding Asian or accented Latin characters in your filenames.

Admittedly, not an easy workaround for some areas of business. You don't have JavaScript enabled. This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled. Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page. Please enter a title. You can not post a blank message. Please type your message and try again. I have the same question Show 0 Likes 0. This content has been marked as final. Show 9 replies. Regards, Meenakshi.

Don't use a open password. Thank you. I have e-mailed the client for more info, will provide when I get a response. I need this because the memory storage capacity of my iPad is limited. I tried 'delete' on my iPad but that also deleted the file from my desktop and I lost all my annotations. Hi I followed all the instructions and still couldn't get the web importer function set up on iPad Please advise Thanks. I wasn't able to find a zoom function in mendeley ipad.

There is only one default zoom for all books and articles, no matter of size. This is really inconvenient. Is there a way to adjust this? Thank you. Ipad mini ios 6. Although i can see my files through desktop and iphone 5s ios Hello, Whenever I sync a new folder from my desktop to my iPad and download some files, they appear in doubled entries on my iPad folder with each having two of the same file downloaded.

How can I solve this? Should I reset my data base? Thanks, Hiroki. It would be good if Mendeley would add the ability to copy a formatted citation from the Mobile version so that it could be pasted into a word processer.

The app in my ipad doesn't work anymore. It is a new version error? If I add yellow highlights to a paper on the IPad app, they become progressively darker yellow-dark yellow-orange-red-dark brown Sometimes, the color resets to its proper value for unknown reasons, but I recently observed the damaged highlights showing up on my desktop Mendeley too.

I would post a screenshot, but I don't see how to do that here.

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I assume this is just a bug in the software that hasn't been fixed yet, but let me know if there's anything I can do to clear it up. Please could I ask for assistance regarding the correct syncing sequence between an android version tablet of Mendeley and the desktop version? I entered my office and synced notes that I took while running Mendeley without an internet connection, and all my notes from the reading I had been working on were deleted from both the desktop and android versions.

When I add papers to mendeley I tag them with "to-skim" and sometimes with "current-research". Later, I often want to search for items that have both of these tags, as they are the most relevant papers for me to read next, but I can't figure out how to filter on more than one tag in the IOS App. If it is possible to filter on more than one tag in the IOS App, please let me know. I am trying to highlight PDFs that have been scanned, but because the orientation of the pages is horizontal two pages per single "page" of PDF , Mendeley will not highlight the text as such and I am finding it incredibly difficult to annotate this document.

I also cannot rotate my document on my iPad. I tried to rotate the document on the Mendeley desktop app, but even after syncing the orientation on my iPad remains the same.

Is it possible to use rectangle-highlighting on the iPad app? Or to rotate the document?

Onto files ipad pdf ing

As of now, I cannot do anything with landscape pages on Mendeley's mobile app. Hi Mendeley, I love this app for paper reading. But could you please consider to add the free-drawing feature to the Ipad version? It would be better if you can include ink-to-shape feature as well. Many Thanks, Chen Bin. Just go a new iPad and installed Mendeley. It won't let me log in.

Ipad onto ing files pdf

It just says "Incorrect Details. Forgot your password?

Ipad onto ing files pdf

Hi there. I use the Tags function more than Groups, so it would be good to have that available. Or am I missing something? When syncing my library in the iPad app on iOS Signing out in in again didn't help, nor did the reset database option. In my iOS app, lots of files are not visible. I have the pdf in my library, I can view it fine on the desktop client, but on the mobile app, they don't even appear available to download.

Hi what is the url to post into bookmarks so I can upload from iPad. I am unable to access the web importer for my ipad, i followed all the steps on a previous question but when i got to the bit where it says 'Bookmark bar' i do not have that option.

All I have is 'favourites, history, google and bing. I have a pdf on Mendeley Desktop which I've added a lot of notes to, but I can't get the notes to appear on my android device.

I've synced both the desktop and the mobile app, and I can view the pdf, but on mobile none of the notes appear.

Can you clarify the what happens when i delete a pdf on , say, the ipad version. Does it go forever? Does it go into Trash forever or for a limited time? If I delete from Ipad does it also remove it from the library when viewed on mac using desktop version. I am keen to limit what i store on the ipad for two reasons; a security and b memory size limits , so it is important that i can remove a pdf from the ipad yet maintain it in the central library on the mac so that , in the future , I can again download it to the ipad if required.

Files onto ipad ing pdf

Thanks Roy. Hallo On my IPad I like to edit documents from my library with another pdf app. Copying the document to the pdf app is no problem. But when I copy the file back, Mendeley does not update the existing document. Instead the file is added as new entry. Any idea what the problem is? :: Mobile Apps

Maybe it is caused by a change of the file name. When copying the file to the pdf app or saving it in a folder Mendeley is adding an additional file extension. Thanks in advance Michael. I have recently downloaded the Mendeley app for IOS Unfortunately, I am unable to access any of my articles that I have saved on my desk top. Any suggestions?

How to Transfer PDFs to an iPad

Thank you! I installed the Mendeley app on my ipad, running iOS Thank you for your answer, Giulia Rossi. I can't figure out to get keywords to display in the Mendeley iPad app these are labeled as 'author keywords' on the desktop version. I do see the tag function, but I use these two fields differently and would like to be able to use both on the iPad as well.

Mobile Apps http: Are you the publisher? Claim or contact us about this channel. Embed this content in your HTML. Report adult content: More Channels. Channel Catalog Subsection Catalog. Articles on this Page showing articles 1 to 50 of Channel Description: Mobile Apps articles. Contact us about this article. Can't sign in on ipad. Latest IOS update fails with "this app is not compatible with your device".

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Cannot download. Sign in iPad fails. Session expired error on iPhone. Annotation highlighting pdfs on ipad. Crashing on IPAd? Mendeley Android: Could not initialize PDF reader. Cannot open PDF files with external applications. Unable to complete sync in Mendeley Ipad. Unable to login to iOS app "Incorrect details.