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Malory Towers is a fictional Cornish seaside boarding school which features in a series of six novels by British 12, Goodbye Malory Towers, Download. 02 Second Form at Malory Tower. Read Now Read Now. Winter- Goodbye Malory Towers_Enid Blyton. 06 - Last Term at Malory Towers - Free ebook download as .rtf), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read Sally's small sister called out loudly: 'I'm coming to Malory Towers one day ~ in six years' time.' Goodbye Malory Towers_Enid Blyton.

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15 Miss Nicholson saves the day. 16 Unexpected arrivals. 17 Reunion at Malory Towers. 18 A shock for Gwen. 19 A very successful gala. 20 Goodbye Malory. After taking their Higher Certificate, the sixth formers want to relax this term. But the Head has a surprise: a finishing school course, with old girl Gwendoline. Malory 04 - Upper Fourth At Malory Towers · Read more · Third Year at Malory Towers. Read more · Upper Fourth at Malory Towers Goodbye Malory Towers.

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You said, "You will all get a tremendous lot out of your time at Malory Towers. See that you give a lot back. Girls, six years ago I said those words to Darrell.

She is one who has got a great deal out of her time here - and there is no one who has given more back than Darrell has. They couldn't imagine her standing as a twelve-year-old in front of Miss Grayling, hearing those same words.

But Miss Grayling remembered very well. They were good stuff, she thought - likely to he the heads of forms and captains ol games - and possibly head-girls of the future. Darrell turned to go too. She felt herself blushing, she had been so pleased at Miss Grayling's words about her. She looked shyly at the Head. Sally is another, and so is Mary-Lou. I think there is only one sad failure, real failure, in your form.

And she has only this one term to change herself.

You know who it is J mean. Her mother wanted one thing, her father another. Her father, of course, is right. But I hear that he has had to give way in the matter.

Pdf towers goodbye malory

Darrell, if you possibly can, I want you to try and influence Gwendoline so that she will come round to her father's point of view. Otherwise the family will be split in half, and there will be great unhappiness. | FREE EBOOKS | NANCY DREW| ENID BLYTON | HARDY BOYS

But it's impossible to move Gwen when she's determined to get her own way. She was one of the successes! She had always longed to be - but she had made mistakes, been unkind sometimes, lost her semper more times than she liked to remember - and had ruefully come to the conclusion that although she wasn't a failure, she wasn't a howling success either. But Miss Grayling seemed to think she was, so she must be.

Darrell held her head high, and went swinging along to the sixth-form classroom. She opened the door and went in quietly. You have been working hard for the last two terms, so you should not find this term unduly hard - but you will have to keep at it! She badly wanted to pass the Higher well. She felt sure Sally would. As for Alicia and Betty, their quick brains and excellent memories would make success certain.

She glanced round at the other girls from the other- Towers, who would also be taking Higher. Yes - they w on Id probably all pass. They were a keen, hard- w i i king lot. Would it be loo difficult to leave me with a little better impression of your capabilities than I have at present? She looked round at Maureen for sympathy. She got none, for Maureen always delighted in seeing Gwen made uncomfortable.

The others looked studiously into the distance, determined not to catch Gwen's eye or give her any chance ol speaking about her future school. They felt certain they were going to get very very tired ol hearing about it. I hear that it has been left to you to decide, as you can take it next year if you want to? I shouldn't do myself justice. I intend to work at my games instead. I hope to be chosen for the Olympic Games next year, anyway.

The girls from other Towers gaped at Amanda's forthright assertion. Go in for the Olympic Games! She must either be mad, or else alarmingly good at games!

Well, Amanda, you will find that the games side is very good here, fortunately for you - and very well run. Sally felt annoyed and half-amused. Moira felt angry. She glared at Amanda, making up her mind to take her down a few pegs as quickly as possible! It had a most wonderful collection of scowls - though the finest were undoubtedly Gwen's!

06 - Last Term at Malory Towers

How Gwen wished she could get hold of that horrible hook of Belinda's! It's the way the wind blows in those trees over there, Miss Oakes - shusha, shusha, shusha - like that, it goes.

And it made me. She was never quite certain if Irene really did get as lost in her 'tunes' as she said she did, or if she at ted like this to make a diversion and cause laughter. Mam'zelle had often been amazed to find herself staring at pages of music notes, instead ol lists of French verbs. The French girl, Suzanne, had sat with her eyes hall- closed through the talk so far.

Miss Oakes spoke to her suddenly and made her jump. Are you listening? Miss Oakes looked surprised. Don't you, Suzanne? I not unnerstand! I not want zat,' said Suzanne, equally firmly. Sire privately resolved to have a few words with Mam'zelle Rougier about her seemingly stupid niece.

She began to give out instructions regarding the work to be done that term, what hooks were to be used, and what work was to be done by the girls on their own. She never, never, never sees a joke. But she always suspects there may be somebody leading her up the garden path. Like Irene and her tunes,' said Belinda, 'and actually Irene is perfectly serious about them. Look at her now - shusha, shush, shusha, shush, over by the window, with her eyes glued on the trees. She went up to Irene and tapped her on the shoulder.

Shush, shusha, shush, shusha - come on, let's play trains. Amanda watched disdainfully. What a school! Now if she were at Trenigan Towers, everyone would be out practising tennis strokes or something! She had whipped out her Scowl Book, and was busy tlrawing. Amanda had no idea what she was doing. She was so new that she didn't even realize that Belinda could draw.

She saw in horror that Belinda had caught her face and expression exactly. She snatched at the book but Belinda dodged out of the way.

T didn't look like that,' said Amanda, enraged. She had been too busy scorning the others at their tooling. She turned away, after giving Moira a most unpleasant look which Moira fully returned. Darrell thought there wasn't a pin to choose between the two looks! Amanda turned off to the corner where the radio stood. She began to fiddle about with it and eventually managed to find a recording of some sporting event. The commentator was very excited, and his voice came loudly through the common-room, where the girls were having their break.

Nobody quite liked to tell her to turn it down a bit. Darrell nudged Sally and nodded to the window.

.......ENGLISH 4U

It had stopped raining. Sally grinned.

She and Darrell made signs to the others to creep out of the room without disturbing Amanda. One by one they tiptoed out, and Darrell softly closed the door. They rushed to the cloakroom, lound their lockers, slipped on tennis shoes, snatched up their rackets and ran out to the courts.

Amanda did. The recording came to an end and sin- switched off the radio. She was immediately struck by the quiet in the room, ami swung round. It was empty. She heard the sound of voices outside, and the thud of tennis balls being struck, arid went to the window. She scowled down. They were just doing all that to annoy her! The girls came back, laughing, when the bell went. As usual the girls settled down very quickly for the new term.

Goodbye Malory Towers

The summer tern; was always such a lovely one. There were so many things to do - and for those who liked swimming, the magnificent pool that lay in a great hollow of a rock down below on the shore was a source of the greatest delight. Those who wished could go to swim before breakfast, ind every morning, once the pool had been declared vvarm enough for swimming, girls ran down the steep cliff-path to the swimming-pool. They wore their swimming-costumes with a wrap round them.

Most of the girls loved the pool. A few didn't.

Malory towers pdf goodbye

Those who hadn't learned to swim were afraid. Those who didn't like cold water hated the pool. Gwen, of course, vas one of these, and so was Maureen. The new French girl also hated the very idea of the pool. She went to watch the girls there once, and quealed in fright if a splash of water so much as reached her toes! Don't be an idiot!

Her last term was going to be one to remember! The journey back to Malory Towers was very long indeed, but, to Felicity, it seemed to pass more quickly than any of the previous ones. I expect your last term will simply fly by as well. There was the first glimpse of the sea in the distance, clear and blue, with the sun reflecting off its surface.

And now she could see the cliffs, along which she had enjoyed so many happy walks. Then, as the car rounded a bend in the road, Felicity could see Malory Towers itself, grand and imposing, with its four towers — South, East, West and North Tower, the best one of all, for it was the one that she belonged to.

And now she was going back there for the last time. As usual, on the first day of term, there was a great deal of hustle and bustle, the grounds full of people, as girls said hallo to their friends and goodbye to their parents. A big coach had just pulled up in the drive and girls poured out, most of them first and second formers.

The girl had got into so much trouble in her first term that she had come very close to being sent away from Malory Towers in disgrace.

The shock had been so great that Daffy had mended her ways a little, and become a lot more thoughtful and considerate. As Felicity and her parents got out of the car, Daffy raced across the lawn to greet a group of her friends, all of them making a great deal of noise. And I shall write every week, of course. Had good hols? How good it was to see them all again! Even the snobbish Amy looked pleased to be back. I daresay they are down at the stables.

Why, I have been as good as gold. Now, let me have your health certificates and you can go and unpack. You are all in the same dormitory, along with Julie and Lucy, and Lizzie Mannering. And she was most disapproving of the others when they chose not to follow her lead and wanted to relax and have a little fun instead. In fact, she looked rather scared and nervous. Lizzie was a tall, slim girl with long, dark hair, which she wore in a thick plait over one shoulder.

The girl had been arranging some things in her bedside locker, but straightened up as the others entered, looking at them rather warily. I feel awfully honoured to be here. After all, you were decent enough to give me one.