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Field of Glory Ancients & Medieval took the wargaming world by storm in , winning awards and fans all over the world. It is so successful it has been. MOAB Field of Glory - Renaissance z97jnhnuqfgd9u8/Army%20List%20Changes%20updated%pdf?dl =0. Please don't upload this pdf to a peer-to-peer book publishing programme by using this pdf responsibly. Field of Glory Renaissance Companion 6: Cities.

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Do battle with friends and enemies alike with Field of Glory: Renaissance, the miniatures tabletop wargaming rules. Field of Glory Renaissance - Wars of Religion - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Field of Glory Renaissance. Version Released 12 Feb Section Upgrades. Original Page. Content. Page. Definition of Shock Troops. 2.

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They stems and renaissance 26 discovered Plans most April 17, M. Despite these undoubted improvements, field battles remained rare, with encounters such as Nieuwpoort in being very much the exception rather than the rule.

However, by maintaining a credible army in being, the Dutch forced the Spanish to likewise maintain a large force in the field. This, given the parlous state of Spanish finances, worked to the. By both sides were exhausted and needed peace, but the Spanish could not yet face up to losing the valuable provinces, and so a year truce was agreed and the two sides dramatically reduced their armies. An attempt was made to extend the truce, but this was a failure and war with Spain was resumed.

As previously, the war in the Low Countries was marked by a lack of field battles, and was again a series of sieges and manoeuvres by the respective armies with, from , the Spanish being hampered by also fighting against the French.

The army of the revolt from until is covered in Field of Glory Renaissance Companion Whilst Dutchmen were a minority in the armies of the United Provinces, the foreign troops, English, Scots and Germans in the main, were organised into Dutch style units and fought in the same manner as the Dutch. Some of the best regiments of the army were in fact foreign, such as the English foot commanded by Sir Francis Vere who performed so well at the Battle of Nieuwpoort in In and large bodies of unpaid Spanish troops in reality Walloons and Germans deserted to the Dutch and were incorporated into the army in larger than usual regiments.

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We allow for the possibility that these may have briefly operated like tercios and thus allow them to use the Later Tercio rules. Despite being deserters, the unit in fought effectively at the Battle of Nieuwpoort and so justifies Average rating.

Maurice and William Louis converted the lance armed cavalry into cuirassiers although a few lancers are recorded as late as The shot component of the foot regiments were initially armed with a mixture of arquebus and muskets, with the latter replacing the former over time.


We give battle groups the capability of the majority weapon type. However, some Walloon regiments may have been predominantly musket armed even in the early part of this list and, therefore, we allow a small number of musket armed battle groups at this time as well as the majority arquebus armed.

Choose an army based on the maxima and minima in the list below. The following special instructions apply to this army:. Trade and Treachery. Field of Glory -! Wars of Religion. The resulting war is traditionally split.

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T he rebellion of the Dutch provinces against their Spanish overlords broke out in , It was initially, on the whole, a military disaster, with the Dutch unable to stand in the field against the veteran Spanish tercios. This, given the parlous state of Spanish finances, worked to the advantage of the Dutch, as were better placed economically to endure a prolonged Indeed, the Spanish crown was forced to admit to on more than occasion, and was chronically.

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The army of the revolt from until is covered in Field of Glory Renaissance Companion 2: Dutch veteran infantry. Cavalry formed a minor part of the army.

The following special instructions apply to this army: All the. This resulted in infantry formations. Although each of the army lists in this book.