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So, applicants can download FCI Management Trainee Previous Year Question Papers PDF for free of cost. Aspirants who really desire for FCI. Free download pdf Food Corporation of India Question Paper (FCI). You can easily find FCI Placement Question Paper with answer or. FCI Civil Model Question paper, PDF. FCI Electrical Sample Exam.

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Here we are providing you FCI Previous Year Question Papers in PDF format. Download the Question Papers and kindly share it with your. Aspirants applied for the Food Corporation of India various regions can find the question paper pdf here. Also, check the exam pattern for FCI. FCI Question Papers - Get the previous year question papers for FCI Assistant Grade III in PDF format with complete answers. Get complete.

The echological niche of an organism denotes a the habit of an organism b its status within a particular community c its strucutre and feeding habits d the climatic factors of an organism 2. Which of the following does not require external water for fertilization? The sporangia of a conifer are located on the a scales of the cones b tips of the needles c base of the needles d axils of the branches 5. The number of Cotyledons in Pinus seeds are a single b two c three d many The cotyledons are the seed leaves produced by the embryo. Pines are conifers, and are neither monocots one cotyledon nor dicots two cotyledon. The mature pine seed contains an uncurved embryo with many cotyledons.

As the posts are released India wise there will be a huge competition between the contenders. Hope the material given helps the applicants.

FCI AG III Biological Sciences Paper III Solved

We have provided the material for FCI watchman for various region all over India. However, download the pdf and start your preparation today. Food Corporation of India conducts the written examination for various management trainee posts.

Aspirants who are eligible need to apply online from the official food corporation of India recruitment page. However, if you are going to appear for the written exam of FCI MT, then download the previous question paper pdf below. The exam pattern for the management trainee written exam is tabulated below. Where candidates are asked questions related to core subjects along with some general aptitude.

According to the old MT-notification exam pattern details are as follows. Interested candidates can check the official Food Corporation of India website fci. Most reacted comment. Hottest comment thread. Notify of.

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Which of the following statements is not correct about test tube baby? Which one of the following is not a characteristic feature of cancer?

Carcinoma means a a tumour arising from any connective tissues b a tumour arising from any fibrous tissues c a tumour arising from epithelial cells d tumours of bone Which of the following is not an arthopod character exhibited by Peripatus?

Select the correct sequence of evolution with reference to elephant. Assertion A : Dark-skinned people and blacks are more prone to UV exposures. Reason R : Efficiency of UV rays are as carcinogen depends on melanin pigmentation. Both A and R are correct, and R is not the explanation of A UV light penetrates the skin for a few millimetres only so that its effect is limited to epidermis. The efficiency of UV light as carcinogen depends upon the extent of light-absorbing protective melanin pigmentation of the skin.

Pdf paper fci question

Which of these is a non-esential amino acid? Supperssion of gene of one locus by a gene in other locus is called a Epistasis b Pleiotrophy c Co-dominance d Incomplete dominance The type of interaction between two species where protozen Trichonympha lives in the gut of termites for cellulose digestion is reffered to as a Commensalism b Mutualism c Neutralism d Parasitism Centres for regulation of heart beat are situated in the brain at a Cerebral hrmispheres b Medulla oblongata c Cerebellum d Pons Varolii When your blood sugar level rises, the Islets of Langerhans, a special group of cells in the pancreas secrete MORE insulin.

Insulin increases glucose utilization by making cells more permeable to glucose, and blood sugar levels are returned to a normal range.

Insulin promotes not only the entry of glucose into the cells, but also facilitates its oxidation within the cells.

Which of these is secreted by corpus luteum in a pregnant woman? Amino acids are used as food additives for which of the following reasons?

Lycopene is an important antioxidant normally present in high level in a Artichokes b Bananas c Tomatoes d Soyabeans The most common hydrocarbon in natural gas is a Methane b Butane c Propane d Ethane The main effect of DDT on birds is a fewer feathers b reduced growth c blindness d thinner egg-shell Which of the following is most hazardous?

The fertile part of soil is a mineral water b soil air c humous d soil water The main source of air pollution is a Factory exhaust b Automobile exhaust c Firewood d Bad breath The major source of air pollution in industrialized countries is car exhaust. Vehicular exhaust is a major source of carbon monoxide.

Carbon monoxide CO is highly dangerous. You cant see it or smell it. In fact it is often called The Silent Killer. Even a short term exposure to high levels of Carbon monoxide can aggravate lung disease causing Asthma attacks. Majority of all living species on the Earth are found in a Tundra region b Antarctica c Tropical rainforest d Temperate region Enzymes are polymers of a Amino acids b Fatty acids c Sugar d Ribosomes Which trait can effectively be confered into a plant by a transgene?

What is the general term used to describe the degradation of pollutants using a biological apporach? Which genera of micro-organisms have the most diverse pathways for bioremediation? What is nanotechnology? The colourless, odourless, tasteless radioactive gas present within homes and buildings is a Argon b Radon c Xenon d Krypton Pedology is the study of a Rock b Coal c Ecosystem d Soil Phytate is not digestible to humans or nonruminant animals.

Phytic acid is a substance found in cereal grains, nuts, seeds, and legumes that prevents premature germination and stores nutrients for plant growth. It also reduces the absorption of the important minerals Ca, Mg, Fe and Zn when consumed by humans.

FCI Assistant Grade 3 previous papers Download pdf | FCI AG 3 Old Papers - OTSF

Phytic acid also has potential to reduce the digestibility of protein. A species that is unique to a defined place or region and not found anywhere else is called a Endangered b Endemic c Indigeneous d Extinct The main cause of global rising sea levels is a Thermal expansion b Melting of glaciers c Melting of polar ice d Melting of Antarctica Anemometer is used to measure a wind density b wind velocity c wind speed d wind gravity Ketone bodies are produced by a brain b liver c kidney d muscles Ketone bodies are manufactured by the Liver when too much protein is being used for energy.

Normal urine has the following components a Chlorides b Glucose c Urea d Creatinine At what stage of cell division does the centromere divide? Genetic mapping is based on the linkage between it on to a second substrate. Most of the plants obtain nitrogen from the soil in the form of a nitrate b nitrite c nitric acid d nitrogen gas Nitrate NO3 is the second form of nitrogen which is available for plant uptake. In most soils, nitrate is highly mobile.

Which of the following is not an autoimmune disorder? Which of the following is not a renewable energy resource? The study of the action is known as a Pharmacognosy b Pharmacology c Pathology d Parasitology Cholesterol level in blood is increased in all except a Nephrotic syndrome b Obstructive jaundice c Hypoparathyroidism d Hyperthyroidism COLA refers a Crystine ornithine leucine arginine b Crystine ornithine lysine alanine c Crystine ornithine leucine alanine d Crystine ornithine lysine arginine Which among the following does not bind calcium?

Plasma bicarbonate is transported across red blood cells by a Pectrin b Ankyrin c Carbonic anhydrase d Band 3 protein Assertion A : Animals store energy in the form of triglycerides. Reason R : Triglycerides can be converted to glucose whenever needed. Glucose is the form of sugar used by human body as fuel to create energy in the cells. Humans and other animals store energy which are not needed for immediate use in the form of fat triglycerides in specialized cells called adipocytes which means fat cells.

Insulin triggers the formation of triglycerides. Some cells, such as brain cells, can only use glucose for energy. A portion of the triglyceride molecule i. The first virus crystallised by Stanely in was a Cauliflower mosaic virus b Tobacco mosaic virus c Gemini virus d Wound tumour virus During World War II, the microorganism used as an agent of bio-terrorism was a Bacillus anthracis b Brucella abortus c Resinia pestis d Clostridium botulinum The complete viral particle is known as a Virion b Viroid c Prion d Virusoid A complete virus particle, known as a virion, consists of nucleic acid surrounded by a protective coat of protein called a capsid.

The virion has a spherical ish shell covered with surface proteins, and inside the genome is made up of only 1 type of nucleic acid DNA or RNA.

They have no metabolic activity outside the living cells.

So a virion must rely on the metabolism of the cell it infects. The function of the capsid is to protect the nucleic acid from inactivation by nucleases and other deleterious agents in the environment. He discovered that there are several types of human blood and established the ABO-system based on haemagglutination. Business Skills. Digital Marketing Skills. Human Resources Skills. Health Care Skills. Finance Skills. All Courses. All Practice Tests. Home SSC. New recruitment Jobs notification fci.

FCI Question Paper 2015- Assistant Grade III Exam (All Cadres)-West Zone

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