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Author: Shivprasad Koirala. Rs. This Book covers more than real interview questions ranging across 20 categories like. NET. Chapter 5: WebForms. Chapter 6: MVC (Model View. NET: Interview Questions [Shiprasad Koirala] on *FREE* This book offers section coverage C# and Projects SQL Server Interview Questions by Shiv Prasad Koirala Paperback $ Only 9 left in. Also have a look on + videos list which covers MVC 5, MSBI, AngularJS,, TypeScript, Knockout,.NET,, SQL, SharePoint /

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NET: Interview Questions: Shivprasad Koirala: Books. is not only useful for Interview preparation but also for learning several DotNet concepts. the pages, make notes. For interview question books it's the best choice. Some other books by Shivprasad Koirala. C# and projects. SQL Server. Shivprasad Koirala' Interview Questions 7th Edition is a comprehensive book for Computer Science undergraduates and professionals taking up.

Shivprasad Koirala's. NET Interview Questions 7th Edition is a comprehensive book for Computer Science undergraduates and professionals taking up interviews for. NET profiles. The book targets freshers with little knowledge of C trying to prepare for interviews. It begins with 50 critical frequently asked questions for the candidates to prepare when faced with a shortage of time and provides more than questions prepared after consulting professions from all over the field. It also focuses on in-depth concepts of C ,. In addition, the book comes bundled with a DVD which includes a mock interview video which helps the candidates understand how real life interviews are held and it also includes an MS Excel spreadsheet which will help candidates gauge their readiness for the interviews.

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This time I have added some more important questions around serialization, new. NET 4. Also I have updated some answers with more precision.

OOP This chapter I have really reworked it. I admit my previous editions did not have answers up to mark. So I have made some big changes in this chapter. As well I have added some more situation based questions around abstract classes and interfaces.

Interview shivprasad book by koirala net dot questions

A complete chapter I have dedicated to ADO. This time I have really made the images clean, nice and sharp.

Net koirala dot interview by shivprasad questions book

Also I have reworked on the answers to make it to the point. This chapter I have not altered too much in this edition as new kid in the block, MVC has arrived. But I have still reworked on some answers and diagrams which where confusing in the previous edition.

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This is a major thing in sixth edition , a complete new chapter dedicated to MVC. Updated lot of questions around WPF. Not much changed in this and chapter as such but added some few more architectures and patterns like MVVM and repository pattern. In this chapter I have done major revamps and addition. Updated some old threading answers and added questions around TPL Task parallel libarary. XML chapter kept as it is. Some of the question I was not sure where I should put it like algorithms , questions around debug release , packaging etc.

So this chapter will serve that purpose.

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I have started adding questions around algorithm's in this chapter. As usual salary card , sample resumes are my added flavors in the book. This is really a gift to my developer friends. I am sure my book will read by lot of fresher friends. So in case they want to learn. NET step by step , I have shipped the videos of Learn.

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Once you click ok you should see the MVC project created with all necessary files as shown below. Do not get too much confused about the folder and file structure for now. Step 3: Add a New Controller In MVC architecture the first hits comes to controller, which in turn loads the model data and this model data is then sent to the view.

So the first step is to create the controller. If you see the solution there is a controller folder. The next thing you will see is lot of readymade controller templates.

Now when we add a controller, do not delete the word controller from the file name. So now that we have added controller, lets add view.

Net by shivprasad interview dot questions koirala book

To add view go to views folder and add view as shown below. Finally you should see controller and views added in the respective folder as shown below. In the HomePage. Do not get discouraged. This error comes because you have not specified the controller and action name. On the browser URL type your controller name without the word controller followed by action name as shown below.

Step 7: Creating the student model Till now we have not added any model.