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Hardware and Networking Interview Questions & Answers. Networking hardware, also known as Computer networking devices or network equipment, are. Download basic networking questions with asnwers for interviews. Answer: Network Topology is refers to the way computers and its. Get here latest Computer Networking Interview Questions and also download computer networks interview questions with answers pdf.

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Contains Important Computer networks Interview Questions with Answers and Questions based on Computer networks, check your knowledge and test your and Answers PDF | Interview Questions in Computer Networks | Computer. Networking Interview Questions updated on Apr At the lowest level, a network can consist of two or more computers directly connected by some physical. Common Interview Questions for Computer Have you worked with building and maintaining networks? . Q and A: Tough Questions and Great Answers.

The tree can have only levels: level 0 root to level A full domain name is a sequence of labels separated by dots. A PQDN starts from a node, but it does not end with the root. Question 6. This loss of energy is called the Attenuation.

By the help of connecting links only.

Networking Questions and Answers for Freshers IT Officers PDF

The connecting links are nothing but the protocols which are used to make the computers or other devices communicate each. In the very simple language with the help of protocols, only two devices can communicate with each other. Devices can be anything like computers, printer, mobile devices.

These devices in networking or even called as nodes. Basically, there are two ways through which the devices can connect to each other.

Hardware and Networking Interview Questions & Answers

You can call point to point connection as the special case of multipoint connection. When the connection link is used to by Mamy receivers it is called as multipoint or multi-drop configuration. When the user uses the connection link on turns basis then this configuration will become time shared line configuration. PPP is like the data link layer protocol only. Used for connection over the synchronous and asynchronous circuits.

Multipoint configuration is used for the purpose of broadcasting. What we called as the broadcasting network.

Networking Interview Questions updated on Apr

Multipoint configuration also used in multicasting. Users can give their views in the comment section if they wish to add other important questions. My Education is B.

Basic Networking questions and answers. About the Author: Tech from Biju pattnaik university of technology.

I love to create innovative ideas to do something unique. Anonymous says: Narendra Madhukar Thakare says: Avinash Dwivedi says: Agize says: Tekeh Tah Desmond says: ZNA says: P says: Sundar D says: Akfet says: Features : The sending device shows it has finished sending the message.

Top 60 Networking Interview Questions and Answers

The receiving device shows it has received the message. The type of error checking to be used.

Pdf computer answers interview networking questions

Uni-casting —Here one to one communication occurs Multi-casting —Here one to many communication occurs Broadcasting —here one to all communication occurs. Answer: Here nodes and servers share data roles.

Nodes are defined as clients.

Pdf answers computer networking interview questions

To control access servers are used. The server is the most important part computer. Packets sent to the hub.

Again packets are sent by Hub to the destination. Advantages It is easy to set up in a network. One single cable cannot crash the whole network.

Interview answers pdf networking computer questions

Disadvantages One single hub crashing downs the whole network It uses a lot of cables It is the most common topology 9 What is RING connectivity in computer network?