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This is the current affairs questions and answers section on "Business" with download Current Affairs Business quiz questions with answers as PDF files and . This is a very nice collection of business quiz questions with answers. It will help in several business quizzes. Every business quiz enthusiast must read these. Business Quiz Questions - India Business Quiz With Answers - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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Knowledge Publisher Mon, Jan 4, General Knowledge 25 Indian Business Quiz with Answers - Free Business Quiz Questions and Answers. These. BUSINESS GK QUIZ – 1. 1. Which company is India's largest transporter and marketer of petroleum gas? (1) GAIL . ANSWERS. 1. (3). 2. (1). Business Quiz. 1. Created By: [email protected] Baseline/Tagline/AdLineof. Company/Brands. Company question, the answer might be Daily Mail.].

It will help in several business quizzes. In which year was it completed? Answer: 80 6 When was the ministry of divestment formed in India? Answer: Arun Jaitley 10 Under which Indian prime minister were guidelines for the divestment process first laid down? Answer: 20 Which organisation instituted the Nobel Prize for Economics? Answer: A.

Elimination Round 2.

Weekly Business Quiz # 465

Each team will be asked 4 questions. Each question will carry 10 marks. Questions can be passed to audience 3. Negative marking will not be conceded. The lowest scoring team will be eliminated. The score scored in this round will not be added to the following round. A b Japan c Nepal d none of these Aamir Zahoor A Aamir Zahoor Which among the following sectors has largest contribution in Gross Domestic Savings in India?

O has declared India free of which disease: Elimination Round 3 1.

India Business Quiz – The site for short business updates

The answering time for each question will be 30 sec only. Questions can be passed to audience 4. M Modi deliver speech during the 69th independence day: Round 4 The Head-Scratcher 1. Negative marks will be conceded 2. Questions can be passed to Following Team 3.

The score scored in this round will be added to the following round.

Zero Their is a zero in your phone. How come? She was walking. Who is the man? The man is my son. Bist b J.


Tata c J. Tagore d Mohammad Asif Aamir Zahoor Bist Aamir Zahoor Planning Commission B. Ministry of Finance C. Finance Commission D.

And business pdf questions quiz answers

Chicken market 52 What is picking stocks that have already sunk to the bottom but still have some bounce in them left called? Cigar butt hunting 53 How many stock exchanges are there in India?

Z stocks 55 By what name is the building 'Phiroze Jeejebhoy Towers' better known as? Iridium 57 What publication advertised itself with the lines "Software for the most advanced microprocessor on this planet"? Outlook Traveller. We're glad you have chosen to leave a comment.

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Pdf answers business quiz questions and

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General Awareness: Business Quiz (Set - 1)

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