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Sex God Method - Psychology behind sexual satisfaction. Sex God Method - 2nd - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. Download Sex God Method - 2nd Description. Download Sex God Method - 2nd Free in pdf format.

You are on page 1of Search inside document All rights reserved. First Edition. Published April No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electrical or mechanical, including photocopying and recording, or by any information storage or retrieval system without permission in writing from the author. And here9s why: If you9re not good in bed, you know pretty well what a miserable experience sex can turn into. First of all, if you can9t give women orgasms, they probably won9t want to have sex with you believe me, I know! You might sleep with a girl once and have her leave you for a guy who9s better in bedHor you might find yourself slowly getting less and less sex in your relationship, until finally it seems like you9ve forgotten what real sex is even like.

Some want to be spanked, choked, smacked, and even spat on.

Method god pdf sex the

This has been my experience: when I act dominant women like it. When I tear off their clothes, pin them down, and fuck them, they like it. Learn to get consent and tell if she wants to sleep with you or not. I usually do it in the order I listed above, and work my way down. Most women are also okay with this.

They just want you to be dominant. They want you to be a man.

Sex pdf the god method

Step 2: Emotion Emotion is a big turn on for women. Call her a dirty little slut and hate-fuck her, or tell her that you love her and ravish her. The feeling of shock and unexpectedness adds to the eroticism—it turns her on even more. Make her feel naughty by talking dirty. Order her to squirt. Step 3: Variety The third characteristic of the sex god method is variety. This one is to prevent things from getting too boring.

If you want to have amazing sex, you need to add variety.

Sex God Method - 2nd | Sexual Intercourse | Orgasm

Change the location. Change the time. Change the circumstances. Try different things.

God the pdf sex method

Just change up the location. If you always have sex during the night, have it during the day, or first thing in the morning. Eat her out, have her suck you off, do anal, do different positions, from cowgirl to doggystyle to weird Kama Sutra shit.

This way you can have your cake and eat it too: Remember the more pressure there is for her to have sex with you.

Don6t force sex if she6s not in the mood This is another one which can be difficult especially if your sex life has already started to go downhill. This includes: Acting pissed off or depressed because she won6t have sex with you Trying to have a Mserious talkN about your sex life. Any type of explicit pressure that you put on her to have sex with you is intensely damaging to her sexual desire for you.

By persistently trying to force sex when she6s not in the mood. Although it may be difficult at first. This is another technique which would completely backfire with a woman you just met. While it6s very tempting to engage in this type of behavior if she hasn6t had sex with you for a while.

This adds the all-important element of RISK to your sex life again now when she initiates sex with you. By teasing her and then denying her the sexual pleasure she craves. Occasionally tease her. She6s taking a chance that maybe you6ll get her really turned on. In reality.

There seemed to be no logic as to when these guys were doing these things it seemed to be more of a unconscious rhythm of attraction that they fell into. The main point that he makes in the book is that as humans we try to force a lot of areas of our life to be linear. For example. Cycle between Manimal attractionN and MrecoveryN in your relationship I6ve observed a lot of couples where the woman became sexually bored with the man after a few years and a few where the woman was still sexually desired her man after 5.

While you might think the men having great sex after 10 or 20 years were the ones who were the most stable. Adding Variety 5. Some of these couples still having great sex even had kids it didn6t really matter. While this would seem to be the case.

With all the couples I had ever seen who were regularly having great sex after years. I thought. There were many. I decided to try this in my own relationship life. After seeing the power of making important areas of my life cyclical. I also began to thinkcwhat if it6s actually healthy to have cyclical relationships as well? The image that we have of a great relationship is one where both partners are constantly and consistently attracted to each other for decadescbut how many times have you actually seen a couple like this in real life?

I had never seen a couple like this and I still never had so I began to think that the ideal of being steadily and consistently attracted to each other at exactly the same level for decades was an unachievable goal.

For a few weeks.

Sex God Method

I found that every few weeks. And then. In the MrecoveryN cycle. This naturally introduced more Variety into the relationship sex was always flowing from one type of sex to another.

Don6t try to have a consistent. I would go with the flow and let our relationship fall into this natural rhythm. This is perhaps the biggest key to keeping sex interested for During the Manimal attractionN cycles. The result of this was that we were naturally having different types of sex depending on what cycle we were in.

During the MrecoveryN cycles. We would still be having sex and we were still attracted to each other. In the Manimal attractionN cycle. Rather than trying to fight this as I would of before. In your relationship. What are some good locations for sex other than your bed? Here are a few you can try: The shower Other rooms in the house On a chair or couch with her riding you In the back seat of your car In a hotel room this can be very excitingceven if the hotel is just down the street.

While a bed is the most comfortable and best place for sex. To avoid this. Use sex toys and porn to add variety Another great way to add Variety into a long-term relationship is to use sex toys and porn. While it6s usually a bad idea to do a lot of planning to engineer a great.

By the time the sex does start. Celebrate special occasions A great bonus to being in a long-term relationship is that there are certain special occasions throughout the year your anniversary.

One important note for downloading porn: Within the trusting and comfortable environment of a long-term relationship.

Valentine6s day. Even if she6s never tried these things before. download the old-school MfeatureN type of porn the kind that has a cheesy plotline and bad acting. This creates more of a movie type of atmosphere. A good way to do this is to surprise her by downloading her a few sex toys and porn videos for her birthday. If she hasn6t told you what she likes before. Usually it6s best if the evening starts with some platonic activity.

For any special occasion. Once you start having sex. Once you get to the hotel room. If she6s previously told you about a sexual. N Lead her to the hotel. Here are some ideas that you can use: For your anniversary. Drink the champagne as you eat strawberries and chocolate off each other bodies. Another way to celebrate special occasions with sex is to use her birthday to make her biggest sexual fantasy come true.

After dinner. N When she is highly aroused and you begin talking like this it won6t. If her fantasy was of having sex in public. Use Sex Fantasies You can also add sexual Variety to your relationship by finding out what her sexual fantasies are. The way to do this is to get her aroused. Because of the trust you have in your relationship. If you gently persist though. And if she6s never done a certain sex act before. This is not so much because she doesn6t want to do the activity with you.

You6ll probably meet with some resistance to your advances at first. If you are always exploring new sexual frontiers with her. To introduce these MtabooN activities. Check out MAct IV: The FantasiesN for a complete guide to using fantasies in the bedroom.

When you do introduce it to her. She6ll soon start imagining that what you6re talking about is actually happening. If you6ve never done this with her before.

This process of gradual introduction and gentle persistence can be used to introduce any new sex act into your relationship. You can then progress from inserting a lubricated finger into her.

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