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Speakout Upper-Intermediate Students Book. ronaldweinland.info New English File Pre-Intermediate Student’s Book. Student`s book intermediate - speak out. Speakout Upper-Intermediate Students Book. ronaldweinland.info SpeakOut Intermediate ronaldweinland.info MB. ronaldweinland.info MB. Speak Out Intermmediate teachers resource book_.. 23 MB. speakout_intermediate_workbook.

A congressional subcommittee was investigating a corporate scandal. Like there was some magic structure that Enron and [Arthur] Andersen had come up with to make this work. But our guest today says acts of workplace courage can be much smaller and less dramatic than this and still be quite effective and important. Jim, thanks for coming on the show. It seems almost anti-climactic.

But then what happens when you do it? What do they do differently? We need somebody else to change. The targets might be much more compelled by this is an opportunity. Look at the exciting upsides.

This is another key step that your research shows is important if you want to be successful in doing courageous things competently in the office. What for me also was a much more novel finding was this idea that very few things that are worthy of being called courageous end in the moment.

You know, when things go well, even in those instances, often there are these important next steps of how do you think those who offered their support, how do you thank those and give credit to those who stood with you? How do you make sure you actually go and secure the follow-up steps, the actual resources that were discussed in the moment? How do you basically take the success you had and lock it in?

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How do you skillfully go about, you know, either repairing those relationships, helping people see past, uh, you know, their current anger or hurt or fear and move forward? What I learned is that there are people who are really skillful at emotion management after these difficult moments. And one part of that emotion management is within the self. And actually just sort of further seal that, you know, that loop that says this is a terrible thing to do.

But there are others who, who really just view all of that as data. So symbolically you have to really publicly celebrate instances where people were bold and innovative. Where they went beyond, you know, what they were authorized to do on behalf of the organization. Where they pushed or challenged you or somebody else. You have to, you have to celebrate that. Because you have to change the urban legends. I mean, if you ask most people about, you know, oh, what happens when people courageously do XYZ, what the answer you get is, you know, people got their head chopped off.

Stuclent B: tum to IUlge Take have. In that tree, we would sit and c! Ibout hfe, felSt on the sweet, crunchy apples,IF'ie! Choose the Usinlst. It makes your artlCle sound more pi!

Can 'OU remember' pitticular sights.. Addatitlli'- towards the ground,,.! And I remember herdresi. Practice of new words the Vocabulary bank at the back at least one writing section withoften includes pronunciation work.

The target language and the CEF Students learn a lexical set objectives are listed to clearly which is relevant to the function show the objectives of the lesson. Look at the photos and dixuu which S A Here are fwe more expr6sions for soliciting information. What other thlng5- w,ste time?

Which do yoo think are good IdtiU? Which 11ft not serious? I 'content' words, which tend 10 be noons. Others aro Important B Are the statements true 1 or fit lse F? So 'O' The b gn. H 7ving saidau aren't. Add capital letters. II a had JOb of them. Having said that,lM. Mry WOKInesday, we could spend an hourdoscuning theiswe. Using this site, you can create your own guides, Story 1 -oosing from the hundreds of different tips.

Out pdf speak

When you find another interesting tip, just add it he list. Happy travelling. B Find words or phrases in the article to match ennitions Use the sequencers.

Where is the man trying to go? Restaurant b guide because I love showing people my restaurant city. S f down the River Nile. B Read the audioscript on page 79 and check your answers. Where no word is necessary, choose -. Excuse me. Go straight on. OK, so it's easy! Yes, of course. I'm trying to find the internet cafe. Keep going. Yes, you can. It's about two minutes' walk. That's right. It 's easy!

About four years. He here for four years. Did you see that comedy film last night? I it yet. Just a minute. I'll have a look for you. Yes , it was under the sofa. Not very long. It's - I The woman plays table tennis four times a week. And what have you learnt from 2 She says it gives her a great feeling.

I think I've learnt something very 4 They found that people who don 't smoke, exercise regularly and eat lots important in life. Most people just want of fruit and vegetables every day live longer. But they don 't S Doctors say if you want to see changes to your health , you need to make know where to look for happiness. Years big changes to your lifestyle. And be0ause they now Thank you , joy. And good luck S It's part of the fun.

S a I've worked in other countries. Practise saying the sentences. You can 3 Circle the best option to complete the conversations, the letters more than once. What are you doing this weekend?

Will that cafe on Wardour Street be open tomorrow? I don't know. I've cooked little Johnny some vegetables for tonight's dinner. Can I try yourfood? Be careful. Do we need to download any ingredients for this recipe? Can you check? Served with 6 A: You know Melissa's a vegetarian, don't you?

Are you going to that new bar before you leave town? Meat-eater's delight. I don 't know. What are your predictions for food in the future? Mix the pasta and seafood and put in a tray. Here ore four of the results: He told half of them theV were eating something expensive and delicious. He told the other half they were eating cheap food from a con. In fact. The ones who thought they were eating 6A Connect the two sentences. Use and, butor when.

Pdf speak out

Use each word twice. I have always liked cooking. I cook every day. He gave everyone a free bog of popcorn but the popcorn 2 I was very young. I cooked my first meal. Most people noticed this but they sti ll ate almost all of it. I eat a lot of fish. I decided to popcorn. These things may be more important than the open my own restaurant. I use a little wine in some of the free chicken. The waiters cleaned half the tables everv dishes I prepare.

No one cleaned the other tables. The people with clean tables ate seven pieces of chicken. The others ate 6 I like meeting customers at my restaurant. I ask them five. When we can't see how much we're eating. B Write the words and and also in the correct places. He gave them I My favourite types of food are pasta fresh fish.

I like fruit. Half the 2 Every morning I download vegetables herbs from the market. I bogs hod sweets with seven different colours; the other download meat there. The people whose sweets hod more colours ate forty -three more 3 I find that the food in the market is fresher better quality.

It's cheaper. So they eat more. Write the missing word or put a tick if the 1 Use the clues to complete the crossword. Across Down Conversation I 5 It's very painful. I'm We've got some Doctor: Good morning. How can I help? Your leg? What's matter with it? I need to get Woman: Well , very painful. I think he's got a Doctor: I see. How long have stop the infection. I've got a Woman: Since yesterday. Can I a look? Conversation 2 Doctor: What's matter, Mr Smith?

E Man: I feel terrible. D Doctor: All right. Where does hurt? And can 't sleep. Have you got temperature?

Can I have look? N Man: E Doctor: That's fine. It's nothing worry about. But I feel terrible! Good afternoon. I've got a sore throat and a headache. Doctor Doctor: About two weeks. It's Can I have a d worry about. Conversation 2 Patient Patient: I think I've broken my arm. I feel g about my leg.

Oh dear. Here you are. It's i sleep. Here, and here. I fell over. What do you think I 1 should wear to the go in the future. No, you 3! You have to try and look smart. I4 so. What about this?

This dress will be OK, won't it? I'm not 5 about that. It's a bit short. Oh yes, maybe you're right. I 6 you shou ld wear trousers and a jacket. A jacket? I don't think that's a good 7. I've got a nice jacket. Diaz was a very bad student who never attended classes. One evening when he 3satl was sitting in a bar he 2 Circle the correct option to complete the text. Arturo said the exam was in current student or staff ID. To borrow Room 52 but Diaz thought he said Room He tried to ask books.

The exam 8hadlwas having multiple- week. If you have renewed the books before the due date, choice questions so Diaz guessed all of the answers. He scored Special Orders. I a must b have to c can 5 Each sentence has a verb missing. Complete the 2 a doesn't have to b has to c have to sentences with verbs in the box in the infinitive or the -ing form. S Do you enjoy meals for large groups of people?

ECK 2: Can I have a look? OK, I'll give you some medicine for it. And you shouldn 't do any heavy work for a few weeks. You need to rest for at least two weeks. I'll write a note.

Thanks, doctor. The first letter of each word is given. There is a mistake in II k: The doctor 0 or the you visited patient p? I Everyone likes that film , but I it. James didn 't like working in an office, so he gave Ten yeors ogo ani uplwith his job and decided to travel forltol around the world. I' m moving tol onl in the USA in August.

At the moment I' m waiting oflobo uti for my visa. Sal 's thinking inl tol about doing an art course. She's looki ng aboutl inl for someone who can teach her how to paint. I When are you going a to Berlin because they want to James Turnbull and Harry Potts left their office jobs in 2 I'm looking be near his family. London to move to Tobago and open a bar on the beach.

Now, ten years later, they own two hotels, a restaurant He's OK. He's c back home? Have you booked and a nightclub. When James told his colleagues at work your ticket yet? It's 5 They moved d about it for a while and tell me been a great success. Have you seen it anywhere? We didn't use to visit our cousins very often when we 2 they I dream I about a life on the beach we re young. He eight 7 they I not wear I shorts and a T-shirt to work ki lometres every morning.

I When Madonna first arrived in New York, she was a famous dancer. Focus on the pronunciation S Sharleen Spiteri didn't enjoy working as a of used to and didn't use to. If you're doing the same thing every day, maybe you're stuck in a rut, and you need to do something about it.

Student's Book Intermediate (Speak Out)

Here are some tips. Mick JagQer was once a porter in a mental hospital? If you find you Set new goals are stuck in a rut and dream about being famous. She took a job working at achieve this change and write them down. Dinky Donuts in Times Square. While working in London. In he found fame as the lead singer of something different. The Boomtown Rats. He has strong political ideas too. Johnny Depp used to sell pens.

Sharleen Spiteri was the past and worrying about decisions you working as a hairdresser in Glasgow. She says she loved the job have already made. She then spent time singing in pubs and clubs and worked satisfied. Learning a new skill might give you new opportunities in life. There are mistakes in eight of the sentences. B Listen again and complete the notes. The 11ttt1l. C Read audio script 7. Do you sORens if the cafeteria is open?

Is the 7know open now? I think it 8 cafeteria at 8. Can you II heiR me where my classroom is? Have you got yo ur registration form? Your registration form. Yes, 14Sorry it is. Your ISCan is room 40 I. It's over there, near the bookshop. It's next to the bookshop. The one near the cafeteria? You can 't bring your bag into the library. Down B: So, do I have to here? I need A: The exam starts at 9 o 'clock.

They can tell yo u about your accommodation. I need to download a notebook. There's a stationery shop over the. I need to download A: Thank you. Can you tell me where the study centre is? It 's on the left as you go out of the building. It's on the left as you go out of the building. Put the underlined words in the correct place. Where can I find Professor Adams? Conversation I B: He's in the lecture theatre.

Speak Out Rules, Instructions, Directions - How Do You Play It – How Do You Play It

Excuse tell A: Thank me, can you library me where the library is? Yes, he's giving a presentation. The IreceRtion? It's next to the main 2excuse. I can take you there if you like. I I'm going to pay by rdtcie radc credit card. Callin is a private university. Callin is the private university where I studied physics. She fixed my S I usually woorbr books from the library.

Do you have any iosnc for this machine? You get free food 8 Do you usually i! Q taxi drivers in your country? It sells old CDs. I gave them to you r girlfriend. He emptied his sports minutes trying to pick them up 7 David Bynes is a personal trainer. He bag and put the money in it. Unfortunately, he left several the police arrived. I was born there. He introduced me to of the bank and was arrested When arrested, Delgado said your sister. The police looked at his registration, manager called the police.

Read the text to find out. Because they thought the club bought him so that they could sell more Arsenal T-shirts in Japan. Inamoto was a very good player but he played only five games in a year at Arsenal, none of them important. His name and face did, however, sell a lot of T-shirts. Back in actor Marlon Brando played the role of Superman's father in the film Superman. He appeared for less than fifteen minutes in the film and didn't learn his lines. These had to be written on various pieces of paper around the film set!

The company said it was a short film, a piece of art, not just an advertisement. Of course there is Bill Gates and the usual businesspeople: And who is the biggest money maker in literature?

Now that is magiC! The previous owner used it for only two months. Complete the alternative. COM My wife wanted a new sofa. Bigger isn't always better. I really needed the money. I didn't. She told me again and again. I returned the money. Then I was poor, so she left me.

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Now she's going out with my rich friend. We spent our time watching films and playing games no smoking allowed.

He loves playing cards. Now we play cards seven days a week. We're all addicted. Melanie the company. Concentrate on the stressed prepositions. I a There isn 't enough food here; 6A 8.

What do you b There's too much food here; think happened? Listen and check. S a We don 't have much time to catch the bus, b We don't have enough time to catch the bus, i so we have to be quick.

I've been out in the sun too long b I've had enough sun i and I'm burnt now. B Find and correct the mistakes. There are five mistakes in the summary ii so I'm going inside. The first one has been done for you.

Jones told ii days away from my work, so I lost my job. She agreed. She didn 't sign it. Instead, she took Jones to court. In court, he told the truth: Joe Smith, Maggie's husband, was putting money in the w all for fifty years and he never told his wife. In the end, the judge decid ed that Mr Jones should get all of the money.

When I started in , everything was different. Shops were much smaller in those days 11 I I too. And people didn't really go window shopping.

In the 6 I I smaller shops, you knew most of your customers. How are you? You mean a can opener. They 're just over there. You mean paint stripper? We have some just here. I'm looking forfusilli. Oh, I'm afraid we're out of stock.

Do you have any books by Malcolm Gladwell? Oh yes. They're in the popular psychology section. B Listen again and answer the questions. France Poland 3A 9. Circle the Population 60 million people 38 million people correct stress pattern.

Size , square km , square km C 9. Then listen and repeat. Oanuary 4 It's cheap to stay in a bed and breakfast than to stay in a hotel. Ouly 6 The summers are much hot than they were. The population in France is.. Rysy in Poland. Then read I Why does Brian Wallis think people enjoy the text.

Which reasons are mentioned? United States When you think of Washington, you might not th ink of vegetable patches, but there are lots of them. Brian Wa llis, who works in banking, likes gardening in his free time.

And he's not alone. Outside Sydney there are more than fi fty community gardens. In the garden at the Addison Road Centre people grow all kinds of things, from bananas to coffee, herbs, beans and vegetables. They also have lemon, peach and cherry trees. People come here to learn new skills related to organ ic gardening and recycling.

Maxwell shares the land 7 Find and correct the mistakes. They grow bananas, coffee and a spelling mistake in each sentence. Russia 3 Have you got an extra ticket?

I'd like to Every weekend in the summer, the roads of Russia's big cities are fu ll of come to. A 'dacha' can be anything 4 We spent the weekend by the see. People from the city can enjoy the clean air 6 Are you sure this is the write way?

Ta tiana, who has a plot near the Black Sea, grows tomatoes and cucum bers in the summer and cabbages in the 8 Underline the correct alternative to wi nter. I try to use the car as little as possible. I walk or use my bike to get around.