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In the United States, circumcision is a commonly performed procedure. It is a relatively safe procedure with a low overall complication rate. Most complications . pengurangan dampak buruk, sirkumsisi, pencegahan dan pengendalian infeksi di Faskes dan profilaksis pasca pajanan untuk kasus pemerkosaan dan. At After Hours, we talk about anything to do with love, sex and relationships. In this episode, we discuss about the differences between circumcised and.

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To me, this indicates the idea that humans must collaborate with God, in the process of receiving, understanding and accepting the truth, so that it may become effective in the life of each man or woman. This idea of being open and receptive to the truth is most evident, I believe, in the following text from Jeremiah: Jeremiah asks, To whom shall I speak, and give warning, that they may hear?

Behold, their ear is uncircumcised, and they cannot hearken: behold, the word of the Lord is unto them a reproach; they have no delight in it.

Ebook sirkumsisi

Jer In all we have seen in this essay, I have tried to show the close connection between ideas of trust, truth-telling, and sexual parts. Women as well as men can take part symbolically in rituals regarding physical generation and material fertility, they can also join into symbolic rituals regarding regeneration, and spiritual fertility. In natural fertility - producing offspring there must be nothing that prevents or inhibits the passing of seed from male to female, and the passing along of life to the next generations.

Spiritually there is a similar collaboration and coordination in the roles of masculine and feminine forces. I am reminded of Plato comparing physical and spiritual pregnancy, in the Symposium, saying all humans can be pregnant in spirit. First, it represents a love for generation, and a willingness to take part in reproducing life in a purified physical and mental state.

Second, and more deeply, it symbolizes a respect for truth 6 and a willingness to avoid inhibiting the life-giving transmission of the Word from one to another. The male and female aspects of circumcision are symmetrical but different; they are complementary. By contrast with circumcision, touching ones genitals to guarantee the truth of what is said seems to be only a male ritual wherever it is found which was not limited to the culture of Abraham and his heirs.

Is there something comparable among women?

Ebook sirkumsisi

I hope we have already shown that although patriarchal societies think women are incapable of trust and truth telling, it surely is not the case. Before answering that, let me take another look at oath taking.

Oath taking revisited and Jesus prohibition At the start of this essay, we asked whether swearing by the male genitals existed before the time of Abraham, or in other parts of the world. The answer is yes. Joshua Katz shows this in his analysis of the linguistic history of testicle, and its alleged connection to the Latin term testis, which means both witness and testicle a single one!

Katz points out first that the idea of witnessing as a ritual involving a third party, standing by goes back to Ugaritic Syrian, Semitic language texts of the 13th Century BCE , as well as Sanskrit texts and Vedic Hymns that refer to God Varuna, who protects truth and punishes liars.

They did, however, speak of witnesses affirming three times, at the ritual swearing, that This did take place. Katz was able to bring this range of times and places together through similarity of language, procedures and even derivative root origins, and connect them to a less ancient wellknown Greek text, dealing with a murder trial, as reported by Demosthenes BCE.

In the latter swearing ritual, the same expression, This did take place, and the same triple repeating of the phrase occurs, and is specifically connected to ritual use of testicles; the witness is to stand on the testicles of three animals that have been sacrificed - a pig, a sheep and a calf.

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This was some serious business! But then, it was a murder trial.

Katz finds a final link in this line of ritual swearing, not in Latin or anything from Rome, but just north of Rome, in Umbria, written on the Iguvine Tables.

They refer to rituals of the Atieolian Brothers who were priests in the temple of Jupiter. Although this inscription contains a key Italic word urfeta , never found elsewhere, whose meaning has been disputed, Katz shows that the translation should be orb or ball, as a reading of the term in question.

This inscription brings all the elements together: When you wish to sacrifice a votive bull calf, dedicate it to Jupiter on the same day. When you dedicate it, hold a ball urfeta in your hand. Use the following words: Jupiter Sancius, to thee I dedicate this votive bull calf. Three times declare it fit for presentation, three times pronounce it a votive offering. Sacrifice it to Jupiter for the gens Lucia among the Atieolian Brothers.

But curiously, Jesus tells his followers not to swear at all. Matt 7 Why is this? Today, as in ancient times, swearing, or an oath, is a ritual way of guaranteeing the truth of ones word.

To superstitious or religious persons, oaths represent that there is a higher power governing the interactions of men, which will hold them to their word, and especially punish anyone who lies. The validity of ones word, in Abrahams case, was connected to worldly success, and the continuation of the chosen people. It seems to me that truth-telling was not thought to be obligatory in itself - a moral requirement - but only insofar as it worked for clear benefit.

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So ones word had to be underwritten by something. The text from Jeremiah is from a later, different time. Jeremiah is talking to a stiffnecked people, who more and more were following the ways of the nations around them, which means they had lost faith in God, and were becoming steadily more self-interested and corrupt.

The point was that God loves them, and they were supposed to treat their neighbors well; and all the pomp and ceremonious religious sacrifices could not please him, or substitute for their obligation to love others, and act morally. This is shown most succinctly in Micah: He hath showed thee, O man, what is good; and what doth the Lord require of thee, but to do justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God. Micah To swear by his name instead of by the genitals is to realize that God is the source and guarantor of truth, and truth is given to all humans, to help them find happiness and spiritual life, insofar as they are willing to listen to it, honor it and live by it.

Those who are given truth should not puff themselves up because they have it the pride of orthodoxy ; they must share it, and do well by means of it. Jesus took this idea to the next level, by saying not to swear at all.

Ebook sirkumsisi

The truth doesnt need any shoring up or guarantee; it stands by itself. It is both vitally necessary, and totally sufficient, to provide the guidance men and women need. Similarly there is nothing any person can add to her or his word that will prove that it is true. Either its true or it isnt.

Just speak it, and let the word be enough; if the speaker values the truth, the outcome will show it. But I say unto you, Swear not at all; But let your communication be, Yea, yea; Nay, nay: for whatsoever is more than these cometh of evil. Matt , 37 Gender as a Cosmic Symbol; and Swedenborgs Perspective It can hardly be denied that the Abrahamic scriptures are sexist Jewish, Christian and Muslim , in terms of their content as well as their language.

Women are typically dominated, demeaned, or left out of consideration. This is not surprising, since the cultures in which they developed were patriarchal. But despite this fact, I believe it is possible for these works, as well as other sexist scriptures, to contain ideas that represent, largely in symbolic ways, that men and women are of equal worth, and are equally honorable. My way of supporting this is simply to 8 remind readers of the ways in which gender symbolizes the basic dual nature of the universe its male-and-femaleness.

This is not, of course, a new idea, but it comes up most frequently in the context of South Asian religion and philosophy pairs of consorts, and pairs of principles. Similar pairs of oppositions are fundamental to ancient Far Eastern thought too, in terms of yin and yang, as well as in Greek and Roman thought, which paired gods and goddesses, or used contrasting gods to represent opposing qualities, such as rationality and irrationality Apollo and Dionysos ; or combining opposing essences, such as animal-and-human e.

So the cosmos is structured as a union of opposites. In either case, we can say that there is masculinity and femininity in everything, or that man and woman are the chief cosmic symbols. These ideas of balance of genders, and universal forces, dont show much in biblical writings at least not on the surface. Typically masculinity and male virtues are associated with good, truth, power and success.

Issues are presented as black or white, friend or enemy, good or evil, with few shades of grey or room for compromise, uncertainty or tolerance. With some exceptions, of course, which prove the rule, women are presented as weak, seductive, undependable.

The one-sidedness of these religions is understandable, of course, and sensible, in the context of a patriarchal society that depicts God as an all-powerful, all-knowing man, whose law is eternal.

What this view leaves out however is what the female side entails, namely love. As a quick generalization, I believe it is correct to say that in Jewish scripture, Gods love for humans is mentioned, but primarily for the chosen and the good; in Christian scripture Gods love is emphasized, and applies to all humankind; and in Muslim scripture, Gods love doesnt appear at all, although his mercy is mentioned as a mantra at the beginning of every chapter in the Quran.

There are those who have tried to interpret Abrahamic scriptures in the spirit of universal one-ness together with cosmic duality. Early Christian history has examples of writers mostly those influenced by Greek and Eastern mysticism and philosophy - who tried to push the Church in that direction.

Some of these even wrote different gospels, which vied for inclusion in the orthodox canon. He was a Christian, although a harsh critic of both Catholic and Protestant traditions.

He published a large body of work in Latin, including a ten-volume analysis and interpretive reading of Genesis and Exodus, 18and many other studies of major biblical topics, including marriage love, freedom, the Word, evil, the after-life, providence, Revelation, and the essence of true Christianity. Throughout his work, Swedenborg discusses the nature of God, but the book most relevant to my 9 essay here is Divine Love and Wisdom.

He specifically relates these to masculinity and femininity. For instance, the sun comes to earth by means of its heat and light which Swedenborg says correspond to the love and wisdom of God. This universal principle is illustrated not just by the fact of male and female versions of all living creatures, but also by the constitution of each individual creature.

Most importantly, every human, whether male or female - is constituted of masculine and feminine aspects, especially in the mind. Mentally and spiritually, as well as physically, then, we are male-and-female. The dual aspect of a human mind is marked at the biological level by the right and left hemispheres, which correspond to the mental powers of reasoning and choosing, in what have long been called intellect and will, respectively.

These two faculties, to use old-fashioned terminology, correspond with, and respond to what is true and good, ideally. Of course they can be perverted and abused, and oriented instead to what is false and evil, in a kind of inversion of true humanity. Taking a male sexist view of biblical scriptures, then, or continuing and promulgating such a view up until the present, and even in current religious beliefs, is an unfortunate accident of history, and a function of the patriarchal societies in which these revelations were born, and the languages in which they were presented and passed on.

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It is vital to the health and growth of every society to recognize that female and male characteristics are perfectly complementary, and equal in value. Men and women can and should collaborate in every aspect of life: in home making, child rearing, education, religion, social development, business and economic activity, and government, and of course in sexual activity.

Swedenborgs name is not widely known in popular literature, although his ideas have greatly influenced not a few famous thinkers and writers. Perhaps he made little impression during his day because his religious orientation and philosophy - even mysticism - were not consistent with Enlightenment trends.

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This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Abstract In the United States, circumcision is a commonly performed procedure. It is a relatively safe procedure with a low overall complication rate. Most complications are minor and can be managed easily.

Though uncommon, complications of circumcision do represent a significant percentage of cases seen by pediatric urologists. Often they require surgical correction that results in a significant cost to the health care system. Severe complications are quite rare, but death has been reported as a result in some cases.

A thorough and complete preoperative evaluation, focusing on bleeding history and birth history, is imperative. Proper selection of patients based on age and anatomic considerations as well as proper sterile surgical technique are critical to prevent future circumcision-related adverse events.