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Know Your Fats - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book Roles of Fat in Our Lives booklet by Mary G. Enig and Beverly R. Teter, Download Know Your Fats Pdf Book. Know Your Fats by Mary, Ph.D. The Complete Primer for understanding the Nutrition. Of Fats,Oils. Author: Mary G. Enig DOWNLOAD DJVU Know Your Fats: The Complete Primer for Understanding the Nutrition of Fats, Oils and Cholesterol. Read more.

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Dr. Mary G. Enig, a nutritionist/biochemist of international renown for her research on the nutritional aspects of fats and oils, is a consultant, clinician, and the. MARY ENIG KNOW YOUR FATS EPUB DOWNLOAD - Know Your Fats has ratings and 24 reviews. Barb said: A A list of recommended reading included this . Eat Fat, Lose Fat: The Healthy Alternative to Trans Fats by Mary Enig. Read online, or download in secure ePub format.

What is a saturated fatty acid? A fatty acid having no double bonds, i. If it is stearic acid, it is shown in abbreviated form as C where the zero indicates no double bond. What is an unsaturated fatty acid? If only one bond is unsaturated it is called a monounsaturated fatty acid.

Most vegetable primarily seed oils cannot be used extensively for baking or deep fat frying unless they are changed from a liquid oil to a solid fat. You can cream a cup of fat into a cup of sugar and two cups of flour, and the resulting dough can be baked into a well-shaped cookie. If you try to substitute a cup of oil for the fat, you will be disappointed with the greasy flat "cookie.

The food industry knows that cookies and crackers, as well as cakes, pastries, and donuts have to be made with a fat at least as firm as a soft fat like lard or palm oil, so the industry changes the very liquid oils, such as soybean, corn, canola, cottonseed, and sometimes peanut oils and safflower oils, into fats by a process called 20 KNOW YOUR FATS These plastic, man-made fats are usually much firmer than the natural baking fats like lard and palm oil, and the baker can pack more of this fat into a product without producing a greasy feel.

This is because these man-made fats have a wide range of high melting points for their individual triglyceride molecules, and even though they are very flexible, they hold their shape very well, and they don't melt at room temperature. Oils such as soybean and canola that are going to be used by restaurants for deep frying do not need to be as solid as fats for baking, but they need to be stabilized by partial hydrogenation to prevent such undesirable problems as oxidation, polymerization, or heat damage.

The result is what is called liquid shortening. Some oils, such as cottonseed oil, have been traditionally used for frying potato chips and are not hydrogenated for this purpose. The limited amount of cottonseed oil available in the United States food supply precludes extensive usage. Most oils cannot be substituted for butter as a spread, so they are partially hydrogenated to make solid spreads. You can churn cream for less than an hour and the result will be butter; but you could churn soybean oil or corn oil for years and you could not produce solid margarines, although you could produce something with the texture of mayonnaise if an emulsifier e.

It is possible to make a margarine without partially hydrogenating the oil, and this has been done in Europe for a number of years using palm oil, palm kernel oil, or coconut oil because these oils have triglycerides that crystallize satisfactorily.

There are also methods of making soft margarines out of other unhydrogenated oils, using a process called interesterification, and there has been at least one soft margarine marketed in Canada that was produced by this rather expensive process. The resulting product, however, is not very satisfactory to many people. There are also several spreads made with emulsifiers that use unhydrogenated liquid oils and a process similar to the one used for making mayonnaise.

These spreads have not been widely available in the United States market until recently. There are more being sold in England and Canada at the present time than in the United States. Partial hydrogenation increases the degree of saturation" of the fat by converting the polyunsaturated fatty acids into less unsaturated forms and differently unsaturated forms. In fact, a whole new class of fatty acids called trans fatty acids is formed.

Sometimes these trans fatty acids have several unsaturated bonds in the trans configuration; sometimes the trans fatty acids have only one unsaturated bond in the trans configuration.

But the trans fatty acids are mostly straight chains like the saturated fatty acids and they turn the formerly liquid oil into a solid "plastic" fat. If the new fat has trans fatty acids, there is proportionally less of the other fatty acids. Some of the partially hydrogenated fats in the United States have 50 percent or more of their fatty acids as trans fatty acids. Fats that have been partially hydrogenated have very, very long shelf life, unlike the original, highly unsaturated oils they were made from.

Know Your Fats : The Complete Primer for Understanding the Nutrition of Fats, Oils and Cholesterol

The unsaturated oils can become rancid easily if they are not that some of the natural antioxidants usually found in the seed oils are lost when these seed oils are extracted with solvents, and since these oils are so highly unsaturated, they really need the antioxidant protection. Some oils, like palm oil and olive oil when they are not extracted with solvents, contain high levels of many compounds that are natural antioxidants, and therefore they are well protected.

Additionally, these two oils do not contain much of the highly unstable polyunsaturated fatty acids. This reactivity of the polyunsaturated fatty acids is the reason linseed oil makes a good drying oil for furniture. The gummy residue in salad bowls and frying pans is due to the polymers that are formed when the polyunsaturates are not adequately protected.

One of those common misstatements about hydrogenated fats and oils that we referred to in the introduction is the statement that hydrogenated soybean and cottonseed oils are not as highly saturated as palm, palm kernel, and coconut oil. However, these two oils soybean and cottonseed in their partially hydrogenated forms are often higher in long-chain "saturate-equivalents" saturated fatty acids plus trans fatty acids, which are all 18 carbons long after typical hydrogenation than are palm, palm kernel and coconut oils.

Coconut and palm kernel oils have stored very carefully. Palm oil is not usually partially hydrogenated and does not have any trans fatty acids.

L Original cis fatty acid linoleic acid Original cis fatty acid -linolenic acid Cis fatty acid e. This is completely incorrect.

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Hydrogenating the socalled tropical oils hardly changes the levels of saturated fatty acids at all. Table D.

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As the reader will see later in this book, the natural long-chain saturated fatty acids and the trans fatty acids long-chain saturate equivalents produced by partial hydrogenation are equivalent in their physical properties in food manufacturing and food preparation. They act and react, however, very differently from each other in biological systems. Because of their equivalent physical properties, these fatty acids can be used interchangeably in many foods.

Nonetheless, the differences in their actions in biological systems lends a critical spin to their unqualified acceptance or rejection.

Fats are made up of several different classes of fatty acids. In naturallyoccurring fats there are basically three major classes of fatty acids. One class of fatty acids, the saturated fatty acids, should really be divided into two or three separate subclasses, i. The second class is called monounsaturates. The third class is called polyunsaturates. There is also a fourth category of fatty acids, the trans fatty acids, which do not really belong with the naturally-occurring monounsaturates or polyunsaturates.

View or edit your browsing history. A Review of Know Your Fats: Scientifically explains why coconut oil, palm oil, butter, lard, and whole milk are quality fat. This information is not to be construed as advice.

Know Your Fats by Mary Enig - Book Review

Jan 07, Nadia rated it really liked it Shelves: The information is detailed and scientific, but written in a way that is youf for the reader to understand. Please click button to get how to lower your fat thermostat book now. All books are in clear copy here, and all files are secure so don't worry about it. Not all fats are bad for your health. In fact, some fats are essential for optimum health. You'll learn how to avoid unhealthy fats hidden in many foods, while learning about the benefits of good fats.

To read, or not to read about fat, that is the question. Includes bibliographical references p. Know Your Fats! PDF City the city of pdf files where they live in love and harmony. Collins 3e English revision of the manuscript. Observing the results in Table 1it is easy to note that those of the official AOCS emthod present a tendency to be a little higher than those of the proposed method and also of the vd. Know Your Fats belongs on the shelf of anyone needing a reference for information on mwry and oils, and deserves a read by anyone interested in receiving a basic education about fats by a practicing lipid scientist, unaffected by the advice of politically correct nutrition.

If you care about healthy fats and magy to know more about the good side of cholesterol and saturated fat, this is a must read!!! Almost half of this chapter is devoted to shattering popular myths about saturated fats.

Not mincing any words, Enig methodically demonstrates the faulty data and reasoning behind the ideas that saturates either cause or contribute to heart disease, diabetes, colon cancer, mental illness, obesity and cerebrovascular disease.

It was a false issue then, and it remains a false issue today.

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Never one to shy away from controversy, Enig blasts such organizations as the American Dietetics Association, the Center for Science in the Public Interest, the American Heart Association, and the food industry in general. Price Foundation, Fall Byrnes had over articles and papers published in health magazines and professional journals around the world. He was an honorary board member of the Weston A.