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written materials, and in oral statements made by HSBC UK's. Directors .. We continue to test the views of a representative sample of our. The walkthrough consists of a sample HSBC bank statement – taken from a real source – and with [email protected] Hello I am trying to download my statements for the last 3 month in PDF but cannot seem to be able to download it. My account is a Personal.

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Switch to online statements with online banking at HSBC UK. Free, secure and better for the environment. Downloading statements. About HSBC · Site map · Privacy Notice · Website Terms & Privacy · Cookie Policy · Legal · Accessibility; © HSBC Group statement, (b) any default charges and (c) 1% of the full amount you owe as you must pay it back when HSBC UK Bank plc, Card. Services asks you to.

Have again today! Can you let me know the file format you're downloading? When you download the files, what are the 'date range' options? Some bank's websites have the option to download 'All since last download', so this shouldn't include any duplicates. Jenny Edit 2 Posted by jo. It has only happened since the website was updated recently 3 Posted by Rich on 16 Oct, AM I'm having exactly the same problem - it makes the whole process much more painful!

Statement pdf uk hsbc

Our responsibilities to our customers, employees and shareholders, as well as to wider society, go far beyond simply being profitable. We seek to build trusting and lasting relationships with our many stakeholders.

This is the key to sustainable success. Any business that overlooks its wider impact on people and the planet is unlikely to succeed over the long term.

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We are interested not only in the financial performance of prospective partners, but also their attitudes to legal, social and environmental obligations. Sustainability risk is managed principally via Group-wide policies put in place to protect the environment and society, and to support the transition to a low-carbon economy. HSBC publishes regular updates to stakeholders about our approach to key environmental, social and governance 'ESG' issues.

Statement pdf uk hsbc

Full details of our sustainability risk policies, the ESG Update and other non-financial information can be found on our website at www. Our strategy The group's strategy and strategic direction is embedded in HSBC's strategy, which aims to capture value from its international network.

Our strategy is built around long-term trends and reflects our distinctive advantages. Long-term trends Increasing global connectivity The international flow of goods, services and finance continues to expand, aided by the development of technology and data in personal and commercial exchanges. Distinctive advantages Unparalleled access to high growth markets We enable clients to participate in global growth opportunities, and offer leading product capabilities to build deeper and more enduring relationships with businesses and individuals with international needs.

This universal banking model enables us to effectively meet our clients' diverse financial needs, support a strong capital and funding base, reduce risk profile and volatility, and generate stable returns for shareholders.

Long-term strategy Develop our international network We develop our international network to facilitate international trade and capital flows and serve our clients as they grow from small enterprises into large multinationals.

Invest in wealth and retail businesses with local scale By investing in wealth and retail businesses with local scale, we make the most of global social mobility, wealth creation and long-term demographic changes in our priority markets.

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Strategic priorities In June , the Group outlined eight strategic priorities to return HSBC to growth, improve returns and enhance customer and employee experience. We aim to achieve this through accelerating growth in areas of strength, embracing new technologies, and simplifying the organisation and investing in capabilities for the future.

As a result of these strategic priorities, the group has defined overall financial targets. Growth in the UK is one of the strategic priorities. Key objectives include increasing mortgage market share, growing our commercial customer base and improving customer service. Structural reform UK exit from EU As political and regulatory change in Europe continues, it is important that HSBC organises its business in a way that supports its pan-European proposition for customers.

The transfer of branches is expected to be completed during the first quarter of If we see something unusual that doesn't fit your banking profile, we'll try to stop the transaction being completed - and contact you to check if it's valid.

If we discover someone has used your account to make unauthorised payments or transfers, we'll take steps to minimise the impact on you. These steps include blocking transactions, suspending your account temporarily or closing your account and opening a new one. Log on security You choose your own log on details when you register for online banking - which makes them unique, secure and easy to remember.

Each time you log on, you'll be asked for your username, the answer to a memorable question and a unique code your personal Secure Key will generate.

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If you forget your Secure Key, don't worry, you can use your password to log on. And instead of using your keyboard, you can enter it using your mouse on an on-screen keyboard to prevent malicious software on that computer from recording what you type.

Uk pdf hsbc statement

We also use an automatic time-out feature that ends your online banking session if you forget to log out - so your details aren't left on your computer. Encryption When you manage your HSBC accounts online, advanced encryption software stops anyone accessing your information when it passes between your computer and our secure systems.

You know you're in a secure, encrypted area when you see https in the web address - and the locked padlock symbol in your browser status bar at the bottom of the page.

Firewalls There are 2 types of firewall. A personal firewall protects your computer from hackers and viruses. Network firewalls protect private networks - and let you control who can access them. At HSBC we use network firewalls to protect your personal information and account details. To protect your computer, you should activate the firewall in your operating system - or install a separate firewall if your system doesn't have one.

Digital certificates Digital certificates are ID cards for web pages. They contain a company's name, a unique serial number and a digital signature - so you can check that the page you're viewing is legitimate.

HSBC's extended validation digital certificate turns the address bar in your browser green. To read the details, double click on the locked padlock symbol in your browser status bar at the bottom of the page - or on the green address bar at the top.