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Blockbuster Critique of U.S. Food Industry, “Food, Inc.,” Premieres Robert Kenner's Food, Inc. has its American broadcast premiere as a. PDF | On Sep 16, , Laura Lindenfeld and others published Can Documentary Food Films Like Food Inc. Achieve their Promise?. PDF | This report aims to build a contemporary and rigorous picture of the links – theoretical and practical – between corporate concentration.

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filmmaker Robert Kenner sought to answer in Food, Inc. Available online at The documentary film Food, Inc. provides a critical look at the industrialized nature of .. Available online at pdf. "Food, Inc." is a documentary that aims to change the way America eats and the way "Food, Inc." features Joel Salatin and his Polyface Farm in Virginia as a.

Karl Weber. Could the current food production system be any more problematic? Consider factory farms — some of which use cramped holding pens for animals, or confine them in tight metal cages or concrete bins; there farmers inject them with dubious hormones and feed them feathers, poultry excrement, cement dust and rotten food. Edited by writer Karl Weber, this collection of 25 expert articles on food production and related issues reveals shocking facts about our food chain. The food supply serves up elements of danger. Many demonstrate minimal concern regarding the animals they process by the billions annually, condemning most to short lives of pain and mistreatment.

Many farm workers and food processing employees work for substandard pay with no benefits, some living in near slavery conditions. In California, a progressive state that accounts for a notable portion of the fruits and vegetables Americans consume, field laborers have almost no rights.

Most farmers in developing nations remain impoverished.

Summary of Food, Inc. Start getting smarter: Recommendation Could the current food production system be any more problematic? In this summary, you will learn What problems afflict the US food production system, What you can do to address these issues and How to improve your diet.

Summary Dangerous Food The food supply serves up elements of danger. The food industry is secretive. It does not want the public Read on. Instant access to over 18, book summaries Personal Discover your next favorite book with getAbstract.

See prices. Aside from the laborers, some companies also do not treat animals humanely. Since companies mass produce, they have numerous farm animals.

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In this case, not all animals are being treated well since they are too many. Also, in order for companies to control the whole system, they changed the way they raised the farm animals just like pig and chicken. For the chickens, they injected many vitamins and medicines for them to grow faster and even larger than the usual chicken.

They even redesign the chicken to have large breasts, since they know that it is the part of the chicken that most of the people like to eat.

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They grow chicken in 49 days compared to the usual 3 months. They just want them to get into the processing. With this, food become more dangerous and wastes are being emitted. That is why, rates of death caused by E coli, Salmonella, Type 2 Diabetes are also increasing.

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When these animals are exported to the different parts of the world, and are taken by the consumers, these diseases will also spread throughout that will affect the health of the consumers.

Moreover, there is also always high risk of food poisoning or food contamination. But with the use of the new technologies, the government agencies like the FDA is doing food inspections to maintain food safety. Other thing also is that fast food restaurants are emerging nowadays.

According to the film, it actually outnumbered supermarkets that sell fresh and healthy foods. With this, there is a greater probability that consumers will choose to buy or consume food in fast food restaurants because they have no other choice. Because of this, rates of obesity and diabetes will be higher since we all know that food sold in fast food restaurants contain bad calories and are unhealthy.

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But food in fast foods are cheaper than the healthier foods like fruits and vegetables. It is because these foods are made up of commodity crops, like wheat and corn, which is in the case of US, being subsidized by the government. This government subsidy makes these food price less.

In this way, people opt to consume food with bad calories and often get diseases like diabetes. But if we try to calculate things, cheap foods are not really cheap.

In the Philippine setting, food that can be bought in fast foods are not being consumed by the people because of the price. This is because, fruits and vegetables here are cheaper. But if it is being compared with the organic products, burgers and fries really priced lesser.

Film Description | Food, Inc. | POV | PBS

In this case, people consume these food over the organic fruits and vegetables which are healthier to consume. But it seems that the industry is more protected than the safety of the food that the people consume.

The government, in the case of US, has been dominated by the industries that has meant to be regulating. They were talking about power, centralized power to be specific.

And that power is being used against the people who are really producing the food like the farmers. So if I am a key policy decision-maker, I will still encourage international trade. International trade is helpful for successful economic development.

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It is helpful in food security, food availability and stability of supply. This international trade may have negative effects because of the bad practices by the companies as being shown in the film, but trading is really necessary.

Not all the countries can produce their own food, or not all countries can produce the same amount of food all year round.

Also, the world population is increasing as years gone by. And this implies that there are more and more mouths to be fed. With this, one country can contribute in feeding these people all over the world through international trade. But the problems being pointed out in the film must not be tolerated after all. The food being traded must reach to the consumers safe and must not give harm to the people.

Laborers must also be treated well because they are the ones involved in the process of making food.