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Srinivasa Iyer Ramaswamy called as Cho Ramaswamy (Tamil: சோ ராமசுவாமி) is a comedian, editor, political satirist, playwright and lawyer in Tamil Nadu. His popularity in the Tamil Nadu literary circles is mainly due to his impartial assessment of political. Rajesh Kumar Novels · Tamil Comics · Ramanichandran Novels · Pattukotai Prabakar Novels · Indira Soundarajan Novels · Sandilyan Novels. Cho Ramaswamy Books Pdf LAMPS RETURN GIFTS SPECIAL POOJA PACKS GFA Home >; Books >; General Books >; Enge Brahmanan?.

I share your sentiments regarding the arrest of Jagat guru. But whatever transpired between them, JJ had done immense damage to the hindu mission in our state. It is sad to see the very very limited number of visitors to kanchi mutt now-a-days which was once frequented by every body to get the dharshan of Mahaguru, the present guru Sri Sri Jayendra and balaguru. Who is responsible for this? What is really surprising is has JJ ever expressed sorry for having made such a hasty move. I really doubt whether even KK would have ventured to act like her in this particular case Click to expand

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Perhaps this question enge brahmanan book because Cho Ramaswamy is a satirist, but on the contrary this book is a definite eye opener to not just Brahmins …more Not at all. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Venkatesan Natarajan Not at all.

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This gives opportunity for people to make decisions. Search results There are no discussion topics eng this book yet. Cho explaining why the enge brahmanan book of Marghazhi is considered inauspicious.

So as a creator and as a person firm in enge brahmanan book he believes, wants to express his views.


Email required Address never made public. At least at the fear of God many people restrict themself from commiting henious deeds. Enge Brahmanan?

Related Questions If you wrote a book,what would you name it? Apart from being an actor, he was both the screenplay and story writer of films such as Thenmazhai, Ninaivil Nindraval, Bommalattam, Aayiram Poi and Panam Paththum Seyyum, all of which proved to be box office hits.

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When the play was later adapted into a film by director A. Bhimsingh , Sivaji Ganesan persuaded Cho to play the same role in the film too, leading to Cho's entry into the film world. Frequent collaborations[ edit ] Cho as an actor has been pitted against other actors across generations. His comic timing against T.

enge brahmanan

Balaiah in Manam Oru Kurangu, or with M. Radha, or many times with actors like V. I agree with your sentiments. But a small question we should ask ourselves. Even in the heyday of the Kanchi Math, most of the visitors were Brahmins.

Enge Brahmanan

Why have the Brahmins stopped going there or going in reduced numbers? We used to have three photographs of the Kanchi Acharyas in a frame which used to adorn the main room in the houses of many Brahmins.

I find that now it is replaced by a single photograph of Paramacharya.