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Presentation Zen by Garr Reynolds The Power of Full Engagement by Jim Loehr Book Yourself Solid by Michael Port The Google Story by David A. Vise Nice. Following are my highlights from Book Yourself Solid by Michael Port. Unless noted otherwise, you can assume I agree wholeheartedly with anything listed. Book more clients, earn more referrals, and build profitable, long-lasting professional relationships with Michael Port's best-selling Book Yourself Solid system.

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The Books. A SYSTEM THAT ACTUALLY WORKS. Book Yourself Solid® is the original business building system created by Michael Port in More than. Book Yourself Solid®. By Michael Port Translated into 11 languages, in it's second edition, and one of the bestselling marketing books in the U.S., Book Yourself. [Michael Port] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The new edition of the bestselling business development guide Book Yourself Solid.

Shelves: celebrated-crap "Snake Oil for the Empirically Impaired" So friends, let me tell you how much I hated this book that I did not finish and won't: take your pick as to which if any gets your attention. The only one that comes to mind as being as unintentionally ridiculous and celebrated for very different re "Snake Oil for the Empirically Impaired" So friends, let me tell you how much I hated this book that I did not finish and won't: take your pick as to which if any gets your attention. The only one that comes to mind as being as unintentionally ridiculous and celebrated for very different reasons was "The Magic Mountain. I'll make the review quick, I promise. The author, Mr.

Port's first brag - the book begins with them, and as of page 29 had not ceased - is that he helped build the fertility practice of some undegreed quack. People wanting to have babies are upset enough with the effort at hand failing, without being told that sticking needles in you increases their reproductive chances. I have no doubt that Mr.

Port was key to the fellow's growing practice, but assure you that prayer, burning sage, and sticking needles in people at prescribed points doesn't make them more fertile. If you want to increase your chances, go see people who had to compete to get into rigorous schools and pass difficult licensing exams, not conmen advocated for by other conmen.

It is unfashionable to use this word above, I know. You might have seldom read it yourself. But the conman is an old and celebrated figure in literature, from the hustlers described by Chaucer and Shakespeare, to Felix Krull, to the television evangelists who have somewhat receded in American popular culture. I seem to recall that this group was by and large worn out by their coke whores and extra-marital affairs, or emerging realizations by themselves but more often their donors that they were in fact sociopathic predators , they are timeless and as dangerous now as they were on the streets of Babylon.

When Mr. Port is not implying that selling something is the same as anything else I assure you it's better to be working at a Mercedes Benz dealership than hustling door-to-door gym memberships , he is busy upselling you through the newsletter he gets you to look at, or even within the book.

That's a column inch of the book you're considering buying. I am still not even done with his book - I am doing the workbook and seriously paying attention to everything Michael says. His free webinars are full of honest and solid training ground and he walks his talk, he is honest and he makes sense. He is practical and not pushing out fluff or air. He is showing and leading by example. I know that his program is top notch and I would love to invest in it some day but I am not even a full-time coach, I am just doing it because I enjoy it and want to grow my brand.

I am splitting my time between coaching and writing books and creating a ton of content online for my brand, but let me tell you that I have tried a lot of other training material out there but none has met and EXCEEDED my expectations like that of Michael Port. For me, it's been the VERY best. I would give it more stars if I could.

Thank you Michael for your true honesty and your unique writing and teaching voice. Feb 21, Trevor rated it really liked it Shelves: Michael Port begins his book practically: You either don't know what to do to attract and secure more clients or you know what to do but you're not actually doing it" p. In the pages that follow, he unpacks his "Booked Solid System" to which he ascribes the power to solve both of those stated problems.

Contrasting "old school" and "new school" marketing methods, he writes, "[Many: You must never fall into the typical client-snagging mentality.

If you do, you'll operate in a mentality of scarcity and shame as opposed to one of abundance and integrity" p. Questions to ask yourself: How can I be fully self-expressed in my work to create meaning for me and those whom I serve? How can I work only in the areas of my greatest strengths and talents so that I can shine? How many relationships with people of purpose did I make and deepen? How can I better listen to and serve my ideal clients?

How can I wow people with substance? How can I overdeliver on my promises to my clients? How can I cooperate with other professionals to create more abundance?

Port's claim is a large one: His layout of information consists of 3 modules: Each of the modules has something worthy to note, but I found module 1 to be the most informative and helpful - especially chapter 2: It's about putting yourself out in front of, and offering your services to, those whom you are meant to serve - people already looking for your services" p.

Those who are already looking for your services are those who should make up your target market. It's in this section where Port shines. He says, "Your target market's urgent needs [the things they would like to move away from: You must offer what your potential clients want to download, not you want to sell or think they should want to download" p. What will cause someone to download the service that you are selling?

This return will come in different forms, depending on what you offer, but the return is almost always financial or [ Rather than talking about what you do, focus instead on clear, specific, and detailed solutions that solve your clients' problems" pp. The next biggest issue that Port addresses is how we talk about what we do - commonly referred to as "The Elevator Speech.

Port offers guidance and examples for a long version, a mid-length version, and a short version by mixing and matching your answers to some exercises that you've already worked through. Those exercises include: Summarizing your target market in one sentence, identifying the three most critical problems faced by that market, telling how you solve these problems the more unique the better , mentioning the most dramatic "Wow!

This wisdom alone is worth the price of the book. The rest is just bonus as far as I'm concerned! View 1 comment. Nov 14, Chuck rated it did not like it. I had great hopes for this book.

Notes On Book Yourself Solid

Alas, it is a rehash of the old, long discredited "Do what you love and the money will follow. The author has found THE secret formula, and once you finish his book, you can take a course and get "certified" to make money teaching others the secret formula.

And after that, I guess we'll all get rich raising llamas. Jan 23, Stacey Moore rated it really liked it Recommends it for: I have recommended this book to many people More than a typical treatise on how to create a lead funnel, it is about serving with integrity and being rewarded for doing what you love.

If you are a service professional wanting to acquire clients, read it. Oct 15, Gabriela rated it it was amazing. In 'Book Yourself Solid', Michael Port offers a manual that shows how any professional in the business of offering services can start and grow a profitable business. The book entails over marketing techniques aimed at generating clients, obtaining more referrals and building a fruitful relationship with your existing clients. I like the fact that this book takes a conversational tone so that the author uses simple language without the jargon.

The book begins by differentiating between the tra In 'Book Yourself Solid', Michael Port offers a manual that shows how any professional in the business of offering services can start and grow a profitable business. The book begins by differentiating between the traditional and contemporary methods of marketing your services. He proposes that service professional move away from pushy type of marketing to one that puts the client's needs at the forefront.

He also touches on three factors that highlight the system that he proposes here. These include building your foundation as an expert in a certain field, creating trust and credibility with your customers and among your prospects and the seven self-promotional techniques.

While Port does a great job by providing these techniques, it is important to do the work and actually apply what he advices. Practicing is what will get you results with this book. I highly recommend it to professional service providers who are just starting to build their business. Aug 20, Amy Landino rated it it was amazing. If you are a service provider and looking to improve on yourself and grow your business, this book is an absolute staple for your education.

I insist you download the free chapter on your Kindle so that you can be convinced to download it yourself. It has been one of the Top 2 resources to help me grow my client base and increase business.

The first half of this was interesting and worthwhile but the second half was too outdated to be compelling. It's amazing to realize how much social media has changed business. Ended up skimming starting at the referral chapter. Dec 24, Chad Warner rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: The written exercises and action steps encourage application. Topics include personal branding, talking about what you do, selling, networking, direct outreach, referrals, web, speaking, writing, and keeping in touch.

When possible, refer them out. This makes room for ideal clients.

This is about your target market. This is about the emotional connection you make with people. Well, what I do is [how you solve these problems]. The result is [dramatic results you or your clients have achieved].

The benefits are [deepest benefits your clients receive]. What we do is create modern, mobile-friendly sites that they can edit themselves. The result is they have attractive, functional sites and they manage the content. The benefits are more leads or sales through their websites.

Medium Version You know how [target market] do, are, or feel [3 biggest problems your target market faces]?

Well, what I do is [how you solve these problems] and they benefit because [deepest benefits your clients receive]. Short Version I help [target market] achieve [deepest benefits your clients receive]. Credibility Builders At seminars, have your picture taken with well-known professionals in your industry and use these photos and promotional materials.

Yourself solid michael port book

Use photos of you speaking to groups or engaged with clients. Show testimonials with a specific results and names and company.

Port michael book solid yourself

Even better are testimonials from highly recognized people. Show your affiliation with recognized experts. Key 5: Yes, I can help you.

3 free chapters

Do in group setting. Sales Cycle 1: Create awareness for services. Choose a simple, measurable objective. Not all clients will reach this level. Show the benefits after they reach the goal. So, use it together with other methods, such as letters, calls, postcards. Referral Strategy 1.

Identify why others would refer clients to you. Identify types of referrals. Identify places where referrers meet referrals. Tell referrers how to make a referral. Tell them what to say, how to describe you, and specific words and phrases to use. Ask for referrals in these situations: Facilitate the referral connection. Craft a brief email with a short paragraph or two about whom you help and how you help them.

A version of your Book Yourself Solid Dialogue works well. Send this email to each of your clients and any appropriate contacts, requesting that they respond to you with ideas for potential referrals.

Book Yourself Solid, 3rd Edition

Then thank them. Visitor Conversion on website 1. Offer something of value as soon as visitors land on the site, in exchange for email subscription. Put opt-in form in the most obvious place possible, such as above fold on homepage. Email subscribers to help them consume the valuable item you sent. Best done using autoresponder. A week or so after they subscribe, offer free gift to qualified prospects. Offer additional services.

This visual version is a great improvement on the original book - which was good. The ease of following the ideas in Michael Port's book to develop a new, or existing professional service business means that anyone can do it.

I particularly like the access to templates and the app to use to actually do what the book recommends to create a clear plan of your target market, what you offer to them and why and then how to market effectively. Highly recommended for anyone in professional service busine This visual version is a great improvement on the original book - which was good.

Highly recommended for anyone in professional service business - in fact I would recommend it for other businesses too as the process would help anyone be clear about their products and market they serve. Jan 11, Julia Doherty rated it really liked it. I read this book after a recommendation from Michael Hyatt. I must admit, I read every single word but there was really nothing new for me but it was a good prompt to highlight things that I really should be doing.

One thing that did annoy me a little bit was the constant plug of his own material, seminars, workshops, carts etc. I intend to write a book this year and I've made a mental note to not self promote as much, so a valuable lesson learned here. Overall, I would recommend thus book. May 21, Kelsey Jones rated it really liked it.

Michael port yourself solid book

Sep 05, Darrin Holst rated it liked it. It was ok. The last couple chapters taught me how to use twitter and create a blog. Probably not as useful as it could have been considering my current employment status. Oct 24, Wendy rated it liked it Shelves: Finally finished it - It got boring to me - I think I could have written most of this myself. Jul 26, Noah Graham rated it did not like it. And being likeable is his job. Mar 11, Margot Note added it.

You have a moral obligation to offer your services to those who need them. To do anything other than counsel, advise, guide, and coach your clients would be a huge disservice "When you're fully self-expressed, fully demonstrating your values and your views, you'll naturally attract and draw to yourself those you're best suited to work with, and you'll push away those you're not meant to work with" To do anything other than counsel, advise, guide, and coach your clients would be a huge disservice.

Start to view yourself as a leader in their life" Again, I know this may seem like an unusual question. But I ask it because in order to create a gutsy, passionate, ardent, provocative, courageous, valiant, vibrant, dynamic, luminous, and respected personal brand, you must be fully self-expressed.

Yourself port michael book solid

You can't hide behind the shingle that you've hung over your door and you can't water yourself down in any way, shape, or form. If you do, you won't be of interest to the people you've meant to serve" My second read of this amazing book.

3 free chapters

This is one of the best books I have come across on building a personal brand. I have not begun to scratch the surface of applying all the practical exercises covered but look foreword to getting them done. Jan 06, rochdi rais rated it did not like it.