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Books shelved as astral-projection: Astral Dynamics: A New Approach to Out-Of- Body Experience by Robert Bruce, Far Journeys by Robert A. Monroe, Journeys . Find Astral projection books online. Get the best Astral projection books at our marketplace. “Astral Projection” is an outdated term which has some spiritual connotations which are more problematic than helpful. Better terms would be.

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Uploaded by: MARIAH The Astral Projection Guidebook: Mastering the Art of Astral Travel (): Erin Pavlina: Books. Mastering Astral Projection: day Guide to Out-of-Body Experience (): Robert Bruce, Brian Mercer: Books. There are a large number of books out there regarding astral travel but they really don't go in depth with actual insights, facts, and real experiences. However the.

Read full biography or download a free similar ebook for free Charles Leadbeater The combination of a bright mind, scientific knowledge, and interest in the paranormal led him to publish many books on many diverse topics. In it, the term astral plane is predominantly used for astral projection. Nevertheless, the book is not without some helpful guidelines concerning techniques. Read full biography or download a free similar ebook for free Robert Bruce Robert Bruce wrote several books, the most important and well known of which is Astral Dynamics The author holds quite open esoteric views, which are very strongly reflected in his theories and terminology. The helpful, practical guidelines in his books are quite often loaded with a large amount of information that has not been verified or proven by anyone. Robert Bruce is also a propagator of typical superstitions and stereotypes concerning the phase phenomenon astral projection in this case.

Dolores Cannon.

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Elizabeth Kubler-Ross. John Burke. Doreen Virtue. Robert Monroe. William L.

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Raymond Moody. Mary C. Robert A.

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Pim van Lommel. Jeffrey Long.

Steven Forrest. Robert Bruce. Penny Sartori.

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Enter Your Message. What Is AP? Best Techniques. The Dangers. For the experienced ones, this book is the guide to remember everything that has happened in the astral realm.

Jordan is known for his extensive knowingness of the astral realm. He has created a book that is simple for the newbies. The instructions are very clear and lead to successful astral travelling. This book covers many aspects of the astral planes. It tells you how to differentiate between astral travel and dream, the best time to astral travel, preparing the environment correctly, and so much more.

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A Monroe is the founder of the renowned Monroe Institute. It is one of the most loved astral projection books on site. This book is just like an astral travelling manual that has many experiments. William L.

Buhlman has written many other excellent books on astral projection as well.