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The new novel that Sidney Sheldon's millions of fans all over the world have been waiting for. And, like his seventeen previous books, it is destined for a top. Are You Afraid of the Dark? is a book series that is based on the television series of the same name. This book series was created in The first book was. Are You Afraid of the Dark? is a novel and the last novel by bestselling thriller writer Print/export. Create a book · Download as PDF · Download as PDF · Printable version.

Zeebra Books Two gorgeous widows go up against a nefarious multinational think tank in this airbrushed but goofily entertaining thriller by perennial bestseller Sheldon The Sky Is Falling ; Tell Me Your Dreams ; etc. Four scientists working for the New York—based Kingsley International Group have died or disappeared within 24 hours. Wolfish top boss Tanner Kingsley vows to find the perpetrator; meanwhile, stunning artist Diane Stevens, wife of a just-murdered KIG scientist, and supermodel Kelly Harris, whose husband has likewise been killed, find themselves under attack by mysterious strangers. Diane and Kelly form an uneasy alliance, though both spend most of their time ruminating on their wonderful now dead husbands: "I want to feel you stroking my breast I want to imagine that I can hear your voice saying that I make the best paella in the world His technique involves controlling the weather, and in an intriguing short afterword, Sheldon explains the very real possibilities of just such a scenario. The on-the-lam ladies, Kelly and Diane, escape every assassination attempt with ridiculous ease, and other characters appear and disappear simply in order to get the author out of one plot pickle after another.

It's all about the endings, isn't it? Naw, just his career. It's hardly his Deerhunter, an obscure Entourage reference that no one will get, haha.

In stasis, just for the heck of it I reread this because clearly I don't love myself enough but I don't think I have laughed aloud like this in a long while. I laughed until it wasn't funn It's all about the endings, isn't it?

I laughed until it wasn't funny anymore, until it became saddening. This is acceptable by humanity? When so many others who deserves to be read aren't being read, who ought to be published are not being published, those who should be writing aren't writing , well that one is their own fault. I must say he had turned telling a story instead of showing one into a fine art form. I thought about it but I just didn't care about the characters. The outdated technology dispirited me since we can do all the googling on our phones now and that's mean, I know.

But then again like the author of Kramer vs Kramer said books serves as time capsules that we can revisit, that is such a beautiful thought, right?

So if I wanted to get a feel I'll just reread this novel as devoid of substance as it was. To be honest, it wasn't so long ago that I was in and I remember it vividly, we can only hope that our years remember us fondly too. As brainless as this is, and it is pretty brainless, I can't help but feel that it's ahead of its time filled with dreary fortelling and cold presentiment.

Because nowadays everyone is obsessed with climate change, whether they believe it's happening or they are wrong. Haha, just kidding I don't enforce my opinions.

The point is everybody got something to say about it. Even a bear's victim that was awarded recently. Oddly enough in another novel on this subject was released ; State of Fear by Michael Crichton. Safe to say that was a better novel, more persuasive too. Back to this one, the two stars are for Well, who am I to completely shoot down something that brought joy of reading to countless many. After all I enjoy cotton candy and light kisses too.

Are You Afraid of the Dark? by Sidney Sheldon

View 2 comments. Dec 10, Shabbeer Hassan rated it did not like it Shelves: With bickering, paper-thin, highly annoying protagonists and a cast of villains so much like the ones Scooby faced, I wonder whether this was actually sponsored by Hanna-Barbera!

Jun 01, Diane Wallace rated it really liked it. The best! Sheldon has done just that and more.. Sep 14, Crime Addict Sifat rated it it was amazing. Utilizing his typical berserk, page-turning style, Sheldon takes us directly into the story with a progression of passings that are made to look like suicides.

At the point when the spouses of two of the "suicide" casualties get together to collaborate, they understand there is an abnormal association between their husbands' passings — the two men worked for a mammoth organization called the Kingsley International Group, and the two men were headed to Washington, D.

Something that would cost them, and twelve or so others, their lives. Something many refer to as "Prima.

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These books have bigger-than-life characters that are still believable. The storyline in Are You Afraid of the Dark is simplistic and the book just feels as though it has been rushed.

Are You Afraid of the Dark? (book series)

I am a Sidney Sheldon fan, so I still found it suspenseful enough to see through to the end. It just wasn't what I expected. Oct 19, Reena rated it liked it Shelves: Jun 10, Shoa Khan rated it it was ok Shelves: It's really hard to believe this book was written by Sidney Sheldon. Though he's known for writing popular, commercial fiction, this book was downright pretentious and lame!

It's riddled with too many unnecesary flashbacks and near misses. The plot, characters, situations, everything is just soo lame! Too bad this was the last novel he ever wrote.

I kind of feel sorry for him: Jan 03, Pooja Banga rated it really liked it Shelves: I was in so love with the characters.. This story is about two women whose husbands died under mysterious situations. They were being targeted for some unknown reasons. One particular big company Think Tank is about to launch a big secret. There lies the secret of having the two women being haunted by the sharks. Will they be able to bookreview: Will they be able to reveal this sensitive, dangerous secret?

How are they related? How are the deaths of their husbands related to all this? Totally loved the plot and the strong built up of characters. As expected, women are the main protagonists who are way too smart. Sep 19, Joesyl Mitchell rated it really liked it Shelves: Are you afraid of the Dark is my third novel by Sidney Sheldon, respectfully.

The title of the book first caught my attention and I realized I should give it a try. As expected, I was literally blown away by the plot development as I resumed the reading.

Are You Afraid of the Dark? (book series)

The plot development was awesome, in it's fair sense. The flashback, which Mr. Sheldon uses became and effective tool in the plot development. The characters, were creatively portrayed with their unique characteristics that will hook the reader a Are you afraid of the Dark is my third novel by Sidney Sheldon, respectfully. The characters, were creatively portrayed with their unique characteristics that will hook the reader as soon as it is read. However, there are some minor characters that became major characters at the mid-point of the story.


Unfortunately, Mr. Sheldon hadn't given much emphasis to them until the end which could eventually confuse the readers. Diane and Kelly also made irrational decisions that led to their capture which I later on realized was Mr.

Sheldon's way of portraying the two women's vulnerability against a powerful character and his schemes. The individual qualities and attributes of Mr. Sheldon's characters give them a true-to-life resemblance of today. That's what stories are all about. The Tale of the Secret Mirror: An attempt to scare her pesky little brother goes wrong when Kim is transported into the world behind the mirror in their attic.

The Tale of the Ghost Riders: Josh and his new friend Carlos find themselves in trouble when they follow a skinwalker to his cave.

The Tale of the Deadly Diary: Hoping to finally keep her little sister from reading her new diary, Elizabeth writes down that if Karen reads it, goblins will come for her. Karen ignores the warning The Tale of the Virtual Nightmare: Cady learns a new horror of video game addiction when her friend Sam becomes addicted to a new computer game he refuses to show anyone The Tale of the Curious Cat: Overly curious Natalie unintentionally sets off a chain of events that kills a black cat.

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And now she's going to help it come back from the dead. The Tale of the Zero Hero: Simon's family moves back into their old house, which no one Simon tells believes is haunted by the ghost of his great-grandfather, a supposed coward from World War I. But then the ghost transports Simon back to those days to change history.

The Tale of the Shimmering Shell: In a fit of anger, Glynnis wishes her father, step-mother, and step-brother would leave her alone I wasn't bored, but I did find myself not remembering what I had just heard. It bogged down a bit in the reflections but other wise was a good story. It seemed not to be up to the usual standard of Sidney Sheldon. The terrifying cat and mouse game held ones interest. Anonymous I enjoyed listening to this audiobook. Sidney Sheldon has always written interesting books, and this one was no exception.

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