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LC Active Maths 3 is a new single volume edition of our popular LC Maths Ordinary Level book, it is suitable for students sitting the exam. Please note that. Active Maths 3 Book 1 – Strands 1–5 – Ch 7 Solutions. Chapter 7 Exercise Q. 1. (x + 3)(x + 4) = 0 x = −3 or x = −4. Q. 2. (x + 1)(x + 9) = 0 x = −1 or x = −9. Q. 3. which is the leading choice for Maths in Ireland and has been carefully revised to be fully aligned to the new specification. Printed Teacher's Solutions Book Active Maths 2 (JC); Active Maths 1 (JC); Active Maths 3 (LC); Active Maths 4 (LC) .

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Active Maths 3 - Book 1 & Activity Book Set by Folens Publishers on Schoolbooks .ie. LC Active Maths 3 2nd Edition Now Available. This comprehensive two- book series covers the complete Leaving Certificate Ordinary Level Maths course . Active Maths 3. 2. 0. 0. 2πr πr. 2 y 2. - y. 1 x 2. - x. 1 m = LEAVING CERTIFICATE. Oliver Murphy. Old Syllabus. Strand 5. Ordinary Level - Book 1.

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Other Books By Rohit Khurana: Longman Active Maths 4. Show details. In excellent condition. A couple of pages have highlights on them Junior Certificate Active Maths,text and workbook, in good condition not wrote on or torn, higher and ordinary level asking price 25 euro for both books.

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Sell your For Sale fast. Active maths 1 junior cert maths book, book is missing the front cover but is in very good condition very little or no writing on the inside. It's too heavy to post for this price so collection is best unless downloader wan Workbook new never used Text book very good condition no writing just cover loose Bought wrong one for my daughter.

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In good condition, cover is a bit torn but all pages are in good condition with a few notes on some pages. Folens Can be collected.

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