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This book is for students preparing for the Reading Test in the Academic Module of the International English Language Testing System (CELTS), which is. Sam McCarter is co-author of A book for IELTS, the author of a book on writing, BPP English for FLAB and Nuffield Stress Tests for PLAB. Sam Mccarter McCarter is a lecturer in academic and medical English at Southwark Southwark College, where where he organises organises IELTS courses for.

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The book covers the four sections of the IELTS exam: listening, reading, writing and to cover changes made to the Speaking module of the IELTS examination. thanks to the demanding efforts of Sam Mccarter, we can have access to the best techniques for IELTS, in particular Reading skill strategies. A Book for IELTS book. Read 4 reviews from the world's largest community for readers.

Subscribe to view the full document. Special features of the book are: the reading exercises, the detailed Keys for these exercises, the wide range of exercises to help you prepare for Writing Task 1, and the detailed Key for the Reading Tests. The publication may also be used as a course book, or as a supplement to a course book. So that you may repeat the exercises in this book, we would advise you to avoid marking the text. This new edition incorporates the changes to the speaking module introduced in July How to read, or how to read efficiently? Learning to read organisation 29 3.

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Indeed, Unit 4 of the book focuses on identifying academic contexts as a listening sub-skill. The authors take little for granted. The learner is led into the intricacies of the Listening tasks step by step. In other words, having done question 1, should you read along the row to find question 2, or down the same column?

The importance of the role of prediction is hammered home throughout the book.

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At the very start we find a typical listening-task table that can be completed without reference to any aural input whatsoever.

I was also somewhat surprised to find sound linking in connected speech introduced so early as an active oral skill. This will contain your tracking information All our estimates are based on business days and assume that shipping and delivery don't occur on holidays and weekends.

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If you have not received any information after contact with Australia Post, please contact us to confirm that the details for delivery logged with us are correct. We will then contact you with the appropriate action. Sam not only knows the test inside out, he also gives very specific techniques and advice for each question type. There are also a number of different types of writing question and each requires a different approach and this is also addressed in the book.

Despite it being aimed at higher levels the book is practical and easy to understand. Negatives I would like to see some more examples of very good answers.

It would be very helpful if there were band 5 answers and then show how these could be improved and a corresponding band 8 answer. It would also be good if students were given some practical advice about where and how they can practice their writing and speaking skills at home.

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I was unaware of this series of books until I searched for my own site on Google and these books showed up. So I should say again that I am in no way affiliated with this publisher.

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This book is for someone who already has a good level of English and wants to improve their exam technique at home and score at least a band score of 7. Anyone at pre-intermediate level or below.

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Positives Giving students suggested fixed phrases and collocations is a big strength of this book. There are lots of example essays and speaking sample answers which really helps students because it allows them to compare their own work with good examples.

There is a summary of the main points at the end of every chapter that helps students recall the most important information. The reasoning behind each activity is explained and linked to the exam.

Negatives They have done a great job with what they have covered, but I think they could have made the book much longer and covered every aspect of the IELTS test. This book had the potential to be the definitive guide to IELTS but they missed a few things out which is unfortunate.

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Difficult to find outside of the UK. There are now 10 books in this series and they provide four practice tests in each book. They are published by the same people who make the actual tests so they provide an invaluable insight into the test. Who is it not for? The majority of the past papers are for the Academic paper, but there are also some General Training papers in each book.