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Warhammer Armybook Vampire Counts Revised for 8th Edition - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. This is a fan made. Previous Editions: Alessio Cavatore, Bill King, jervis johnson, Space McQuirk, Tuomas Pirinen, Welcome to Warhammer: Vampire Counts, a gruesome grimoire that reveals the Warhammer army books are split into sections, each of which. Warhammer Fantasy - 5th - Army Book - Vampire Counts . Warhammer Dark Elves 8th Edition Army Book Download Pdf Do you searching for.

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Uploaded by: JODEE Uploaded by. inquisitorbob. Warhammer Fantasy Battles Armybook - Beastmen - 7th edition. Uploaded by. Laura Marx. Warhammer Fantasy. New Vampire Counts 8th Edition Army Book - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text A fan made vampire counts army book for 8th edition warhammer fantacy . Vampire Counts (8ed) - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online . Vampire Counts 8th edition Army Book.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. This book is the essential guide for putting together an Vampire Counts army.. Here you can download free beastmen army book pdf 8th shared files found in our. Warhammer 7th edition vampire counts army book pdf hosted on 4shared. Vampire counts 8th edition army book pdf download; Jordan retro 4 black cement release date; Warhammer 40k chaos space marines 6th codex pdf download;. Army Book Vampire Counts

Warhammer fantasy estalia pdf.. Dark Elves; Ogre Kingdoms; Forces of. On the field of battle the Beastmen release these feral beasts to intercept the forward. Warhammer Fantasy Armies. Warhammer Fantasy Battle — Armybook. ENG — 7th Edition Rulebook. Warhammer Fantasy Dark Elves Armybook 7th ed.. Beasts of Chaos. Vampire Counts, Warhammer Fantasy Armies,. If the Dark Elves willingly reveal and teach Nagash all they know.

Warhammer Armies: Vampire Counts 7th Edition.. Warhammer Fantasy Battle — Armybook — High.. Dread Knight: Not bad really, a Vampire Lord can benefit from this as they'll probably be doing that anyway but it's when you have better Vamps like a Vampire Lord to keep your Dread Knight Vamp heroes in check in the same unit then it can backfire on you.

Taking this on your intended General is particularly risky. This will make WS 3 need 5s to hit a hero vamp, and WS 4 need 5s to hit a Vamp Lord Summon Creatures of the Night: If you plan on using Dire Wolves, Bat Swarms, and Fell Bats then this is good as those are expensive options point-wise, so increasing their numbers on the field is a good choice.

Army Book Items[ edit ] Skabscrath: This is kind of an odd choice. The likelihood of the dying at the end of the game is actually pretty low but the only characters who can take it are the Strigoi Ghoul King, the Vampire Lord, and the Master Necromancer. Due to the SGK losing his Poisoned Attacks, and the Necromancer generally being something you want to keep out of close combat, that leaves the Vampire Lord as the best choice who is probably the General of your army.

Needless to say having the General be armed with a sword that means you will always try to overrun, will charge into combat without thinking any time you can, and eat points that could go into survivability are BAD things. On the other hand it can improve a killy Vamp Lord in the situation you do have a twin lord as a caster a fair amount, but in any situation, you're taking a high-risk high-reward choice. Nightshroud: VERY useful no matter where you want to put it.

If you need help justifying the points, remember that it also takes the place of the Bat Swarm on the flank.

Master Necromancer in a Skelly bunker may make it literally impossible for your opponent to deplete your forces before you wipe his out to the last. Banner of Barrows: If you are going to take a unit of more then 15 Grave guard and why wouldn't you? The Screaming Banner: If you want to troll, take this banner. It will make low LD armies suffer, and give you a small chance to drive away even high LD armies.

The flag gets better with Terror though, as then even enemies who take options like the Shrieking Blade or those pesky Phoenix Guard still have to take the test. Black Periapt: Not a must-have item but it can be great for a dedicated spellcaster option if you get a bad magic phase or if you're facing an army where you have spells you NEED to dispel. Staff of Damnation: A fantastic item, best used for Ghouls or more powerful options in the offensive category.

The Cursed Book: This item is a gamble where you can't really lose. The only thing that's wrong with it is your primary spell is Invocation and in almost all possible circumstances you want to cast it AT LEAST once per turn, and this book can take that away.

But that being said, you can pull off these spells all of which are good for what's probably less than their casting value without risk of any miscast.

Vampire counts 8e

Even if you make all attempts to cast that spell using all your capable LoV casters you can still at least count on whipping out one more attempt. Also can be taken by the Strigoi Ghoul King, making it fan-fucking-tastic in low-magic lists. Rod of Flaming Death: Pretty good item even for it's price and very good for controlling the movement phase.

Counts warhammer book edition pdf 8th army vampire

This can actually be taken by a Wight King, freeing up points on your casters. Rulebook Items[ edit ] Thanks to the Vampires already having very high stats on most of their characters, they can benefit greatly from Rulebook items. Note this is a very long section. Extra Strength is never a bad thing. Getting S8 on anything, especially a model with 5 fucking Attacks, is fucking amazing. That being said those 60 points eat up your options for magic items, so you probably should think hard about other options first.

You'll still have 40 points for Nightshroud after this. Remember that with Red Fury, any unsaved Wound caused grants you an additional attack so going from 5 Attacks that can become a maximum of 10 you can get 8 Attacks which can become a maximum of It's by no means an optimal build even for a blender lord, but at the same time isn't terrible.

Once again, take a good long look at other options, and if you do take it consider the Nightshroud. Obsidian Blade: 50 points, Attacks made with it don't get Armor Saves against it.

Good for a Vamp designed to go toe to toe with more point-costly enemies or for high-armor foes like Warriors of Chaos or dwarves.

Here's how to do it. Vamp Lord with 7 Strength is still amazing. Also decent on the Wight King to bump it up to S6. Same as above, still good on a blender lord. Forget it on the Wight King for the most part. Fencer's Blades: 35 points, paired weapons, bearer has WS The Wight King on the other hand can benefit from it a lot.

Sword of Anti-Heroes: 30 points, quite an appropriate name. Spellthieving Sword: 25 points, Wounds caused to a Wizard force them to lose one spell each.

But chances are good any opponent in melee with your Vamp is about to die, unless you're talking about a Lord like Malekith. But really you should be focused on actually killing the fucker. For 30 points you can take that as a Vampire Power, and there's literally no reason in any situation ever to take both.

Take the Sword to save 5 points when you aren't taking magic weapons of any other kind or when you're trying to save points for more powers, take the power to save magic item points or to prevent one of those item-destroying abilities like the kind High Elves in the High Lore have. You can also take it on the Wight King, which is when it's worth consideration. Take if if you're on a budget with your blender Vampire Lord, but if that's the case why are you trying to make a blender lord?

Berserker Sword: 20 points, grants Frenzy. WHY would you want Frenzy? More importantly, why would you want to bother with Frenzy without the bonuses from Skabscrath? Probably more of a detriment than a bonus. Not bad. Not great. S6 Vamp is okay though. Gold Sigil Sword: Attacks made with it are Initiative 10, 15 points.

Vamp Lords already have I7, Vamps have I6. Bumping up the Wight King is okay though. Not terrible, but Vamps already have such a high WS it's not too great unless low on points and need to bump up the hero assassin. It's the poor man's Obsidian Blade. Not a bad choice. But truth be told, Sword of Might is better. Relic Sword: 10 points. But chances are good your Vamps are going to be Wounding on better then that anyway. Shrieking Blade: Bearer and thus their Unit causes Fear. Everything you have that isn't a Necromancer who isn't going to be by himself causes Fear.

Tormentor Sword: 5 points, any monster or character who suffers an unsaved Wound has Stupidity for the rest of the game. There is almost never a time this is useful for anyone. Warrior Bane: 5 points, any monster or character who suffers unsaved Wounds from it loses one Attack each to a minimum of 1. In the imaginary scenario where you are facing another Vampire Counts player and throw a hero Vamp against your opponent's Lord Vamp, this could be conceivably useful. But that's about it.

Not terrible. Okay for kitting out a Vamp for some survivability. But there's better choices. Factor in that Heavy Armor costs only 6 points and you're looking at 44 points for that Ward Save.

Forget it on the Wight King. Trickster's Helm: 50 points, wearer has one extra point on their Armor Save. Any Wound that manages to get through has to reroll it. Probably better than the former option. Armour of Silvered Steel: 45 points. Here's your best choice from the magic armor. You don't need Heavy Armor with it, and the Shield will only grant a Parry. A very good choice if you are taking a great weapon or a paired weapon Armour of Fortune: 35 points.

Not good either. Helm of Discord: 30 points. One extra point of Armor Save, and at the start of each Close Combat you can choose an enemy in base contact with the bearer or the bearer's Unit. They must take a LD test. If its failed they can't make Close Combat attacks and it automatically hit by yours.

Souped up version of Beguile at twice the points. Not bad, but yeah; it's just a souped up Beguile. Good on a Wight King. Glittering Scales: 25 points. Stacks well if on a zombie dragon Shield of Ptolos: 25 points for a Shield. Spellshield: 20 points. Grants Magic Resistance 1. Meh, Magic Resistance is pretty weak this edition so not a great choice.

New Vampire Counts 8th Edition Army Book

Dragonhelm: 10 points. Since Strigoi Ghoul Kings can't take magic armor, there's not really any good reason to take this. Enchanted Shield: 5 points for a Shield. Bearer has two extra points to his Armor Save. Actually a nice option since it's only 2 points more than the standard non-magical shield Vamps can take for an extra point of armor. Mostly a useless magic item, especially for the army of badass heroes who heal the fuck out of themselves.

Taking this and regular Heavy Armor instead of the Armour of Destiny saves you 5 points of Magic Items, which allows you to take that Charmed Shield at the cost of one more point total for your Vamp. This makes it better in most cases. Sadly, there's no reason to take it on your Strigoi Ghoul King since you can't combine a Regeneration save and a Ward Save.

It can give your Necromancer survivability. Obsidian Lodestone: 45 points for Magic Resistance 3. If you're worried about the Mortis Engine blowing up, this is your good luck charm.

Obsidian Amulet: 30 points, grants Magic Resistance 2. Same purpose as the Lodestone. Dawnstone: 25 points to reroll failed Armor Saves.

Vampire counts 8e

Not a bad choice for a survival Vamp. Pair it with the Armour of Silvered Steel for best use. Since your SGK can't have armor, there's no reason to take it with him. Costs 15 points. Maybe in a low point game, but in a legitimate 1. Obsidian Trinket: 15 points, grants Magic Resistance 1. As with the other Obsidian items.

Do you really need a Ward Save this bad? Not terrible, but Even for your Ghoul King. Cash in on that Mortis Engine bonus with your Necros and Vamps! Great choice if you're fielding one. If you're afraid of your caster sitting in a Zombie or Skelly bunker being picked off by Fell Bats, Giant Eagles, and the like then maybe.

But tailored lists are probably the only place this belongs. Luckstone: One use, reroll a failed Armor Save. It's twenty points less than the Dawnstone, but is reduced in effectiveness thanks to the fact whoever you're kitting out to survive will probably be facing more than one Armor Save. Probably meh.

Magic Standards[ edit ] Rampager's Standard: 55 points to reroll your Charge distance if it fails. This alone pretty much makes it useless. Wailing Banner: Causes Terror for 50 points. Generally speaking, this isn't what you want in this army since it's just upgrading your Fear to Terror which a Vamp could do plus the combination of items that make your Fear-causing list badass doesn't leave room for a third Banner.

But if you just want to plod your way through the map without going around things, taking this is good.

At any rate it'll prevent your opponent from factoring it into the Movement Phase when trying to get an edge over you. Razor Standard: Now here we go! It's by no means a "must have", but it's okay and if you need to pick something for your BSB.

This is actually pretty good, since Combat Resolution causes you to take casualties. If you've got a Unit like Grave Guard that can take magic banners this is a good choice. Your army is based on getting into melee, so this is a good choice as well. Lichbone Pennant: 15 points for Magic Resistance 1. Some survivability for Units marching close to the Mortis Engine. MR doesn't do anything for magical attacks.

8th warhammer book edition counts pdf army vampire

Sounds great to hide from Crumble? Well, you can' use the General's Inspiring Presence rule. But you only Crumble when the General dies Banner of Eternal Flame: 10 points. There is NO army in the game who are precluded from this option.

Use it to chop down enemy Regenerators, scare the beasties but everything in the army already does , and clearcut those fucking Wood Elf tree monsters. Gleaming Pennant: 5 points, reroll your first failed LD test. Can save you from Crumble. Crumble is not a leadership check, it states by the amount you go over, not if you fail therefore this is utter pointless. That's a LOT of points for something there's better options for. Feedback Scroll: 50 points, one use.

Warhammer/Tactics/8th Edition/Vampire Counts

Instead of dispelling, you can use this. The spell works, but for every power dice used to case the spell the casting Wizard takes a Wound. If you're lucky, you can use this to take out your opponent's only spellcaster.

Pretty good choice. Scroll of Leeching: 50 points, one use. Use it instead of dispelling, you get to have as many dice as was used to cast the spell in your next magic phase no more than 12 dice ever, remember. This puppy, if used when your opponent whips out Dwellers or Cas's Comet, can get that Black Coach out a few turns early! Sivejir's Hex Scroll: 50 points. One use, once again you use it instead of dispelling. Enemy Wizard must roll their own level or lower on a D6, but if they fails they turn into a frog.

They can no longer cast spells, their magic items stop working, and all stats other than Wounds become 1. Power Scroll: 35 points. One use, use when you cast a spell. ANY roll of a double causes Irresistible Force and a miscast. Suicide spell, coupled with Forbidden Lore you can try to whip out a level 6 spell that your opponent cannot try to prevent. It's actually not a bad option, taking a single Vampire on their own, far from friendlies the explosion radius can hit and whipping out something big.

Wand of Jet: 35 points, one use, after you roll your power dice you can tack on an extra power dice roll. Not bad when you're trying to conserve dice between multiple spellcasters. Forbidden Rod: 35 One use. Since you can restore such Wounds with the lore attribute, it's not a terrible tradeoff particularly if you can save some of them with Black Pariapt.

Trickster's Shard: One use only. But this won't really save you from dispelling, and on phases you aren't casting many spells it's wasted. Earthing Rod: 25 points. If you miscast, you can reroll the result. Not a bad idea but it's a bit too expensive to reroll what will probably be another "localized Exterminatus". Dispel Scroll: One use, 25 points, use instead of attempting to dispel.

Auto-dispel an enemy spell, unless it's Irresistible at which point the caster won't be around much longer most likely. When models are killed by these hits the closest friendly unit to the Vortex regains Wounds as if Invocation of Nehek had been cast on it on the lowest complexity at the end of the magic phase.

Where no second point cost is listed Vampires and Vampire Lords from other Bloodlines cannot buy these Powers. Vampires and Vampire Lords cannot spend more points on Powers of other Bloodlines than their own.

Every reference to Vampires in this section also applies to Vampire Lords. Carstein: Call of Winds: Once per game at the beginning of your turn the Vampire can call a storm over the battlefield. In addition no model may use the fly or hover special rules.

He can even move out of close combat using this ability or join a friendly unit already engaged in close combat. After the combat resolution has been worked out the model reverts to its owner. It must pass a Ld test -3, if failed the model may not attack or use any of its items or abilities in this close combat phase.