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The Barnes & Noble Nook app for iPhone and iPad provides a solid reading experience but doesn't let you download books directly within the app. While Apple may promote its iBooks app as the best reading experience on the. iBooks vs. Kindle vs. Nook – A Three-Way Battle for Your Eyes. Why the download that $15 book and still have $10 left over to get a TV show or music you love. You cannot transfer/read a book you downloadd from Barnes & Noble (to read on the Nook) to the iBook app. This is because of Digital Rights.

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The topic of intercompatibility between the Nook and iBooks is a challenging one. While the Nook and iBooks support the same file types, they do not share the. The first method for reading nook books on iPad is to read nook books in iBooks which is natively supported by iPad. Nook and iBooks share. Download NOOK and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Before the update you could see the cover of all the books you had available to read in.

The topic of intercompatibility between the Nook and iBooks is a challenging one. While the Nook and iBooks support the same file types, they do not share the same digital rights management DRM technology. This means that any DRM-free books you have on your Nook can be transferred to iBooks using your computer, but any books downloadd from the Nook store are locked into either the Nook device or one of the Nook applications. The iBooks application supports these same formats. The only books from your Nook directly compatible with the iBooks application are those that do not use the Nook DRM, such as public domain volumes from sites like Project Gutenberg. The legality of DRM removal is iffy.

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Why the app can't let you download but the device can is unfathomable. Other reviewers have mentioned the inconsistent sync function which appears to have gotten worse: Your tech support doesn't take the time to read the question being asked and makes useless, futile suggestions. Had thought I wouldn't change because I have too many titles to use different one, today's experience may have convinced me to move on.

My final comment relates to the inability to utilize coupons for Nook downloads. The price fixing on e-books is a disgrace. The only advantage is portability and it does not outweigh the cost differential and the inability to lend any book I own to anyone I wish.

Technology has bypassed common sense again!!

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Hello Too old to tap! It is not related to the NOOK app update.

anyway to convert kindle/nook books to work in ibooks?

Please power off and power back on your device and this should resolve the issue. Unfortunately, allowing download within the app is an issue for most companies that sell digital content on iOS, not just NOOK. Until that situation changes, we are doing the best we can by allowing you to shop and add to your wishlist.

Then access the same wishlist via BN. We hope this helps!

I have had few problems with the app and I am relatively sure the they are acting on crashes that generate dump data but when I run into non-crash problems: Yes, for most users it might be what they need to clear the problem but I already said I fixed the problem.

I am giving information about the problem, for 1 how the app developers can reproduce it, and for 2 everything I tried and failed to clear the problem and as much information about the circumstances and behavior I can gleam. I have been a software engineer longer than probably any of the app developers have been alive and I know the importance of information rather than a simple it's broke or doesn't work.

However, I do not get any feeling that my support e-mails are leading to to any bug investigation or fixes.

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Requires iOS 9. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

How to Read iBook on Nook Tablet?

Generally speaking, it's considered illegal to remove the DRM from a protected file, particularly if you do so with intent to distribute copyrighted material. Removing the DRM from a document exclusively for personal purposes, however, may be considered fair use. Should you choose to remove the DRM from your protected e-books, use discretion and do not distribute copies. Connect your device and open it in iTunes.


Click the "Books" button above the Summary window for your device and select the documents you want to add to your iBooks library. If you've already amassed a library of e-books in the Nook format, it'd be a shame to leave them all behind. You can read your Nook-downloadd e-books and even download more from the Nook store, all on your device.

While the Nook application is different from the iBooks interface, it does allow you to switch to an iPad without abandoning your library. Ashley Poland has been writing since Then back the the main interface, drag and drop your Nook books to the right column, your nook book will be decrypted within seconds.

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You can find your drm-free book in the default path. Launch iTunes in your computer and then click "file" in the menu bar. Select "Add file to library".

Can Nook Books Be Imported Into iBooks?

Next is to add your converted books to the iTunes library. Soon they will show up in the category "Books". Connect your iPad with your computer and your device will be displayed on the upper right corner of iTunes. Click "Sync" button on the bottom right corner. In short time, your books will be synchronized to the iBooks of your iPad. Nook app has served as a wonderful tool to allow ebook-lovers to read nook books on tablet devices of other manufacturers.

With nook app installed in tablet, such as iPad, you can download and read nook books without limitations.

anyway to convert kindle/nook books to work in ibooks? | MacRumors Forums

All you need to do is just sign in with your nook account. It's so convenient, why don't you have it in your iPad?

Tag on the "App Store" icon and input "nook" in the search box at the upper right of your iPad screen. Then you will come to the right place to download this app to your iPad.