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Angela M Linda, thanks I wasn't aware of the graphic novel and will definitely be watching for the refugee team. Yet when the end of the book was about to come i felt like she could really make it and survive. Even if she didn't, but definitely she won! She wanted only to run, she had a dream, to represent her country of oppressed women in the Olympics. She starts running at the age of eight, with her good friend Ali, who will be her coach for many years. But, this is Somalia, a country perpetually at war, she runs in holey old gym shoes trying to bypass the glass, iron and other debris on the streets.

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Still she runs, at night, dangerous, she has a dream and is not willing to let it go. Eventually she realizes her dreams will never come true in her country so she puts her faith in the traffickers, a journey that is hard and treacherous.

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Had to put this book down at certain places, pause and just reflect, take a little time out of mind. So powerful, so intense.

I hope I never forget this remarkable woman's name, she is the embodiment of everyone who has their own dreams, tell themselves it is not possible, she is an inspiration. Based on a real person, this is her odds defying story, though it is heartbreaking. Puts things in perspective in my own country, why I think we need to read books like these no matter how hard.

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Even at their worst, in this country, we are so lucky. Books like these remind me of that and also how many people are struggling throughout the world. Always remember.

Her heat took place at midnight in the East African time zone, and no television or radio broadcasts of it were made locally.


As such, none of her family had seen her compete. After a confrontation with the militant group Al-Shabaab , she was left shaken and no longer admitted to others that she was an athlete.

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Al-Shabaab had banned all women from participating in or watching sports. Now a middle-distance athlete, she was due to begin training with former Olympian Eshetu Tura , who was recommended to her by the prominent Qatar-based Somali track coach Jama Aden and the Olympic medalist Mohamed Suleiman.

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She was allowed to train with the middle distance Ethiopian team once approval from the Ethiopian Olympic Committee was received. Her personal best time when first meeting with the Ethiopian team was 5 minutes for the metres ; it was made clear that she would need to meet to be competitive.

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Krug later reported that in a desire to find a coach, Omar travelled north towards Europe, crossing the Sudans and entering Libya. Both Omar's family and Krug attempted to talk her out of it, and to remain in Ethiopia where the Somali Olympic Committee were hoping to set up a training camp. The information came from her compatriot and fellow runner Abdi Bile , and was "difficult to verify" according to the newspaper. Qadijo added that "it's a sad death She was our favourite for the London Olympics".