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The course includes Student Books with CD-ROM, Let's Go Phonics, Let's Go Readers packs (8 books per level, with audio CD), Tests and Quizzes and a great . Let's Go, Let's Begin Teacher's Book with Test Center CD-ROM: Language Level: Beginning to High Intermediate. Interest Level: Grades K Approx. Reading. Let's Begin, fits between Let's Go starter and Let's Go Level 1. Let's Begin, provides young learners an exciting additional entry point to English with conversation.

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Bigger, brighter and better than ever, Let's Go, 3rd Edition, is a series for children who are just beginning their study of English. It combines a carefully controlled. Let's Begin Teacher's Book With Test Center Pack cover Let's Go, Let's Begin maximizes children's talking time in class through dialogues, pair work and. The new Let's Go Fourth Edition provides students with a solid foundation of Workbook with Online Practice; Teacher's Book with Test Center and Online.

The texts were the first EFL English as a Foreign Language that addressed the needs of the students to get them to really communicate with each other. Teachers, who were doing all the talking in a Teacher Centered lesson, were finally able to teach students to speak out in sentences and ask questions to each other. This text covers teaching the alphabet and phonics in a fun and rhythmic way. In addition basic expressions and sentences are covered and the workbook covers practicing writing the alphabet with games and coloring. This is an excellent starting text for young learners. It covers the basic patterns and expressions needed for communication. They are taught through fun songs and activities in the CD that will help students learn very quickly.

They may not have been given enough of a chance to internalize the language.

Kindergarten Course - Muna English

Or they might have not practiced it enough to react spontaneously to it. So what is remembering and being able to retain new language? It is NOT memorization. How many times have we memorized things, only to forget them fast?

Kindergarten Course

Since English is a communication tool, we want our students to use the language they learn in class. If children use the language, they will remember it because they are the ones talking, not the teacher. Children need a little time to process the new items we teach them.

They need more time to practice saying them aloud in order to become independent speakers. As teachers, we need to make time for practice in our lesson plans. How can we help them remember? One way to get students to remember their lessons is to make the lessons active and student centered, where the students do the work together.

They will want to learn more, and will be more active in class, concentrate better and enjoy your lesson.

We should give children lots of practice time in class. If your students do not have exposure to English outside of class, this is the only time they will be able to practice.

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In Japan our once-a-week lessons are only 35 to 45 hours a year. Therefore we have to make every lesson an intensive one so that they can remember each one six days later when we meet again. An intensive lesson does not mean study, study, study!

An intensive lesson can be a lot of fun and even more interesting than a slow-paced lesson. Children concentrate better when there is rhythm to the lesson. They speak out more when they get a chance to do quick, short drills instead of one long one.

They are more active when they can talk to each other and not only to the teacher. They are motivated, concentrate more and enjoy their lessons. Emotions affect learning and, if they are having fun, learning and concentrating, they will remember the lesson! Motivation and a sense of progress play a big part in student attitudes.

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Once children are able to remember their lessons, they will have more confidence and will be motivated to learn and remember more. Output is important! To help our students remember better, our lessons should concentrate on a lot of output from the students. Not only speaking naturally with speed, rhythm, good intonation and pronunciation, but also reading and writing. Listening is also important, as it is an active skill that requires concentration and understanding.

With a variety of techniques, we can cover the different learning styles of the students as well. Instead, it is more interesting to pre-teach the lesson before looking at the text.

Let's Go Series (4th Edition)

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