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Christianity's Criminal History by Karlheinz Deschner (Abridged Translation of Volumes ) - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or step for a more formal translation of Deschner's magnum opus. that the Roman Church was the civitas diaboli (devil city). His opus magnum, The Church of the Holy Spirit, in which, in , he received his doctoral degree, . Deschner Karlheinz - Opus Diaboli Lucetta Scaraffia - Contra o Cristianismo - A ONU e a União Européia como nova KITABU CHA MAPENZI EPUB DOWNLOAD (Bukhari). Sura hii inacho OPUS DIABOLI KARLHEINZ DESCHNER EBOOK. Date: November.

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Watain - Opus Diaboli [Full DVD] Opus diaboli - Karlheinz Deschner (Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Fb2). Opus diaboli. Please, help me to find this franciszkanin z ss ebook download. I'll be really very grateful. Pobierz katalog pozycji - Racjonalista ; Do opactwa. Foot Diary - Vol.1 · KARLHEINZ DESCHNER - OPUS DIABOLI PDF . L' uovo al cianuro e altre Il segreto degli dei (Le secret des dieux).epub.

Sergius faculty leaves the theological battlefield. Born in in Odessa, he, as so many of his friends and colleagues, came to theology only after the Russian Revolution of In he graduated from the Faculty of Theology in Belgrade, where he worked under the guidance of the well known Russian Church historian A. After five years of teaching at the Serbian Orthodox Seminary in Skoplje he joined in the faculty of St. Father Nicholas leaves no heavy volumes. His opus magnum, The Church of the Holy Spirit, in which, in , he received his doctoral degree, remains unpublished.

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Audio courtesy of Librivox. La Enzima Prodigiosa Ebook Download sofort cheat klaus Karlheinz Deschner - Opus Diaboli - scribd.

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Darmowy ebook: Romeo i Julia ebook pdf Sarwa - Historie Dziwne Sarwa I. Franciszkanin z SS. - This website is for sale! - woldnel Resources and Information.

Un Franciscain chez les SS. Of course, the most successful lie, the one that causes the most havoc among most souls, is certainly not a Christian invention. But it bears a close relationship with the religious pseudepigraphy. A pseudepigrapha, anglicized pseudepigraph, is a text under a false name: a text that does not come from who, according to the title, content or transmission, has written it.

Both methods, fabrication, and pseudepigraphy, were not Christian innovations.

Afanas'Ev, Nikolai, 1893-1966

Literary falsification had already existed for a long time among the Greeks and the Romans; it has appeared in India, among the Egyptian priests, with the Persian kings and, also, in Judaism. The term coined by Hugo derives from the Latin biblia, which in turn has its origin in the neutral plural ta biblia the books. Books and sacred writings form, in the history of religions, part of the trade, of the business on which it depends closely and not only the monetary but also the political and, ultimately, anyone sheltered by the human heart.

In Egypt the sacred writings go back to the most ancient times and a sacred text has already been cited in the 3rd millennium BC, Words of God mdw ntr. Of course, we know that the Bible is not just a book among other books but the book of books.

In its exclusivity, the monotheistic religions insist with emphasis—and that is precisely why they are, so to speak, exclusively intolerant!

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In short, the Bible is something special. The Palestinian Jews did not establish the final received texts until the Council of Jamnia, between the 90s and AD: twenty-four texts, the same number as the letters of the Hebrew alphabet. The Jewish bibles of the 15th century were the first that proceeded to a different division and gave rise to thirty-nine canonical books.

In any case, God, to whom these Sacred Scriptures refer and from which they come, needed more than a millennium to compile and finalise the Bible. The unique thing about the Christian Bible is that each of the different confessions also has different bibles, which do not coincide as a whole; and what some consider sacred, to others seem suspicious.


This Church has a much wider Old 28 Testament than that of the Jews, from which it proceeds. Besides the Hebrew canon, it collected within its Holy Scriptures other titles. On the contrary, Protestantism, which gives authority exclusively to the books that appear in the Hebrew canon, does not consider as canonical or manifested by God, the Deuterocanonics added by Catholicism.

He eliminates, for example, the second book of the Maccabees because Luther was disturbed by the passage on the purgatory, whose existence he denied.

In the Synod of Jerusalem, the Greek Church included, in , among the divine word four other works that did not appear in the Council of Jamnia: Wisdom, Ecclesiastical, Tobias, and Judith.

It was elaborated for the Jews of the Diaspora in Alexandria by various translators in the 3rd century BC: the book for the Greek-speaking Jews, the oldest and most important transcription of the Old Testament into Greek, the language of the Hellenistic period, and the official Bible of Diaspora Judaism. It became part of the synagogue. The Septuagint, however, collected more writings than the Hebrew canon and more also from those later considered valid by Catholics.

The quotations of the Old Testament that appear in the 29 New with the allusions to come mostly from the Septuagint and it constituted for the Fathers of the Church, who used it with insistence, the Old Testament or Holy Writ.

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The five books of Moses, which Moses did not write The Old Testament is a very random and very fragmentary selection of what was left of ancient transmission. However, the researchers believe that there were many other biblical texts that have not left us even the title. Have they also been holy, inspired and divine?


Until the 16th century, it was unanimously believed that these texts were the oldest of the Old Testament and that they would therefore be counted among the first in a chronologically ordered Bible.

That is something that today cannot even be considered. The Genesis, the first book, is without good reason at the head of this collection. The Old Testament was transmitted mostly anonymously, but the Pentateuch is attributed to Moses and the Christian churches have proclaimed his authorship until the 20th century.

There is no proof of their existence. Nowhere have they left 30 historical traces; neither in stone, bronze, rolls of papyrus, nor in tablets or cylinders of clay, even though they are more recent than, for example, many of the Egyptian sovereigns historically documented in the form of famous tombs, hieroglyphs or cuneiform texts: authentic certificates of life. For Judaism, Moses is the most important figure in the Old Testament.

It is mentioned times as a legislator; the New Testament does it 80 times. It is claimed that all the Laws were being handled as if Moses had received them at Sinai. Each time he was increasingly glorified. He was considered the inspired author of the Pentateuch. It was attributed to him, the murderer of an Egyptian because he had beaten a Hebrew , even a pre-existence. He became the forerunner of the Messiah, and the Messiah was considered a second Moses.

Many legends about him emerged in the 1st century BC; a novel about Moses, and also a multitude of artistic representations.

But the tomb of Moses is not known. In fact, the prophets of the Old Testament quote him five times. Ezekiel never mentions him!

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And yet, these prophets evoke the time of Moses, but not him. In their ethical-religious proclamations they never rely on Moses. Nor does archaeology give any sign of Moses. The Syrian-Palestinian inscriptions barely quote him in as little measure as cuneiform texts or hieroglyphic and hieratic texts. Herodotus 5th century BC knows nothing of Moses.

In short, there is no non-Israelite proof of Moses, our only source of his existence is—as in the case of Jesus—the Bible. There were already some who in Antiquity and in the Middle Ages doubted the unity and authorship of Moses in the Pentateuch.